How to lose weight in a week by 7 kg

Before the holidays, the question is how to lose 7 kg at home in a week? The first week of the diet goes water and only then – the volume. Therefore, to lose 5-7 kg is easy. We will tell the reader a few effective methods of express weight loss.

Drop too much – what will help?

Losing weight at a fast pace damages the body. But what to do when you want to get into your favorite dress? There are several ways that will bring effect in the complex. Reset 7 kg will be possible only if the following three components:

  • proper low-calorie meals;
  • physical exercise;
  • medicines and food supplements.

Before the load on the body you need to visit the doctor and pass the tests. Rapid weight loss has contraindications:

  • renal failure;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • high or low pressure;
  • avitaminosis;
  • general malaise.

Rapid weight loss puts a strain on the kidneys and the heart, so if the starving person is not well, we recommend losing weight slowly. There are a number of rules that will help to starve without harm to health:

Portions are reduced, but their number should be at least 6-7 per day. When fasting, the body goes into "emergency mode", and the weight loss will stop.

Physical activity is introduced gradually, especially with obesity 2-3 degrees.

Remove sugar, flour, salted, smoked, fat from the menu. Psychologically express weight loss is an ordeal, so try to relax more, create a relaxing, relaxing environment in your home.

Proper low-calorie meals

Low-calorie meals – the main component of effective weight loss. There are about 500 different diets and methods that, according to reviews, give high results for the first week. Among the most popular stands out a few proven.

How to lose weight in a week by 7 kg

Celery diet

Express method based on low-calorie soups from the root or celery sheets. Prepare two different soup and alternate for 7 days. Plus celery diets in that you can eat soups without restriction. Soups are combined with any fruits and vegetables, except bananas. You can drink green tea in any quantity and any unsweetened drinks.

Fad or monodiet

The principle of fad diets in the choice of the main product that can be eaten. For example, we choose a zucchini, we cook dishes all week from only it: smoothies, mashed potatoes, casseroles, hot salads, stew, boil. Monodiet unpleasant that monotony quickly bored. In addition to the selected product, you can use only drinks and grapefruit.

Kefir diet

Lose weight in a week at 7 kg per kefir is easy, as you can drink skim milk product up to

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