Lose weight with activated carbon

In our time, perhaps, every woman has tried at least once in her life to change her shape for the better with the help of various diets and detox programs.

Lose weight with activated carbon

And, for sure, each of them noticed that the more promises about the miracle of lost kilograms are given by the author of the diet, the less effective it is.

As a result, the frustrated girl continues to experiment with her body, testing yet another trendy way of “wonderful weight loss”, not realizing that all this will have a detrimental effect on health.

On the Internet, those slimming methods that do not require large expenditures both in the material and in the physical are in demand. And the query "how to lose weight with the help of activated carbon" is one of the most popular.

Can I lose weight with activated charcoal?

Answering this question, we must immediately say that coal, alas, does not burn fat, but only removes toxic substances from the body.

Consider how activated charcoal works in the intestine:

In scientific terms, coal acts on the basis of sorption or adsorption, that is, increasing the concentration at the boundary of alkaline and acidic media, and then extracting and excreting chemical compounds from the body.

Simply put, the drug acts as an intestinal sorbent, but its components are preserved, passing through the intestinal mucosa, and not absorbed by it. As a result, activated carbon along with toxic substances are excreted from the body.

Thus, coal helps to remove toxins from the body, while a person loses weight easier and faster.

Knowing this wonderful property, do not abuse activated charcoal. In large doses, it has side effects, and this happens because, along with toxins, coal removes beneficial substances and trace elements.

Overdose leads to very unpleasant consequences, such as weakening of immunity due to increased stress on the immune system and, as a result, a painful condition, vitamin deficiency, inflammation of the intestinal walls is possible, when uncontrolled reception of activated carbon is more than 10 days.

Also it is necessary to take into account that the drug is contraindicated:

  • people with gastrointestinal problems;
  • with peptic ulcer disease;
  • intestinal bleeding.

It is worth noting about the side effects of the tool, such as:

  • impaired stool;
  • difficulty absorbing vitamins and hormones.

Therefore, before applying it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor.

How to lose weight on activated carbon: recipes

Activated Carbon Diets

Mono-diet on kefir

It will take 1 day:

  • 1 l of kefir (from
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