How to lose 10 kg in a month

On the eve of significant events or the beach period, many girls are seriously thinking about how to lose weight quickly and radically. Naturally, immediately begins the search for a suitable diet, the most effective and fast, which will help to figure out how to lose weight by 10 kg per month. But each radical method of losing weight has its drawbacks and dangers.

How to lose weight in a month by 10 kg

Is it possible for a month of a strict diet to lose weight by 10 kilograms and at the same time not cause harm to health? The answer to this question is quite controversial. Someone responds positively, someone says that losing a dozen kilograms in four weeks is almost impossible, and even dangerous.

Who is right? Safe loss of excess weight is considered not too fast dynamics: about a kilogram and a half a week. It is necessary to consider not only excess weight, but also general. People over one hundred kilograms may lose more, but with a weight of 80 kg (plus or minus five), the rate of weight loss may be less.

Nutritionists say that weight loss diets of 10 kg and rapid weight loss as a whole – is a tremendous stress for the body, and the consequences can be very sad. In addition, if the fat goes away too fast, then the skin instantly sags. But sometimes the desire to quickly find a slim silhouette is stronger than the arguments of reason. A woman goes on a diet in spite of everything and in spite of everything.

Damage and health diets

All diets are divided into several types:

  • mono diets;
  • calorie restricted diets;
  • carbohydrate free;
  • proteinaceous;
  • therapeutic.

Almost everything can cause direct damage and even harm, except for balanced ones. What is a balanced diet? This is the daily intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the ratio of 40% -30% -30%, respectively. If the diet is distorted, the consequences of a long-term violation of the rules of the correct diet can be dangerous to health.

  • The famous kefir diet weakens the intestines, can cause ulcers, kidney stones, is harmful to people suffering from gastric diseases with high acidity.
  • Carbohydrate diets weaken the immune system, impair metabolism, cardiac and vascular function, and lead to a deficiency of important substances.
  • Protein diets dangerously load the kidneys, the liver, slag the body, make it difficult for the intestines to work, and lead to chronic intoxication. Lack of fiber is very dangerous. Protein diet thickens the blood (and this is a direct path to thrombosis), promotes the formation of kidney stones, liver, inhibits the pancreas.
  • Separately, it should be noted protein diet without fat restriction (for example, the Kremlin diet). Excess cholesterol provokes the development of atherosclerosis – the main cause of strokes, heart attacks.
  • Mono-diets are unhealthy: on apples, on buckwheat. The first one threatens to destroy muscle mass, the second thickens the blood, dehydrates and makes it difficult for the intestines to work.

How much really lose weight in a month without harm?

The maximum allowable weight loss per month is six to seven kilograms. These are very approximate figures: in fact, everything depends on the initial weight, age, state of health.

How to lose 10 kg in a month

In assessing the quality of weight loss, it is better not to build on the number of kilograms, but on the percentage of the original and the lost weight. In a month you can, without harm to health, lose from 4 to 5 percent of the initial body weight. Therefore, the results for women weighing 65 and 95 kilograms will be different – in numbers, but in fact.

If weight decreases faster, then there is a loss not only of fat, but also of muscle tissue. Most often, good results on the scales show exactly the loss of water (in the first two or three days) and muscles. This is dangerous because it can lead to the formation or exacerbation of both chronic and acute diseases.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that fat accumulated over three to four months is much easier to get rid of than the perennial fat depots. You can get rid of old stocks, but you will have to make more efforts, and it will take more time to bring the figure in order.

Is it possible to lose 10 kg in a month?

If you really need, then you can lose 10 kilograms per month. However, this option is among the extreme and only the most desperate girls. In addition, you need to take into account the following fact: the rapidly lost weight returns rapidly. Is it worth suffering a month to return all kilograms over the next one and a half months, and even with a weight gain?

Nevertheless, there are diets that can be adopted if you want to lose a dozen kilograms in four weeks:

  • any mono-diet (kefir, on apples, buckwheat), but not more than two weeks;
  • Japanese diet (designed for two weeks);
  • protein diet (any, but not longer than two weeks);
  • salad calorie restricted diet;
  • “Liquid” diet (not longer than seven to ten days);
  • low-calorie diet;
  • diet "Six petals."

However, it should be understood that express diets are very dangerous. Therefore, they must be accompanied by regular physical activity. It is not necessary to visit the fitness room. In order not to start a catastrophic loss of body weight, you can choose any occupation related to energy consumption:

  • daily walks at an average pace (at least half an hour);
  • home exercises for problem muscle groups: push-ups, velisiped and

It does not matter what kind of physical activity the slimming woman chooses. The main thing is to practice constantly, regularly, at least three times a week.

However, the best is not seeking to lose weight at any cost for a month. It is clear that I really want to go to the resort with a beautiful figure or enjoy admiring glances at the wedding of a friend. But at what cost will such a result be obtained.

Doctors advise to lose weight without fanaticism, following the wise advice "Slowly but surely." Systems of gradual weight loss, designed for several months, are much safer, more physiological. In addition, reducing the weight gradually, we increase the likelihood of its long-term retention. Next, we look at safe ways to lose weight in a month effectively and for a long time.

What and how to eat to lose weight fast?

For guaranteed weight loss (no matter how much you want to lose weight – for five, ten, thirty kilograms) you need to follow the general principles of weight loss:

  • observe the water regime: drink at least one and a half liters of pure water (not mineral, without gas). It should drink water, as other liquids such as soup, tea, coffee and other beverages can increase the caloric intake due to the same fast carbohydrates. However, sugary and carbonated drinks should be completely excluded from the diet: it will not be possible to lose weight with them;
  • abandon all foods with high calorie, high fat, sugar. Under a total ban, confectionery, pastry, fatty meat;
  • completely eliminate alcohol from the diet;
  • refuse canned food, whole salted, pickled;
  • choosing a diet, be sure to ensure that all its food components are well tolerated by the body, do not cause allergies or psychological rejection;
  • switch to fractional five or six meals;
  • refuse night snacks, late dinner: eat at least two hours before bedtime, prepare light meals;
  • try to go on a separate diet, the main thing – do not mix protein and carbohydrate foods. As a side dish for meat, choose not cereals, potatoes or pasta, but fresh or steamed vegetables;
  • replace one of the meals with fruits or vegetables;
  • if you do not get out of bread, you need to eat black, whole-grain or bran bread;
  • fifteen minutes before each meal drink a glass of water;
  • replace the frying by quenching on water (or with a minimum amount of oil), boiling, or in extreme cases, baking. Reception is very good for decrease in the general caloric content of a diet.

How to lose 10 kg in a month

It is best to eat carbohydrates in the morning, for lunch mixed food, and dinner to make light and protein. If you can not do without sugar, you can quench the need for sweet honey and fruit. In any case, successful weight loss requires you to spend more calories than you consume. To calculate your "calorie corridor", you can use any system for calculating calories.

How to lose 10 kg in a month

However, it is impossible to significantly reduce caloric content. After a few days, the rate of weight loss can slow down, the metabolism is disturbed. At the time of any diet is shown intake of vitamin complexes.

Diet for weight loss

To be guaranteed to lose weight, you should make the basis of the diet low-calorie foods, but full of saturation. An approximate diet can be done like this:

  • chicken meat without skin, better breast – it is the lowest calorie;
  • cottage cheese and cheeses;
  • natural yogurt;
  • steam or steamed vegetables;
  • boiled eggs;
  • lean boiled veal, beef, rabbit meat;
  • fruits (limit or exclude very sweet: grapes, figs, bananas);
  • cereals;
  • whole grain, black, bran bread or diet bread;
  • vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, linseed, etc.).

In the morning portion of porridge, you can add a spoonful of natural honey, fruits, vegetables. The perfect dinner is a piece of meat with a portion of vegetables or cottage cheese with fruit. A healthy diet allows for the daily intake of 60 grams of animal fat, 30 grams of vegetable fat. However, to lose weight by 10 kilograms, you need to reduce these figures by thirty percent.

Sample menu

The menu for each day can be your own, nothing complicated about it. At first, it is good to use kitchen scales for counting calories.

  1. First breakfast: steamed oatmeal with a half apple or a spoonful of honey.
  2. Second breakfast: fruit salad, seasoned with a spoon of natural yogurt or just one or two fruits (it is better not to mix);
  3. Lunch: a plate of vegetable soup or chicken broth with half an egg; A portion of fresh vegetable salad and a slice of meat.
  4. Snack: coffee with cheese or a handful of nuts (raw, unsalted).
  5. Dinner: boiled fish with vegetables.

It is not necessary to give up potatoes, contrary to popular belief about the complete prohibition of starchy vegetables on a diet. If you really want potatoes, it is fashionable to eat one or two potatoes in boiled or baked form, but not more than once a week. Can not be used as a side dish, can be combined with green vegetables, a spoon of vegetable oil.

Weight loss should be healthy. The main thing in any diet – do not harm yourself, so you should abandon excessive fanaticism in favor of a reasonable calorie restriction.

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