Menu for weight loss every day

After a strict diet, weight returns quickly, which causes a person to sit on a limited diet again and again. In order to not return the kilograms after losing weight, you need to completely revise the principles of nutrition and make a diet menu for weight loss for each day. But to find out all the information about nutrition, sometimes just do not have enough free time, so we suggest you learn about its basics and how to create a daily menu for weight loss.

Nutrition rules for weight loss

The basic rule of losing weight is to consume fewer calories than to consume. When this happens, the body replenishes calories by reducing body fat. Composing a menu of proper nutrition for weight loss every day with recipes, keep in mind that most of the diet should be taken up by slow carbohydrates that saturate the stomach for a long time, allowing a long period of time not to feel hungry. Weight loss will also occur slowly, but there is a big chance that the pounds will not return, especially if you stick to the right diet all the time.

Menu for weight loss every day

The practical part of proper nutrition:

  1. Eat when you feel like eating. The process of digestion is associated with energy. The feeling of hunger during weight loss occurs when the body’s resources are exhausted – this is how nature has led. If there is no hunger, the food eaten will not go well, but will contribute to fat deposits.
  2. Chew food slowly and thoroughly.. According to research, the faster a person eats, especially in the process of losing weight, the greater the risk of gaining excess weight. This is due to the fact that the stomach is filled quickly, not having time for the brain to date the signal of saturation. Carefully chewed food transfers the body with vitamins and other nutrients in full.
  3. Follow the diet. The classic version is 4 single meals, which is distributed according to the scheme: breakfast – 35%, lunch and dinner 25%, afternoon snack – 15%. One of the main principles of healthy eating every day is the obligatory presence of a rich breakfast, because for modern people it is reduced to a sandwich and a cup of coffee, which has a catastrophic effect on metabolism. Include in the daily menu small snacks between meals, so as not to starve in the process of losing weight.
  4. Do not drink while eating. This applies to all liquids: water, tea, compotes, juices and other things. Drinks during meals lead to incomplete digestion of food, which subsequently accumulates on the intestinal walls and decompose. Drinking is allowed only 15 minutes after a meal.

The principles of drawing up the menu for the day for weight loss

The menu for weight loss for every day at home should contain less salt to get rid of edema and a large amount of protein so that muscle mass does not go away with excess weight. Useful proteins are found in fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products, cheeses, chicken, turkey, lean veal, which are included in the menu for weight loss without fail.

Eat every day for 2 tbsp. spoon flax (corn, olive) oil to reduce cholesterol and lower blood viscosity to improve the elasticity of blood vessels. A healthy slimming menu should contain every day:

Menu for weight loss every day

  • fresh fruits;
  • raw vegetables;
  • fiber (oatmeal, peas, bran);

Nutritionists do not recommend in the diet at the time of weight to include in the diet canned food, as they contain harmful substances. Also, all processed foods are included in the banned list: sausages, smoked meats, sweet pastries, carbonated drinks, cooked with a huge amount of preservatives and additives.

The diet for losing weight for every day should not include alcohol, because it is not a dietary product. Alcoholic drinks are high in calories. During weight loss, they slow down the metabolism, stimulate the appetite.

Sample menu for weight loss for the week every day

Portions for weight loss in size should not be more than a fist. Additionally, it is allowed every day to add 2 servings of green vegetables or vegetable soups to meals. As drinks, in addition to water (

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