Medical diet 7 days reviews

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According to sources in the Network, a medical diet has been created for patients with significant overweight for weight loss in order to carry out the necessary surgical intervention. However, there are no confirmed facts of application of the methodology in the walls of medical institutions. The name of the diet adds only confidence in the reliability of the selected method.

Medical weight loss program is considered quite popular among fans of extreme weight loss. It can also be considered as a fasting diet, its diet is very strict and monotonous, therefore it is suitable only for well-motivated people who have strong will power.

Advantages and disadvantages

The above method of emergency body shaping has its positive and negative sides. There are not many advantages of such a system:

  1. Efficiency in weight loss and volume reduction – according to reviews on the web, this program really helps to quickly and significantly reduce excess weight within 5-13 kilograms, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.
  2. The short duration of the medical diet and the meager range of products makes it attractive for lovers of emergency and urgent weight loss.
  3. Removal of toxins and toxins due to abundant drinking is an effective detoxification.
  4. Accessibility and simplicity of the method – not demanding calculations of calories, nutrients and other things are required. A set of products available to everyone, there is a clear nutritional plan.

Experts note many disadvantages of the system:

  1. It is difficult to keep a new weight in a stable condition.
  2. The severity and categorical – the regime is hard and heavy, not many will be able to withstand it.
  3. Radicality – the World Health Organization (WHO) believes that the minimum daily caloric intake for women and men should be 1500 and 1800 kilocalories, respectively. In case of decrease of this indicator, a threat to human health and life can occur. The diet of physicians is designed for 770 calories per day, which is scanty enough for the natural and uninterrupted functioning of the body.
  4. High probability of returning the lost kilograms with excess in case the course passed ended with a breakdown.
  5. Possible exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  6. Dietary imbalance is a disruption in the body’s supply of essential nutrients and substances, resulting in a breakdown of metabolism and loss of muscle mass.
  7. Constant and strong feeling of hunger.
  8. Potential threat to health – an abrupt change of the usual menu to a low-calorie style of nutrition and back can provoke failures in the work of internal organs and systems.
  9. Persistent discomfort during the event: weakness, irritability, nausea, headache, upset stool, chills, dizziness, weakness.
  10. Quick dumping extra pounds provokes sagging skin.
  11. Not suitable for physically active people and athletes.

Medical diet 7 days reviews

Basic principles

The diet of physicians is practically a hunger strike, characterized by an unbalanced diet and low calorie content, the average daily value of which is 770 kilocalories. The essence of the scheme is the alternation of semi-dry starvation with protein food, as well as strict adherence to the regime of drinking for radical weight loss in the shortest possible time. The system implies a combination of three power options:

Medical diet 7 days reviews

  • hunger strike on the water;
  • protein low-calorie foods – lean meat, dairy products;
  • cleansing low-calorie food – vegetable fiber.

The following main principles of diet are highlighted:

  • Strict adherence to the required balance of the drinking water is necessary – mineral water without gas or regular clean drinking water. It is recommended to give preference to mineral water with the lowest possible sodium content;
  • compulsory visit to the doctor and medical examination;
  • for tightening sagging skin we recommend the use of cosmetics, procedures at home – scrubs, massage, masks, lotions;
  • obligatory reception of a complex of multivitamins to support the body with nutrients;
  • limiting strong physical exertion and overwork, including mental;
  • regular walks in the fresh air in sparing mode;
  • to improve blood circulation and detoxification, it is recommended to conduct yoga and stretching classes;
  • total ban on cigarettes and alcohol;
  • driving is prohibited during the course;
  • The optimal time to comply with the proposed style of eating – vacation, vacation;
  • in case of deterioration of well-being, urgently seek medical help;
  • mandatory compliance with sleep and rest;
  • if desired, it is possible to cleanse the intestines with tea with a mild laxative effect;
  • to keep the psycho-emotional state under control – to obtain a sedative (soothing) effect, you can take a relaxing bath with the addition of essential oils of lavender, mint, eucalyptus;
  • a few weeks before the start of compliance with such a menu, it is necessary to gradually reduce the caloric content of food to 1,400 calories per day – smoothly switch to the use of light meals and foods;
  • The last intake of water should be no later than 20:00, food – no later than 21:00.

The diet menu of physicians is scant and low-calorie, the most common options for 7 and 14 days.

With the observance of the methodology for the week promised weight reduction of 5-10 kilograms. The list of permitted foods is presented in this form:

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