How to lose weight in a month by 30 kg

Weight gain occurs gradually. But people have the habit of postponing everything for later, and work on their own body as well. 5 extra kilos is such a trifle that it will be easy to get rid of it. A dozen came over – "Well, what, does it seem to be completeness for me?" When the search is calculated at 15, you begin to plan: from Monday I will go on a diet, from the first day I will sign up for fitness, etc. But this is all. And only when there is shortness of breath, BMI rolls over, and the safety belt in the car is no longer fastened, people rush to look for the answer to the question of how to lose 30 kg, and even quickly, and without harm to health is desirable.

How to lose weight in a month by 30 kgLet’s try to find out which methods for this can be used and which of them actually work, and then we will try to make an optimal weight loss plan for reducing this weight.

General recommendations

Lesson 1. We set goals

First you need to learn one simple truth: no way will not help lose weight by 30 kg in 3-4 weeks. Unless you will eat breadcrumbs and drink only water, while daily spending three hours in the gym. Set yourself objective goals.

How to lose weight in a month by 30 kg

If you want to do everything right, proceed from this formula: without harm to health, experts advise no more than 1 kilogram to get rid of each week. It turns out that the optimal period for weight loss of 30 kg is seven and a half months. Everything else will be fraught with complications and serious stress for the body.

Lesson 2. What to do if there is no time


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