John goodman has lost weight

John Goodman: Biography

John Stephen Goodman – American cinema actor, winner of Golden Globe awards for his role in the TV series “Rosanna” and “Emmy” for his work in the film “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”.

John was born June 20, 1952 in the town of Lower Effton, located near the independent city of Missouri St. Louis. As a 2-year-old baby, Goodman lost his father, who died of a heart attack. There are three children left in the family – 15-year-old son Leslie, John and newborn daughter Betty. Virginia’s mother had to get a job in several places. Leslie took care of his brother and became a support for him for many years.

Actor john goodman

As a child, John played for the school football team and worked in the theater studio. After graduating from the local school, in 1970, the young man entered college. Not wanting to stay in his hometown for a long time, John soon successfully passed the entrance exams to the University of Missouri to study drama, where actors Kathleen Turner, Tess Harper, Don S. Davis studied at various times.

John Goodman in his youth

John goodman has lost weight

In 1975, the Gudmanov family moved to New York, where John at first had to work on festive events for children and appeared in commercials. In 1978, Goodman made his debut on the theatrical stage staged "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" based on a play by William Shakespeare. Soon the young artist already participated in musicals on Broadway, the most memorable of which were the musical performances "Losing ends" and "Big River".

On the silver screen, John first appeared in 1983 in the criminal thriller “Sheriffs” in a cameo role. A year later, the artist appeared in Andrei Konchalovsky’s drama “Beloved Mary” with Nastasya Kinski in the lead role. In the second half of the 80s, Goodman appears in the episodes of the films "Raisin", "Big Buzz", "True Stories". In the Cohen Brothers movie “Raising Arizona”, John reincarnated as Gail Snoats, a criminal who escaped from prison.

Young john goodman

In 1988, Goodman received the lead role of Dan Connor in the comedy series “Rosanna”, which was broadcast on ABC for 9 seasons. For 6 years, the sitcom held the first positions of the ratings of the TV channel, in 2002 it was included in the list of the 50 best shows of all time. In 1993, John Goodman received the Golden Globe Award in the nomination "Best Male Front Actor in a TV series."

John Goodman in the TV series "Roseanna"

In Steven Spielberg’s fantastic drama “Always,” 1989, John Goodman enters the main cast together with Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter, Audrey Hepburn. A year later, the actor receives the lead role in David S. Ward’s comedy “King Ralph”, in which the protagonist, showman and singer from Las Vegas, becomes the sole heir to the royal crown. Musical abilities were useful to the actor later when creating the comedy “The Blues Brothers 2000”, in which he got the role of the singing bartender Mac MacTire.

In 1992, Joe Dante’s comedy “The Matinee”, where John Goodman gets the main role of film producer Lawrence. In 1994, in the comedy "Flintstones" the actor is transformed into the head of the family, a resident of the Stone Age. The film also featured Elizabeth Perkins, Halle Berry, Elizabeth Taylor, and Kyle MacLachlan.

John Goodman in the movie "Flintstones"

In 1998, the Cohen brothers again invited John Goodman to the shooting of the crime comedy “The Big Lebowski” for the role of Walter Sobchak. In the late 90s, the actor starred in the horror film “The Fallen” and in the thriller “Mad Money”. In 2000, the artist appeared in the musical comedy “Ugly Coyote Bar”, in which the leading roles were played by Piper Perabo, Adam Garcia, Maria Bello, Michael Bay, Tyra Banks. The film collected at the box office $ 114 million.

John Goodman in the film "Big Lebowski"

In the film “Dirty Deeds,” along with Brian Brown and Tony Collette, John Goodman reincarnated as a representative of the mafia. In 2006, John Goodman took part in the filming of the sitcom about the work of the fictional NBS television station "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", for which in 2007 he won the Emmy Award. Two years later, the comedian’s filmography was replenished with the role of Pope Sergius in Zenke Wortmann’s biographical drama “John is a Woman on the Holy See”.

John Goodman as Pope

During these years, John Goodman appears in various roles: the comedy hero Graham Bloomwood in the film “Shopaholic”, the influential filmmaker Al Zimmer in the drama “The Artist”, the agent Joseph Keenan in the thriller “Red State”. In the sports drama "Twisted Ball" with Clint Eastwood in the lead role, John transforms into the character of Pete Klein.

John Goodman in the movie "Red State"

In 2013, Goodman falls into the main cast of the Cohen Brothers drama "Inside Lewin Davis" with Oscar Isaac in the lead role. In a film about the history of the birth of folk-rock in the United States, John plays jazzman Roland Turner. A year later, the actor took part in the filming of the military film "Treasure Hunters" with George Clooney, Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett in the lead roles.

In addition to working on motion pictures, John Goodman is involved in the creation of animated films. The voice of the actor talking cartoon characters "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle", "The Jungle Book 2", "The Emperor’s Adventures", "Monsters Inc.", "Cars".

Personal life

John Goodman is an exemplary husband and father. In 1988, on the set of the film “When I fell in love,” a young artist met Annabeth Hartsog. A momentous meeting took place during a friendly party. Soon the young people began to meet, and a year later they got married. In 1990, Gudmanov had a daughter, Molly, with whom her parents moved to Los Angeles.

John Goodman and his wife

The appearance of the actor during the creative biography has undergone significant changes. In 2007, with an increase of 183 cm, John’s weight reached 180 kg. Excess volume delivered the actor a lot of health problems and prevented full work. Goodman had to ask for help from a professional trainer, McChilstone, who determined the star of the screen diet and prescribed exercise.

John goodman has lost weight

John Goodman before and after losing weight

For three years, the artist lost 45 kg, which can be seen in the photo before and after the diet complex. In 2013, the artist’s weight increased again, which required the next intervention of a nutritionist. Now the weight of John Goodman is 130 kg.

John goodman now

In 2016, John Goodman played Howard’s protagonist in the Cloverfield, 10 post-apocalyptic thriller, directed by Dan Trachtenberg. The film for the year rolled collected $ 110 million. On March 8, 2017, the premiere of the fantastic action movie from the big monkey series "Kong: Skull Island" took place, prequed to the film "Godzilla", shot two years earlier. John Goodman played the role of official William Randa.

John Goodman in 2017

March 10 at the Hollywood "Walk of Fame" the grand opening of the star with the name of John Goodman. The artist, who attended the ceremony, after a thank-you speech and jokingly posed for photographers lying next to the memorable place.

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