Is it possible to lose weight while running

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Is it possible to lose weight while running

Is it possible to lose weight if you run?

The belief that, thanks to running, you can lose weight quickly without indulging in your favorite delicacies, appeared mainly due to the influence of Western films. In our country, until some time, other methods were used, for example, hoop twisting or other physical methods. exercises.

This method of losing weight gained wide popularity when treadmills and exercise bikes began to appear in sports and gymnasiums. But after all, not everyone has the opportunity to run on a treadmill, because of this, the question arises whether it is possible to lose weight if you run, for example, in a park? And what is needed to ensure that running does not turn into an ordeal, but on the contrary, helps to find the figure of your dreams?

Note that while running, the cardiovascular system begins to work much more intensively, breathing becomes more frequent and deep. Based on the foregoing, it can really be argued that running is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Is it possible to lose weight during morning runs?

Morning time is considered the most suitable for dropping excess weight. The ideal duration is a 30-40 minute run, completed two hours before breakfast.

Is it possible to lose weight while running

To get the maximum benefit from jogging, you should take a deep breath through the nose and exhale, respectively, through the mouth. It is best to run in the park, as the maximum amount of fresh air is necessary. Running along the tracks of the stadium is perfect. By the way, this is the main advantage of the park run from the usual training on a treadmill in the gym. During jogging in the fresh air, ventilation of the lungs is improved, the blood is saturated with oxygen. Of course, you should not run on the dusty streets near the road, as this is unlikely to benefit your broncho-pulmonary system.

In general, the run looks like this: the first 20 minutes of easy jogging (this contributes to warming up the muscles for further exercise), then 30 minutes of fast running during which you should set the maximum pace, and finally, light running for about 10 minutes for a total hitch and return heart and breathing to normal. Jogging lasting less than half an hour does not make sense, since the process of burning fat begins only after 20 minutes of exercise.

But not all people have time to run in the morning, in this case, the main desire, and running will benefit at any time of the day. One rule to remember is that in order to sleep well after the transferred load, it is necessary to carry out the load itself at least two hours before sleep. But morning jogging is one of the best remedies for weakness and fatigue, after such an exercise, vigor is ensured for the whole day.

How to run?

The basic principles have already been listed above, it is also worth noting that before jogging should be well knead joints and ligaments. This warm-up will further help to prevent injury.

In about three months of hard training, you can lose up to 10 extra kg, and in six months you can lose 15 or more kg. It is also worth remembering that to get the expected result, you should combine running with a diet, as well as other physical exercises. With excessive overweight it should be remembered that the load on the cardiovascular system will increase.

Is it possible to lose weight if you run at least 2 times a week? Of course yes! Usually, people quit jogging due to two of the most common reasons: it was either shyness, or jogging was actually much more tedious and heavier than they had imagined. In order not to be distracted by such trifles, gather all the will into a fist, set a goal that you need to achieve at all costs, and go to it, despite all the difficulties. Remember that the main thing is to believe in yourself.

Attention! If you have any chronic diseases, especially those related to the broncho-pulmonary and cardiovascular systems, then before starting workouts we advise you to visit a doctor and consult in order to avoid unforeseen health problems due to physical exertion.

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