Kid’s diet menu

Elena Malysheva, the host of the TV program Live Healthy, has developed more than one weight loss system. All her techniques are based on proper nutrition, which minimizes the harm to such diets for health. In the article we will present the full and most detailed menu of the Malysheva diet for every day.

Kid's diet menu

Slimming diet Malysheva

Among the many diets Malysheva allocate a unique discharge system on rice, kefir diet, a diet of 10 days. All these techniques are effective, but they represent only a set of rules and recommendations for the regime and diet. Separately, there is the official diet of Elena Malysheva, whose slimming products can be ordered at home and no longer worry about counting calories or finding the right food. We want to describe in detail the Malysheva diet in days so that you do not have questions about what, when and how much you can eat.

The process of losing weight, according to Malyshev, should not be too fast. Sharp weight loss harms the body and increases the risk of returning kilograms to 100%. The slimming system developed by the presenter is designed for weight loss of up to 4-5 kg ​​per month. However, people with very large overweight can expect to lose weight and 10 kg in 30 days.

Kid's diet menu

Principles of Malysheva diet

1. No – to hunger. This principle is one of the most important, and it applies to all diets. Hunger will make you an irritable person, exhausting your energy and nervous system. In order to avoid these side effects, as well as in order not to fail, Malysheva recommends eating every few hours and eating low-calorie snacks.

Kid's diet menu

2. Calorie count. Only a clear knowledge of how much energy from food you consume and how much you give it per day will help you to create your own menu for weight loss.

3. Plentiful drink. Drink should be

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