How to lose weight in the waist in a week

How to lose weight in a week? Such a question involves force majeure.

There are 7 days left until the New Year and, suddenly, it turned out that the beloved dress “dried out”. Got a burning ticket with a great beach. Yes, and you never know what else can happen such that suddenly this question will arise.

How to lose weight in a week.

I offer you a set of activities that are guaranteed (when it is done) will make you slimmer. And you will certainly get the desired 5 centimeters in the waist. However, I draw your attention to the fact that it is not worthwhile to act in accordance with the proposed plan for more than two weeks in a row. Five kilograms per week is an extreme weight loss. And that means – this is not very good for the body. The process of losing weight should be gradual and stable. Only then will it be useful.

The complex includes ten mandatory rules.

A question may arise: “What are such difficulties for?” You can simply close the refrigerator on the lock, collect willpower in a fist and get rid of excess volumes and kilograms. Sure you may! In the sense of "close" and "collect." That will be a good judge of this.

And then, life in a week will not end. Why extremely lose weight, for example, by the New Year? To under the Christmas tree was a pale and evil fury, who wants not to eat, but (really) eat. And it suffers from the fact that the week of struggle for 30 minutes of the feast will turn into vain years.

And the next important point. If after a test event (to which you need to lose weight) you stick to this technique, then the weight will not only not return, but will continue to decline (if it has a lot and due to which it will decrease).

Drinking mode

The first thing to start with is to regulate the drinking regime. Do you like water or do not like, and if you please provide 50 ml per 1 kg of live weight? Divide the volume for the whole day. Last portion should be drunk no later than

Water should be the most simple, without gas. Drink slowly. With feeling and placement.

If you do not want to drink – think about 5 centimeters and a dress that you need to "enter." In general, remember the goal.

I have already talked about the role of water in the process of losing weight – Water and your health. I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this useful material.

How to lose weight in a week. Rule 2

Meal schedule

If the desire to lose weight ekstrimalno came to you suddenly – you eat on the principle of "when it happens." For the coming week (this is not for life), it is necessary to restructure the process of nutrition, or rather, streamline it.

You must have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Want or not – this is not a topic for discussion. I want to minus 5 centimeters in the waist – it means that I want to eat as the complex requires.

How to lose weight in the waist in a week

Start the watch in 3 hours increments. This means that between meals there should not be gaps greater than 3 –

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