Medical diet 5 popular recipes

Diet number five: the basic principles of the treatment table, types of dietary intake (5а, 5в, 5щ), an exemplary menu for the week

In medicine, there is such a thing as diet tables, which were developed by Dr. M. I. Pevzner. They are prescribed to patients with certain diseases. They are aimed at restoring the body’s work.

Medical diet 5 popular recipesIn total there are 15 types of tables. But in more detail we will focus on the diet table number five.

We learn the basic principles of the fifth table, under what diseases a diet is prescribed, its effect on the body, what can and cannot be eaten if it is observed (list of products), recommendations on drawing up a correct, useful menu for the week.

Medical diet 5 popular recipes

Basic principles

Diet food number 5 is based on a gentle attitude to the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. If the patient fulfills the prescription of the doctor, to observe the diet, then the state of health will significantly improve.

Basic principles of the fifth table:

  • It is necessary to take food 5-6 times in small portions, not more than 200 g. The stomach gradually gets used to small portions, shrinks. Improves metabolism.
  • Food should be warm. You can not eat very hot or very cold.
  • It is necessary to observe drinking regime – at least
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