Nutrition for weight loss for a week

To lose extra kilos of a simple food restriction will be small. Meals should be balanced and helpful. A way of life must change dramatically. Otherwise, the result can be achieved only for a short period.

How to make a menu for the week?

In order to properly create a menu for the week, you need to consider several factors and principles:

  • Taste interests.
  • Schedule and overall daily routine.
  • Budget.
  • Are there foods that are not tolerated by the body.

Diet Products


You can use:

  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables.
  • Dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, etc.)
  • Kashi (oatmeal, buckwheat)
  • A small amount of meat.


It is necessary to refuse:

  • Totally sweet.
  • Flour.
  • Fatty.
  • Semi-finished products.
  • Carbonated drinks.

If you do not do this, you can stumble upon an amazing result: you should go on a diet for a month, limiting yourself in everything except drinks and in the end – not losing a single kilogram. This can happen due to the fact that carbonated drinks have a lot of sugar and just an incredible amount of calories that prevent the creation of a slim and beautiful figure.

The body of a man and a woman is very different and in creating the right diet this also needs to be considered. The same goes for children and older people. A diet that is designed for a 25-year-old girl may not give results to a man, and a child can be completely harmed. Therefore, gender, age and physical abilities are very important to consider.

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Only one portion is able to adjust the metabolism so that all food eaten by a person is completely split and spent on the needs of the body or displayed.

Menu for the week

Sample menu in the table for the week:

Lunch: tea with a sandwich.

Dinner: buckwheat soup, chicken fillet, salad with cabbage, rice.

Tea time: juice, cookies.

Dinner: buckwheat porridge, bread, cocoa.

Lunch: juice with cookies.

Dinner: vegetable soup, fish, mashed potatoes.

Tea time: bananas, water, biscuits.

Nutrition for weight loss for a week

Dinner: cottage cheese with raisins and dried apricots, tea.

Lunch: Uzvar from dried fruits + oat gingerbread.

Dinner: soo p fishy, ​​mashed potatoes, ham salad.

Tea time: bun, yogurt.

Dinner: milk rice porridge, bread, compote.

Lunch: fresh juice.

Dinner: cabbage soup with sorrel, rice with vegetables and chicken, cocoa.

Tea time: walnuts, juice.

Dinner: spaghetti, fish, dessert.

Lunch: tomato juice.

Dinner: cheese soup, baked vegetables, meatballs.

Tea time: tangerines, cookies.

Dinner: cottage cheese dessert, sour cream, tea.

Lunch: oatmeal + compote.

Dinner: pea soup, fish, mashed potatoes.

Tea time: wild berries, juice.

Dinner: milk oatmeal, bread, cocoa.

Lunch: milk + oat gingerbread.

Dinner: cabbage soup with cabbage, stewed potatoes with meat, stewed fruit.

Tea time: cocoa bun.

Dinner: raisin casserole + jam, mors.

For men

But it is very important that the products are properly cooked. Try to limit yourself as much as possible in the use of fried food, which does not bring any benefit. It is best to boil or steam.

Lunch: tea + cookies.

Dinner: pea soup + salad and steamed cutlet.

Tea time: sandwich + tea.

Dinner: milk porridge.

Lunch: tea + bun

Dinner: soup with meat + grilled vegetables with rice.

Tea time: cocoa + bun with cottage cheese.

Dinner: fruits.

Lunch: compote + oat gingerbread.

Dinner: pea soup + steamed vegetables with steam patty.

Tea time: bananas.

Dinner: cottage cheese with dried apricots.

Lunch: tea + crackers.

Dinner: vegetable soup + meatballs with mashed potatoes.

Tea time: yogurt dessert.

Dinner: milk porridge.

Lunch: compote + gingerbread.

Dinner: cabbage soup with sorrel + salad with the addition of meat ingredients (ham).

Tea time: Uzvar of dried fruit + bun.

Dinner: cottage cheese with raisins.

Lunch: cocoa + bun.

Dinner: buckwheat soup + mashed potatoes with salad and chicken.

Tea time: banana dessert.

Dinner: yogurt.

Lunch: coffee.

Dinner: cabbage soup with cabbage + grated beets with baked chicken.

Nutrition for weight loss for a week

Tea time: dessert with wild berries.

Dinner: kefir.

For women

Lunch: Tea + oat gingerbread.

Dinner: pea soup + chicken salad.

Tea time: milkshake.

Dinner: milk porridge with pasta.

Lunch: bananas.

Dinner: buckwheat soup + ham salad.

Tea time: fruit platter.

Dinner: Steamed vegetables + fish.

Lunch: breads (not to be confused with bread).

Dinner: baked fish + broccoli.

Tea time: yogurt + oat gingerbread.

Dinner: yogurt dessert.

Lunch: tea + cheese sandwich.

Dinner: vegetable soup + meatballs with buckwheat.

Tea time: milkshake.

Dinner: milk oatmeal.

Lunch: fruit platter.

Dinner: stew + salad.

Tea time: cocoa cookies.

Dinner: pasta + chicken breast.

Lunch: dessert.

Dinner: Baked fish + grated beets + rice.

Tea time: nut assorted.

Dinner: salad with chicken.

Lunch: chocolate dessert.

Dinner: fish soup + mashed potatoes + steam cutlet.

Tea time: fruit platter.

Dinner: milk semolina.

After 40-50 years

Lunch: vegetables.

Dinner: vegetable soup + salad with cabbage.

Tea time: bananas.

Dinner: casserole.

Lunch: Korean carrot.

Dinner: buckwheat soup + ham salad.

Tea time: yogurt.

Dinner: milk porridge.

Lunch: fruits.

Dinner: fish soup + rice with vegetables.

Tea time: mandarins.

Dinner: cottage cheese.

Lunch: Korean carrot.

Dinner: vegetable soup + meatballs with mashed potatoes.

Tea time: pomegranate juice + oatmeal cookies.

Dinner: grilled vegetables.

Lunch: yogurt.

Dinner: pea soup + chicken salad.

Tea time: bun + cocoa.

Dinner: yogurt dessert.

Lunch: fruits.

Dinner: vegetable soup + buckwheat.

Tea time: apples

Dinner: kefir + cookies.

Lunch: yogurt.

Dinner: cabbage soup with chicken + sour cream.

Tea time: pears

Dinner: milk porridge.

Nutrition recipes for weight loss

Salad "Vegetarian"


  • tomatoes (1-2 pieces);
  • cucumbers (2-3 pieces);
  • cabbage (250 grams);
  • dill (to taste);
  • green onions (to taste);
  • sunflower oil;
  • salt.


  • Finely chop the cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and mix.
  • Add to taste finely chopped green onions and a little dill.
  • Salt
  • Pour the oil over the top and mix again.
  • Salad ready.
  • If desired, onions and dill can be excluded, or vice versa – add to the salad a boiled chicken egg and other vegetables.

Chicken soup


  • potatoes (100-150 grams);
  • carrots (1 piece);
  • chicken fillet (100 grams);
  • dill (half tablespoon);
  • salt (to taste).


  • Boil fillets with potatoes.
  • Cut the carrot into small cubes and throw in the pan (for potatoes and fillets).
  • Add dill and salt to taste.
  • Boil.

Vitamin Salad


  • iceberg (lettuce);
  • carrot;
  • cucumbers;
  • tomatoes;
  • pine nuts.


  • Cut (not very small) Iceberg and lay it on a plate.
  • Carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes put on top.
  • Pine nuts are added at the very end to enhance the taste and beauty.
  • Slicing: carrots are cut into small slices, cucumbers – in circles, tomato – at their discretion.

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Proper nutrition and sport

Healthy diet – The basis of any weight loss. Even without doing sports, you can achieve certain results only on proper nutrition. But without sport and physical activity it is impossible to make beautiful forms.

Proper nutrition will give the opportunity to lose weight and get rid of excess fat, but to bring your body back to normal and achieve the desired results in terms of physical fitness and visual beauty, you will need to sweat in the hall.

Ideally, sport and proper nutrition should complement each other. This will make it possible to smoothly and confidently approach the intended result. Sport not only strengthens muscles, but also helps burn fat. This means that using physical activity in the process of their diet, weight loss will accelerate.

Want to lose weight?

Slim figure – the dream of many women and men. I want to be at a comfortable weight, not exhausting myself with hard diets and heavy exercises.

In addition, due to excess weight health problems can begin! Heart diseases, shortness of breath, diabetes, arthritis and noticeably reduced life expectancy!

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  • Accelerates Metabolism
  • Burns fat
  • Reduces weight
  • Slimming even with minimal physical activity
  • Helps to reduce weight in cardiovascular diseases

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How to remove from the diet of harmful foods and eat properly without failures?

  • Remove from the diet of harmful foods is much easier than it seems. To do this, you just need to develop a habit and constantly engage yourself in something. In most cases, people do not eat from hunger. Eating tasty, but harmful food is, first and foremost, a pleasure and habit developed over the years. Therefore, to change this, you should find another way to get pleasure. Very often it can be a long-forgotten hobby or a game sport.
  • It is important not just to find another way to get pleasure, it is important to get rid of the use of harmful products. Therefore, another important point – do not enter the store without a serious need. Many people point out that eating junk food starts at the store when they shop. Marketing and advertising is working very hard, luring customers to the odd and unnecessary purchases.
  • When the psychological aspect is worked out, you can proceed to the replacement of the food itself. Instead of fatty, sweet and high-calorie foods, vegetables and fruits should appear in the refrigerator. And if you really want sweets, you should learn how to make delicious and healthy desserts (dairy, cottage cheese, berry and

    How many kilograms can you throw on proper nutrition?

    Resetting extra kilos depends on several important factors, namely:

  • What is the total weight.
  • How high is physical activity.
  • What is the state of health.
  • How well the diet is chosen (since no nutritionist gives a 100% guarantee).
  • Genetic predisposition.

You can reset a lot more. But in this case, the body is depleted and there is a high probability of the return of the dropped kilograms and gaining even greater weight. Weight loss should be orderly, but long.

It is better to lose three kilograms a week for several months than 25 kilograms in one month.

Stories of our readers! I gained extra 5 kg. I did not want to sit on strict diets, so I decided to look for a tool on the Internet. Stumbled upon a cocktail and decided to try.

I did everything according to the instructions, but still added physical activity. Just riding a bike in the evening. A month later, I was surprised, since I dropped 5 kg and returned to my previous form.

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