Kefir diet reviews

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Efficiency: 4-6 kg in 7 days

  • Terms: 7 days
  • Cost of products: 1800-2300 rub. in 7 days
  • General rules

    Homeland kefir – the foot of Mount Elbrus, the Caucasus – a great health resort. It is very fair that this invigorating and healing drink appeared there. For a long time, the secret of cooking kefir was known to few and passed on in the family from father to son, just as, for example, French cheese-makers passed on the secrets of cooking their own branded cheese. That is why in Russia kefir began to be produced quite recently – only at the beginning of the 20th century. And the very legend of the appearance of this fermented milk product in our country is very exciting!

    In 1908, a beautiful and young graduate of the school of dairy farming and an employee of the Moscow dairy firm N. Baldanova Irina Makarova (and in marriage – Sakharov) went to the north of the Caucasus, accompanied by her partner Vasiliev, to explore the secret of making kefir. But before this mystery was revealed, Karachai prince Bekmurza Bakchorov fell in love with the girl. For a whole month, Makarov and Vasiliev stayed in his mansion, drove around the villages and tried to get kefir fungi. But their efforts were in vain. Desperate, the researchers decided to go home, but the road was blocked by riders who kidnapped Irina. She came to herself in an unfamiliar sakle, when Bekmurza was already standing beside her with a lush bouquet of flowers and offered to become his wife. But it was not there! Vasiliev appealed to the guardians of order in Kislovodsk, and the case of the abduction of Irina went to court. But the local judge did not want to spoil relations with a noble kefir magnate and begged Irina to forgive him. She forgave, but in return for

    And very soon the first batch of therapeutic kefir arrived at the Botkin hospital in Moscow, and a couple of months later it was already sold in stores.

    What kefir is useful?

    To kefir diet succeeded, you need to use 1% kefir (40 kcal per 100 g). Its properties are the same as for

    Kefir diet reviews

    In Russia, the production of kefir is controlled by an interstate standard (GOST), according to which 100 g of a quality product should contain:

    The shelf life of kefir is one of the indicators of its quality. Long shelf life suggests that in its production used additives that prevent microorganisms to develop. Bacteria in this kefir sleep until the bottle is opened and oxygen enters it. Therefore, such dairy products with a long shelf life at the opening lose all their valuable properties and deteriorate in less than a day, even if they are in the refrigerator.

    What can replace kefir in a diet?

    The easiest option to replace kefir is a fermented milk drink with a similar composition and method of production: ryazhenka, natural yoghurt without additives, airan – all this is a great alternative to kefir and is always on the shelves of stores.

    How long can you sit on kefir diet?

    Of course, only your doctor can prescribe the duration of any diet. However, if you yourself decide to stick to a diet for a while, you should start from your own feelings and well-being. First of all, the diet is designed to benefit you. If the diet makes you suffer from hunger, there is a breakdown, depressed, dizziness, fainting, you need to change your diet.

    In turn, the safest duration for a kefir diet is 3-5 days, provided that you carefully control your well-being.

    On the question of how to sit on a kefir diet: choose the most high-quality, fresh products, in which you are 100% sure. Stock up on starter, if you decide to make yogurt on your own, or find a nearby store where kefir will be sold that meets the requirements of the diet, so as not to buy the first available one.

    How to cook diet kefir?

    In addition to the usual kefir, you can and even need to prepare various kefir cocktails to make the process of losing weight more effective. In addition, these cocktails can be drunk, adhering to its classic, non-dietary menu.

    Kefir with cinnamon and ginger

    To prepare such a fat burning cocktail, you will need:

    • 200 ml of kefir 1%;
    • 1 teaspoon cinnamon;
    • a pinch of red hot pepper;
    • 2 teaspoons crushed ginger root.

    Kefir with a secret

    The secret of such kefir lies in your fantasy. You can add anything: cucumber, greens, oatmeal, fruits, dried fruits. Ingredients can be crushed in a blender, you can simply cut and add to kefir. Here you can experiment as you please, the main thing is with allowed and compatible products.


    Kefir monodiet has a huge number of varieties of menus and options for the duration. Only you can choose the optimal one for your body. But believe me, all the proposed options are effective and useful in their own way.

    Such a diet is intended and indicated for both men and women, if they do not suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart, increased acidity of the stomach, and chronic diseases.

    Diet "Chicken, apples and kefir"

    A simple and very popular variation of the diet is based on the fact that every 3 days you use all of these products separately:

    First stage

    For three days you eat only chicken, not more than 500 g per day. Frying chicken is not recommended, it is best to bake, without oil and salt, of course, or cook. Divide into several parts to make 3-4 meals.

    Second phase

    Here you need to eat only apples in any form: you can fresh, you can bake. Here are recommended for use green sour apples: they contain less carbohydrates.

    Third stage

    At the last stage of the diet you need to drink only 1% kefir fat content in any quantities. It will be perfect if you drink kefir cocktail with cinnamon and ginger, the recipe of which is presented above, at least once a day.

    Kefir diet reviews

    Kefir diet for 3 days

    This version of the diet helps to get rid of 3-5 kg ​​of excess weight and gently cleanse the body in a short time. For 3 days every day you need to drink

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