How to lose weight in the legs and abdomen

Greetings to you my dear readers. We have dealt with a lot of topics about losing weight. But what if you do not like a certain part of the body?

Such classes will be interesting to those who want to have slender legs. The complex aims at not pumping up the muscles, to tighten the ass and hips. And also to make legs more thin in calves.

Features of the female figure

Just want to say that the distribution of fat in our body should be uniform. If a woman is on top of medium fat, and in the lower part of the donut – there are problems. And these problems are connected with the hormonal background. Especially if the difference between the bottom and the top is very significant.

The thing is that estrogen is responsible for full legs and hips. This is a female hormone whose excess leads to fullness in general. Or only to the fullness of the lower body. With hormonal imbalance lose weight more difficult. Therefore, it is better to bring the hormones in order. And only then engage in improving the figure.

And of course to adjust your diet. Indeed, in losing weight, it plays one of the most important roles.

It turns out that we are not without reason striving to get rid of fat at the waist. And also make the ass like a nut, and legs slim. It has long been proven that the buttocks are the most attractive part of the body.

And women and men she cares and excites. When we get acquainted with the opposite sex, pay attention to the width of the shoulders and ass. Men, first of all, evaluate our breasts as well as the buttocks.

You might wonder why the buttocks are so important to us? Anthropologists have found an explanation for this. Well-developed buttocks indicate our ability to run long distances. It was very important for the survival of our ancestors. At the subconscious level, we are looking for a genetically strong partner.

A little over a year ago, scientists from London proved the link between strong legs and the functioning of the brain in old age.

General recommendations

In order to bring the legs and buttocks in order exercise a little. Other recommendations should be followed. Arranged tips in order of importance.

If you are overweight:

  • Adjust the power. For weight loss of the buttocks and legs will need a diet. Food in this case – 90% of success.
  • Choose aerobic training. These can be interval cardio complexes. Be sure to perform strength training a couple of times a week.
  • Use fat burners. This may be sports nutrition or specially selected food. Read more in the article "fat burners for weight loss."

If you have a slim physique:

  • In order for the legs to become a beautiful form, it is necessary to increase anabolism.

    I also advise for slimming buttocks to use breeches for weight loss during classes. They will not only accelerate the process of burning fat. Breeches have a positive effect on skin tone, as they have a small anti-cellulite effect.


    Some tips for a particular type of shape

    It is no secret that the female figure can be divided into several types. The main ones are the figure of a pear, an apple and a rectangle. For the best effect from the lessons you need to know some nuances. Depending on its type.

    Pear – thin top and full bottom

    This type of figure implies a "heavy bottom." For the proportionality of the figure, the main task here is not just to lose weight from below, but to pump up the top. Best of all walking, cycling, ellipse classes. A treadmill is also suitable. Aerobic exercise will lose weight at the bottom.

    Do not get involved in training with the burdening. The pace is better to choose weak or moderate. But the stepper should not be used at all. Otherwise, increase the muscles in the lower body. It is important not to squeeze the legs. With this type of figure you need to do the opposite and make the legs and buttocks thin, not pumped. Be sure to follow the legs for weight loss. To help you a very useful video.

    Apple – no waist

    Representatives of this type of shape cardiovascular fit. Training should be complex, it is better to make short intervals between approaches. Approaches must be at least 4-5.

    In general, with this type of figure, the most effective way is power aerobics. She will give the chance most effectively to burn fat. The key to success – a high pace in the classroom, which should not be slowed down. For clarity, watch this video.

    Rectangle – slender legs

    This is true, the owners of this figure can boast of beautiful legs. Therefore, choosing a complex for weight loss is important not to spoil the dignity of his figure. Exercises should be aimed primarily at burning fat from the abdomen and sides. And also to maintain the harmony of the legs.

    It is ideal to do a complex for legs and buttocks twice a week. Squat, make swings and lunges. Excellent load will give a treadmill with a slope and stepper. But complexes with the study of the lumbar area should be avoided. In no case do not apply heavy deadweight, twisting and tilting to the side with weighting. And of course, a diet for getting rid of belly fat. Hope this video comes in handy.

    10 best exercises for legs and buttocks

    These classes can be performed at home. Do not forget to warm up, warm up your muscles for 10-15 minutes. When you feel that the lessons do not give proper load, complicate them with weighting. You can add new items, increase the number of repetitions and


    How to lose weight in the legs and abdomen

    It is difficult to find a simpler, with a very effective exercise for the legs. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. When you squat, pull back your pelvis. Imagine that you want to sit on a chair. Keep your back straight and squat as low as possible (but not arching your back). When you return to the starting position, strain your buttocks and leg muscles. Start with 10 squats, gradually increasing their number. Optimally – 3-5 approaches 15-20 times.

    Squat and leg abduction

    Let’s just say – this is a classic squat with an additional element.

    This lead connects the muscles of the buttocks. Raise your legs alternately 15 times. In addition to the gluteal muscles during lifting, you will be involved oblique abdominal muscles. Now you know how to squat to lose weight in the legs.

    Simple lunges

    This type of exercise perfectly tightens the back of the thighs. Helps to get rid of cellulite. Especially if you do lunges with weighting. But we will consider the classic version, without complications.

    How to lose weight in the legs and abdomen

    Starting position, as in the squat, only hands hold at the waist. Step forward with your left foot, the step should be big. The leading leg with which you walk should stand at a 90 degree angle to the floor. And the knee of the second leg, almost touching the floor. Then push the support leg and return to the starting position. Do the same with the second leg. Keep your back straight. Do 10-15 attacks.

    Squat "legs together"

    As you can see, for priests and hips, exercises are based on squats. Starting position – legs together. Keep your knees slightly bent, and keep your feet parallel. During the sitting back straight. Unlike classic squats, you don’t have to squat deep. At the knee joint, the angle should be straight. Repeat 10-15 times.

    Raise your arms and legs on your stomach

    You should lie face down on the mat. Hands need to stretch in front of them and lift them at the same time with the legs. Need to stretch all the limbs, as high as possible upwards. Repeat the exercise 15 times. During its execution, the muscles in the buttocks will contract.

    Thanks to this exercise, the muscles in the hips and hips will contract. Starting position – kneeling, focus on straight arms. Lift slowly upward one second and then the second lower leg. For each leg is enough 10 times for 2-3 sets. Try not to tear your hands off the floor.

    Plie squat

    Plié will help bring in a tone and make thinner thicker legs. This exercise will strengthen your back and buttocks. Legs spread wide and socks as much as possible spread to the sides. When you squat watch socks, they must "look" to the side.

    Try to strain your abdominal muscles, keep your back straight. Sit down slowly, your hips should form a parallel line with the floor. Reaching the desired point slowly rise up. Fully straighten the legs do not need, they should be slightly bent at the knees.

    Exercise for muscle tone

    Perfectly tightens the hips and makes legs slimmer this exercise. Get on your knees and do a handstand. When straightening your left lower leg, pull your right arm forward. Alternately, do the same with the other leg and arm.

    Raising the pelvis from a prone position

    Large gluteus muscles are very well utilized. Lie on your back, legs bend at the knees. Arrange hands along the body. Feet should fit snugly to the floor, the emphasis will be on them. Inhale and lift the bottom above the floor. In this position, you need to stay for a couple of seconds.

    Then lower the ass, do not touch the buttocks of the floor. Two approaches are enough 10 times.

    Lifting hips

    You need to lie down with your belly down and bend your knees. Socks should look apart, and the heels on the contrary bring together. Keep your feet at right angles. Bend your arms in elbows, put in front of you, you can put your head on the hands.

    While inhaling, tighten the muscles of the buttocks, and as you exhale, lift the hips upwards. Try to hold the hips up a bit, then you can return to the starting point. Repetitions should be at least 20. Gradually, you need to reach the number 50.

    Increase the load. You have to go 2-3 rounds of 10 exercises. After the first complex you can relax a couple of minutes.

    Now you know what to do to make your legs lose weight – the main thing is regular exercise. This complex allows you to throw up to 8 kg in 30 days. True, subject to a low-carb diet.

    Of course, everyone is interested in how to lose weight in the lower body quickly. I can say that in a week of daily classes the result will already be visible. But significant changes you will not achieve in one day.

    Now you know how to do the right exercises for slimming the lower body. The most important thing is not to throw them, even when you achieve results. You can reduce the frequency and duration. But in order to maintain a shape – sport must become part of your life.

    In a separate article I described in detail how to lose weight in the hands and effective exercises.

    Be healthy and see you soon! Yes, I almost forgot, subscribe to updates. There are a lot of interesting things ahead.

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