How to quickly lose weight in the legs and abdomen

The canons of beauty change from year to year, but for many decades the concept has been held that women’s legs should be thin. We propose to discuss how to lose weight in the legs quickly, what exercises to do, so that in a week to remove the extra centimeters, as well as advice from fitness trainers and nutritionists.

Proper nutrition for the feet

Exercises are the surest means of slimming the legs and other body parts. But only they will not be enough, because the female body is inclined, in most cases, to accumulate calories and store fat. Before you start to exercise, stretching and twisting, analyze your diet. This does not mean that now you can only eat diet foods, you just need to limit yourself a little.

How to quickly lose weight in the legs and abdomen

What products need to be excluded or limited:

  1. Sparkling water, even mineral water;
  2. Sweets in any form, it is better to replace them with honey;
  3. Do not eat fatty foods in the evening;
  4. Eat salted foods, salts retain moisture in the body, because of which often swollen legs.

But at the same time, we remind you that during the period of intensive training you cannot sit on strict mono-diets. Say, buckwheat or rice. Video: training for legs

Leg slimming exercises

Now let’s discuss what to do to lose weight legs. Depending on the area of ​​your problems, you need to choose the right exercises. Legs can be divided into several zones:

Let’s start with the buttocks. Fat can be removed from them only by intense exercise. It is worth noting that, unlike other parts of the body, the priest sags slightly, if you do not do aerobics or fitness, it is much more difficult to tighten the muscles of this zone than any other.

The most effective exercises are considered squats. You need to spread your legs shoulder-width apart, stretch your arms in front of you. Squat need a special technique: your knees should remain at one point. If you can not repeat the first time, then practice on the couch: squat on it. But do not sit down. It is necessary to descend slowly, hold at the lowest point for two seconds. Repeat 50 times.

If you strongly want to lose weight quickly in the legs, then you should perform 75 squats, each day increasing the intensity. When you get to 300 just do a workout every day. So you will reach beautiful legs and taut back for a month.

If it is wrong to squat completely, then you can pump not the back of the legs, but the front or quadriceps. In football, he is the most prominent part of the thigh.

Photo – Slender legs

To lose weight between your legs, you have to try – from there fat really does not like to leave. Well-proven swing legs, in addition they can be performed even by a pregnant girl. You need to stand against a wall or table, so that you can have support on your arm, lean on it and lift your leg to the highest possible level. Repeat 30 times with each leg.

If a woman needs to correct the shape of the inner side of the thigh and lose weight in the legs, then it is better to use horizontal sweeps. Lie on the floor, on your side, then sharply lift your legs up and gently lower down. Another very good exercise is to lie on its side, one foot on the floor, and the one that will be on top to throw for her. It should be a pose like in men who sit with their legs on their knees, but only in the supine position. Now the lower leg quickly begin to rise to the ceiling. Repeat 30 times in pairs.

Urgently tighten the muscles on the legs (thighs) and reduce fat hips, help the rope, it is very easy to lose weight with it. Just turn on your favorite music and jump, but there is one note: you need to jump for at least three minutes. Over time, the rope should be weighted for better efficiency. After childbirth, it is better to consult a doctor before performing the exercises.

You also need to run to lose weight legs, even the diet is not so effective for removing excess centimeters on the abdomen, arms, legs. You can run both in the gym and in the open air, the latter option is much better: the body is better saturated with oxygen. The process should take at least an hour, and the speed starts from 5 km / h. With such intensity, you can easily get rid of stretch marks and fat on the abdomen, sides, hands, cellulite and even facial wrinkles.

Photo – Exercise for slimming

While running, a woman over 30 needs to be careful,

Breeders, they are ears, very nasty problems – it comes from a sedentary lifestyle and love for sweets. You can remove them like this: put a remote on the floor in front of you, stand on one leg and jump over it in turn with each leg. Repeat a minute.

Another exercise in track and field sports: kneel, then lean on your arms, lift your legs up and down. First, the right 20 times, and then the left.

Bodybuilding, cycling, wrestling, weightlifting, boxing on a pear – all this increases the volume of calves. The women’s forum in this case simply gives advice to limit the "harmful" effect, and for a while to stop practicing "male" sports.

How to quickly lose weight in the legs and abdomen

Let’s discuss how to lose weight in the calves to make it effective. We strongly advise you to try the exercise "Stretch for the Sun". Remember, at school in physical education classes or in kindergarten, it was necessary to get up on the socks and that there is strength to stretch their hands to the sky. We also do at home for about two minutes in a row.

If you eat correctly, perform all these exercises and do not skip workouts, then in a week or two it is quite possible to lift your body. Regular exercise will help you keep your body shape and increase stamina.

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