Menu for diet number 5

Dietary table No. 5, the menu of which is designed for a sparing effect on the body, was developed not for weight loss, but for the treatment and recovery of the body. This technique is prescribed for people with liver disease, biliary tract. Properly selected diet eases the condition of patients and prevents further progression of diseases.

Dietary table number 5: the menu for 7 days according to the rules of the diet

Diet number five can last from 5 weeks, depending on the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of each organism. You can eat on the proposed menu for 1 week:

1. Monday:

• for breakfast oatmeal, cooked in milk, cottage cheese for dessert, sour cream and sugar sprinkled with tea;

Menu for diet number 5

• for a second breakfast, sweetness in the form of dried bananas, 3-4 pieces;

• for lunch light soup of boiled rice, minced meat rolls and not too sweet fruit compote;

• Snack: light salad of grated carrots and fresh vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil;

• Dinner will consist of scrambled eggs, steamed from 2 proteins and 1 yolk with greens and cheese, as well as bread.

2. Tuesday:

• in the morning, eat baked manna with raisins, cottage cheese pudding for dessert with berries and milk tea;

• for the second breakfast standard omelet;

• lunch – squash soup without meat, steam cod with buckwheat garnish, green tea with honey;

Menu for diet number 5

• snack – a small portion of pasta, cheese and tomato casserole, pear drink;

• for dinner, any kind of sushi with lean fish and always cucumber.

3. Wednesday:

• in the morning oatmeal with strawberries, grated apple and carrot salad, with sugar, fresh fruit compote;

• fruit puree from fresh or boiled fruits;

• lunch – mashed potatoes with minced fish cutlets, vegetable salad and compote;

• afternoon snack baked apples;

• dinner – vinaigrette with added meat, 1 egg yolk, kefir with dried apricots.

4. Thursday:

• for breakfast, semolina, diluted with strawberry jam, can be washed down with a nutritious cocktail of banana milk and muesli;

• for the second breakfast one big ripe pear;

• for lunch buckwheat soup with beef broth, a piece of lean cooked beef, fresh salad from cabbage, grated cucumbers and greens;

• snack – grated carrots;

• For dinner, serve pike perch in sour cream with a side dish of mashed potatoes or rice and drink apple juice.

5. Friday:

Menu for diet number 5

• in the morning again milk oatmeal and marshmallows;

• for the second breakfast cottage cheese casserole;

• at lunch, light vegetable soup and barley porridge with chicken fillet;

• for afternoon tea, a large mug of berry morse;

• for dinner, steam fish in milk sauce, stewed cabbage with carrots and black tea.

6. Saturday:

• breakfast – drink a decoction of rose hips with carrot cheesecakes;

• during a snack, eat a light seafood salad with vegetables;

• lunch – cook couscous cereal on the principle of cooking lean pilaf with meat;

• for lunch snack rice pudding;

• dinner – stuffed fish and vegetable salad.

7. Sunday:

• breakfast consists of corn porridge with prunes, a piece of cheese and berry jelly;

• the second breakfast – a cupcake with dried apricots and raisins;

• for lunch pumpkin porridge, chicken fillet, baked in sour cream sauce, green tea with honey;

• At lunch you can eat a sandwich with a piece of chicken or homemade chicken sausage;

• for dinner, cabbage rolls using chicken meat, prunes and beetroot salad, a glass of milk.

As a second dinner, you can choose any of your favorite options:

• a glass of kefir without additives;

• smoothies based on kefir, strawberry or other berries, fruits;

• a portion of cottage cheese with the addition of fruit jam;

• fruit salad with yogurt;

• chopped fruit with sugar

• curd with carrot and apple juice.

Recipes for diet in number 5: daily menu for breakfast and dinner

1. Carrot cheesecakes. For them, you need to prepare a package of cottage cheese with 9% fat, 1-2 medium carrots, 2 tsp. semolina, 5 g butter, half 1 egg, 30 g flour, 1 tbsp. l sugar, pinch of salt, ghee. It turns out at the exit a portion of cheesecakes for 1 meal 200-300 g.

Carrots rubbed on a grater, sprinkled with water and oil for 20 minutes. Then semolina is added and cooked. Add the rest of the ingredients to the finished chilled mass. Formed cheesecakes fry in flour lightly and send to the oven to be preheated.

2. Corn porridge with prunes. To create a dish you need to boil prunes and use its broth as a basis for porridge. Add butter to the prepared dish and put prunes on top.

Recipes for a diet number 5, a menu for lunch

Several recipes for liquid meals are very useful during the diet for a change in diet:

1. Milk soup. It will take 2 cups of milk, 3-4 tbsp. l rice, 1 tbsp. l honey, dessert spoon of butter. Milk should be boiled in a saucepan, put the washed rice into the boiling liquid, and boil until ready. Then let the soup cool slightly and add butter and honey to it before serving.

2. Vegetable soup has a delicious taste and aroma. Cut half of medium-sized potatoes into boiling water and grind white cabbage. Lightly fry the grated carrots with asafoetida, you can add soy sauce to them. Add quail eggs to the carrot, fry and send this mixture to the soup. When serving at the table in a portion of the soup, you can add sour cream and greens. Separately, you can cook meatballs from chicken and rice and serve them in the soup.

3. Vegetarian borsch. You will need 30-35 g of beets, cabbage, potatoes, 5-6 g of parsley, carrots, tomato puree and butter, a little flour and sugar. Cut vegetables in any usual way for borscht. Beet stew with tomato puree in a pan with the addition of water, butter or a small amount of sour cream and citric acid. Sprinkle carrots in oil. Then mix it together with beets and simmer until almost ready. Put boiled cabbage, then potatoes, then stewed mass of vegetables into boiling water. At least place in a pan flour pastry, sugar, salt.

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