How to lose weight after 30

It is no secret that in the modern world thin girls are considered the ideal of beauty. In his youth, the struggle with the extra centimeters at the waist and hips does not take so much time and effort. Sometimes one fasting day a week and several trainings in the gym are enough. The older a woman becomes, the more destructive are the cakes eaten for the night, and the harder it is to get rid of extra pounds. Losing weight after 30 years requires a lot of effort, but if you show perseverance and diligence, the result will surely please you. Today we will tell you how to lose weight after 30 years correctly and comfortably without harming your body.

How to lose weight after 30

The content of the article

The content of the article

✔What is the reason?

To begin with, the extra pounds not only spoil the figure, but also have a detrimental effect on the health of the fair sex. To find out why after 35 years it is difficult to lose weight, let’s find out the reason for weight gain.

  1. Changed lifestyle. In 35 years, the pace of life becomes calmer, orderliness and regularity appear. If in your youth you often visited discos, organized active parties by a noisy company, but now you are increasingly at home. Most household chores usually trust technology, and sitting in front of the TV or reading a book, many have a habit of chewing on something. As a result, the abdomen and thighs increase in volume.
  2. Hormonal adjustment. After 35 years, a hormonal imbalance gradually begins in a woman’s body. Excessive production of estrogen and, conversely, the lack of progesterone increases the fat layer. Therefore, thinking about how to lose weight after 35 years of age, consider the physiological changes in your body.
  3. Excess calories. Even those ladies who adhere to proper nutrition should remember that over the years the body needs fewer calories. Thus, a certain amount of kJ daily is not squandered. The question: how to lose weight after 30 years, the answer is obvious: to increase the intensity of training.
  4. Fluid retention Sometimes it seems that weight loss at this age is difficult and not effective. Do not hurry upset. In a certain period of the monthly cycle in the body of a woman can accumulate fluid. Weight gain on such days reaches up to two kilograms.

In the first place in deciding how to lose weight after 35 years is the organization of proper and balanced diet. To achieve weight loss and at the same time do not harm health, it is important to adhere to certain rules. Meals should be balanced. Refuse from harmful and fatty foods, watch the size of servings. Nutritionists recommend women aged thirty years and older to use daily at least two liters of water. A sufficient volume of fluid improves the body’s metabolism and contributes to the removal of toxins.

Thinking how to lose weight after 35 years, please note that at this age there is a decrease in muscle tone, and, in general, muscle mass in the female body. Increase your intake of protein in your diet by adding foods like meat, poultry, beans and fish. This will help keep your muscles in good shape. It is better to cook dishes from these products on the grill or in a double boiler with a minimum amount of fat and salt. For productive fat burning it is necessary to maintain an adequate level of calcium in the body. Observations show that those women who consume foods with a high content of this element lose weight during sports.

For thirty-year-old women the daily calories is 2000-2300. The daily amount of food is better to distribute on 5-6 receptions.

How to lose weight after 30

The daily ration may be, for example, such:

  • Breakfast: dairy products (low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt), fresh vegetables
  • Lunch: fruit
  • Lunch: lean soup, boiled beef or chicken with a garnish of fresh or stewed vegetables
  • Tea time: banana, yogurt.
  • Dinner: omelet with green peas, green tea.

✔ Move more

Do not know how to lose weight in 30 years? No diet will bring results without adequate physical exertion. Training – an essential part of the weight correction program in 30-35 years. Sports should definitely bring pleasure and the main goal that they pursue is building muscle. It is recommended that weekly workouts be given at least 3 hours. It can be any sport – swimming or jogging, fitness or aerobics.

How to lose weight after 30

Try to move more in everyday life when you cook, dry your hair, talk on the phone. Hiking and walking up the stairs without using an elevator make it possible to keep the muscles of the buttocks and legs in shape.

A proven way to lose weight is to include strength exercises once or twice a week in the training process. The combination of aerobic and power complex provides remarkable results due to fat burning and simultaneous strengthening of muscles.

If for some reason you cannot organize regular sports activities, we recommend that you increase the duration of your workouts.

So, to those representatives of the fair sex, who still doubt whether it is possible to lose weight after 35 years, we will answer affirmatively with confidence. The main thing is your desire and perseverance.

Remember, no shock diets will bring results and can be detrimental to health. Proper nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle – these are the main rules. Healthy full sleep, lack of stress and nervous tension, positive emotions and an exciting hobby will help to put the body in order. Greater effect during weight loss will be achieved by modern cosmetology procedures aimed at tightening the skin, as well as lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite massage.

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