How to like the scales

That happens, eat something delicious, so let’s say, indulge yourself beloved, and then scary to get up on the scales: and suddenly added? And you suffer the whole day: go to the gym, go jogging in the morning, burn calories, limit yourself again – and, it would seem, for what?

How to like the scales

And in order that scales showed the necessary value or even less. But there is one more scale that will definitely not tell you that you look bad, but on the contrary, they will offer you a cocktail and a cake. And these scales are men born under the sign of the zodiac scales. We will talk about them.

Libra as a sign means equilibrium, it is precisely this balance and harmony that people of this sign strive for. It seems to be such a trifle, but for them there is nothing more important than finding inner peace of mind. And the scales are very fond of when they are adored. Such a kind of vanity is in their blood and one cannot get away from it. Sometimes men-scales so much want to please others, that they go too far, causing incredulous glances and doubts about sincerity, and this in turn hurts the zodiacal scales very painfully. Well, they do not like when they are looked at with incredulous apprehension, or worse, with contempt.

How to like the scales

Scales are very elegant and gallant. They seemed to come straight out of the nineteenth century. Tact they have more than enough, they know it and skillfully use. By the way, weights can reconcile even the worst enemies. (After all, Montagues and Capulets had no weights, and how sad it all ended …)

In the company, the scales willingly take the role of caring owners, chatting incessantly, jumping from one topic to another. Basically, they do not dare to express their opinions: they are very hesitant and always doubt. And if the conversation comes to a discussion – everything, the weights-men forgiven a trace: they are afraid of even the slightest dispute, therefore, of these people, environmentalists or party leaders are none.

How to interest a man scales? How to win scales? How do you like scales? How to conquer a man scales?

“How to interest a man with scales?” Is a rather delicate question, if you remember who exactly we are dealing with. But, be that as it may, the girl will be attracted to the decisive one: here the law on opposites acts on all two hundred percent. Weights lack confidence, they are afraid to make choices and make serious decisions – it means that you need to take the reins of government in your hands. And this man is still appreciated. Admire the scales and the beauty of the soul: it is important that along with strength of will was kindness and tenderness, care.

In order not to lose the man of the zodiacal sign of the scales, it is necessary to preserve and protect his composure. In no case can not arrange hysteria and scandals and interrogations with addiction. Libra prefers to quietly retire than to rush into the abyss of events. Aggressiveness and arrogance are also not the best friends in dealing with the romantic kind of indecisive weights. By the way, if you are a realist by nature, you will probably find it difficult to agree with a poetic man, so just end the relationship.

You cannot show your uncertainty to the scales, because purely subconsciously such a man feels that he will never be able to cope with a girl like him: indecisive and timid. It turns out that such men are the best option for women leaders who want to be in charge of the family and command a husband, but this does not mean that you need to turn into an evil and insensitive dictator – wound a tender creature near by.

Here they are, male scales, not at all brutal, but quiet and balanced. And it’s not at all that devils are found in the still waters. But to find the harmony of soul and body is a good thing, let alone peace and tranquility, so throw your bathroom scales and run to find your modest and indecisive happiness.

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