How to lose weight in the stomach and sides

Most women are faced with the problem of excess weight, when to lose weight does not work. The most "popular" problem area of ​​women is the belly and sides. The stomach can be considered a kind of "indicator", so many people care about the question of how to lose weight in the stomach and sides. In addition to a balanced diet, you need to pay attention to regular exercise, morning exercises, the consumption of a sufficient amount of water per day and the use of various cosmetic procedures.

How to lose weight in the stomach and sides

An integrated approach to this problem will allow you to lose weight and get rid of cellulite on the stomach and sides. This article will help to understand all the nuances of home weight loss. You will be able to find out which products provoke the appearance of fat deposits on the sides and abdomen, and which, on the contrary, make the stomach flat and taut. The complex of simple, but effective exercises, which is created for everyday use, will help to lose weight in the waist area, as well as to tighten the relaxed abdominal muscles.

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Fractional nutrition will help lose weight in the stomach and sides in 5 days

The easiest way to remove the stomach and sides is to eat fractionally. After 2-3 days, the waist will be noticeably thinner. Gradually, the body will get used to eat in time, small portions of the stomach will be enough, with the arrow weights will move rapidly down, and the stomach becomes smaller. The big plus of this technique is that you can afford any food and favorite dishes.

The basic rules of fractional power:

  1. A serving size of not more than 200 g. Even if it is watery vegetables or fruits, it is not necessary to increase the amount. It is better to think over the meal beforehand, eat a piece of meat or an egg, and add the desired foods to it.
  2. The interval between meals is not less than

How to lose weight in the stomach and sides

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