Is it possible to eat seeds while dieting?

August 24, 2015 – ↻ Updated: 9 months ago Posted by Alina Sergeevna

Dieters often think about the question of whether there are seeds at the time of weight loss. A categorical answer about whether the seeds are harmful or useful cannot be given. Since the effect of seeds on the body depends on their type. Sunflower and pumpkin – are high-calorie products. And if you bite them apart, then you can easily exceed the daily calorie intake. But flax seed, due to swelling when it enters the stomach, is not so high-calorie.

Roasted seeds have an amazing distraction. They almost do not give a feeling of satiety and the person, being carried away, considerably exceeds their daily allowable rate of calories. It is necessary to use them in moderate doses. For example, during weight loss, you can replace 1 full meal with seeds. Thus, the correct use of seeds will give the body not only pleasure from the process, but also reduce the total number of calories.

Is it possible to eat seeds while dieting?

Is it possible to eat seeds while losing weight?

Sunflower seeds contain a large amount of vegetable fat, vitamins A, D, E, as well as omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids, which reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

There is a whole list of various diets that use sunflower seed. They are used together with oatmeal, with kefir, with corn and other dietary products.

Is it possible to eat seeds while dieting?

But do not forget that vegetable fats, which contain sunflower seeds more than 57%, are fats. A caloric content of 100 grams of seeds – 520 kcal – is equivalent to 800 grams of pasta or 200 grams of bread. Also, sunflower seeds contain

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