How to lose weight nursing mother for a month

During pregnancy, the woman’s body purposely saves extra pounds to support the nutritional needs of the developing fetus, as well as to prepare for the future baby’s breastfeeding – so this weight gain is quite healthy.

But after the birth of a child, every woman seeks to finally get rid of those extra pounds and restore her figure before pregnancy.

As a nursing mother, you can safely lose weight in the postpartum period, subject to careful adherence to a rational diet and the necessary amount of exercise.

In addition, exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first three months after giving birth also helps mothers lose weight faster than those who do not.

But remember! Talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss program. Indeed, despite the fact that you can lose weight quite safely during this period, but you must also be sure that your child gets enough milk and your daily calorie intake is adequate.

In this article, we will answer, perhaps, one of the most pressing questions for expectant mothers – how to safely lose weight during breastfeeding.

So, how to lose weight nursing mom?

When can I start?

Of course, you can already start working on reducing your own weight after the end of pregnancy, but it is better to refrain from this immediately after giving birth until you receive approval from your doctor to start a weight loss program during the postpartum period.

According to many experts, it is safest to wait at least two months after delivery, as your body needs time to regain shape after pregnancy and maintain good quality breast milk.

In order to provide your baby with breast milk, rich in all the microelements necessary for normal growth and development, during weight loss you need to stick to a healthy and nutritious diet and drink plenty of water.

An indicator that your baby gets enough milk is regularly wet diapers during the day and weight gain appropriate for his age.

How to lose weight nursing mother for a month

As a nursing mom, you need to pay close attention to your daily diet. Eat foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats more often. This nutrient-rich diet will help you lose weight safely.

Studies show that protein is of particular importance for the body, and its adequate consumption will help you lose weight, maintain normal muscle mass and quickly get in shape after childbirth.

Properly selected exercises during breastfeeding will help you quickly, and most importantly, it is safe to lose weight. Experts say that for nursing mothers, moderate physical activity helps to mobilize fat from fat reserves and burn large amounts of calories, creating a deficit in the body – that is, all that is needed to lose those extra pounds.

You should start your exercise program at a low pace, gradually increasing the level of activity as your fitness improves.

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Weight loss rate

The recommended weight loss rate is no more than 1 kg. in Week. Anything higher can significantly reduce the quantity and quality of breast milk.

If you find that your weekly weight loss exceeds the recommended one, increase your calorie intake or decrease physical activity.

Slimming while breastfeeding is safe for you and your baby. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that a moderate exercise program and a healthy diet successfully cause weight loss in complete, lactating mothers without compromising the growth and development of their children in the early postpartum period.

How to lose weight nursing mother for a month

Breastfeeding should not stop you from losing extra pounds that you received during pregnancy, because returning to a healthy weight is good, both for you and for your child.

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