How to keep weight after a diet

Finally, the scales show the long-awaited figure, and you are standing in front of the mirror, enjoying your new attractive physical shape. How sweet is this moment! But is it too early to raise glasses? Maybe now it is necessary to take a look at the new peaks and think about how to keep the weight after losing weight?

Many young ladies with magnificent forms are sure that slimness is a kind of gift from above. Others think that a graceful silhouette is nothing more than a natural tribute. But the fact remains – and slimness, much to the dismay of many fans not to notice the real reasons for their failures, is the result of many circumstances created by the owner of the body (similarly, by the way, with extra pounds). Appearance (form, weight, volume) directly depends on physical activity, quality of nutrition and psychological attitude. Over the year, a person can change as unrecognizable, turning into a spherical object, or change, dropping everything superfluous into himself. Therefore, losing weight once, you do not provide a slim figure for the rest of your life, because a beautiful body is a tireless process of caring for your health and appearance.

Change your lifestyle

There are different ways to achieve slim and fit forms. If you do not know how to keep weight after a diet low in fat or carbohydrates, the first thing you need to do is switch to a proper diet. This advice is especially useful for those who did not adhere to a balanced diet before the diet, which is quite logical, since the fact that a person follows the principles of healthy eating indicates that there are no extra pounds. And therefore, if you were the owners of such, the right diet before the diet is out of the question.

Let’s look at how to keep weight after losing weight, observing a set of key habits aimed at a healthy high-quality life, which is inherent in the literal sense of the word.

Habit number 1. About food

Frequent meals in small portions (on average, 5-7 times a day). It is necessary to eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly, and complete the meal with a slight feeling of fullness.

Habit # 2. About breakfast

Owners of graceful forms often wake up with a good feeling of hunger, indicating a good metabolism. Food for healthy people – a source of replenishment of energy expended, and not an option for hanging out.

Habit # 3. Needs

Slender people are well aware of the answer to the question of how to keep weight normal, without disturbing the harmony that is present in a relationship with the body. They can not be forced to drink or eat for the company, and also they never force (and sometimes do not allow) themselves to eat something that can badly affect their well-being. And at the same time, people with a good figure often indulge themselves with useful sweets without a sense of an awakened conscience, since the tasty food they prefer is a quality and useful source of energy.

Habit number 4. On the emotional sphere, or how to keep weight after fasting / diet forever

To get rid of the habit of overeating because of any trouble, it is only necessary not to restrain their disappointment, resentment or sadness. It is necessary to allow yourself to experience all that squall of emotions, rushing out, and not seize the emotions you are experiencing. And if happiness overwhelms your soul, then to express it there are a huge number of options that are suitable for you personally.

Habit number 5. How to keep weight after losing weight, being in a sleepy state

Night is for sleep, and sleep is for the production of growth hormone (aka growth hormone), which stimulates weight loss. Therefore, to maintain weight, you only need to stick to a balanced diet and get enough sleep.

It’s quite simple to form these habits – one only needs to repeat certain actions day after day for 21 days. After three weeks, the above good habits will become an integral part of your life. Having passed a trial period, you will feel all the advantages of a healthy lifestyle and realize the main values ​​of slender people (to which you are already ranked, it remains only to consolidate the result). These values ​​are comfort, beauty and pleasure.

We turn to proper nutrition

Consider how to keep weight after a diet due to proper nutrition. Let’s start with the following recommendations:

1. Since after seven in the evening the metabolic rate is significantly suspended, then after this time it is advisable to limit the intake of heavy meals to the maximum. After this hour, the food is absorbed much worse, putting aside extra pounds.

2. One serving of food should not exceed 250 ml (one medium cup) – the size is not large, but it is quite enough, especially given the fact that in general, you should make at least six meals per day. Fractional feeding contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes, ensuring the loss of excess weight (if any) or its stabilization.

3. It is necessary to plan the menu in advance for each subsequent day or week.

We make an approximate program of a balanced diet for a week, figuring out how to keep weight after fasting (therapeutic) or diet.

Breakfast. Morning meal

The diet of a healthy person is not complete without croup. For example, to eat delicious oatmeal in the morning, it is enough to take 3-4 tablespoons of flakes, pour boiling water, add berries or apples, cinnamon, 2-3 crushed walnuts. This option is dietary compared to porridge in milk. Nutritionists claim that if you start the day with a proper full breakfast, the question of how to keep weight after losing weight, disappears by itself. It is worth noting that scientists have long proved that breakfast is indeed the most important of the meals.

How to keep weight after a diet

  • Monday – oatmeal with herbs and vegetables.
  • Tuesday – rice porridge on coconut milk.
  • Wednesday – buckwheat porridge with basil and broccoli.
  • Thursday – rice porridge on juice (for example, apple).
  • Friday – Hercules porridge with honey and apples.
  • Hercules porridge with honey and apples


The first snack can serve as a green apple, berries, fresh fruit, cottage cheese or yogurt.

Dinner. Third meal

Soup – a desirable, but not mandatory dish, used most often for lunch. The second course must necessarily include a protein product, such as poultry or fish, supplemented with vegetable garnish.

  • Monday – chicken cutlets with vegetables.
  • Tuesday – rabbit meat with cabbage (cauliflower, broccoli or savoy).
  • Wednesday – perch with fennel and vegetables.
  • Thursday – boiled veal with vegetables.
  • Friday – beef with apple mustard and leek.

Almonds, walnuts or dried fruits.

How to keep weight after a diet

Evening meals should be relatively light. A fish with a green salad or vegetable garnish serves as an excellent dinner.

How to keep weight after losing weight. Nutritionist Board

The famous nutritionist Margarita Korolev in her book “Easy recipes for a healthy life” talks about the importance of understanding what a person is doing. The doctor says that in order to lose weight and keep the acquired forms for a long period of time, it is necessary to take into account two important factors in their value: the amount of energy expended during physical exertion, and the amount of energy obtained from food. The nutritionist emphasizes that simply reducing the amount of food consumed is not a panacea, since the principles of healthy eating include a combination of a considerable number of factors that must be constantly adhered to.

Some recommendations

After the long-awaited achievement of optimum physical shape through various food tricks, even a slight weight gain becomes not entirely pleasant news. Consider how to keep weight after a diet (6 petals or low in fat / carbohydrates – the essence is not important), following some simple recommendations:

1. Keep a food diary, so as not to return to the old bad habits. Every 3-4 weeks, spend the control days, recording everything eaten in two or three days. So you can make sure that you have not returned to the old portions and habits. Replace the new high-calorie snacks with a more healthy and low-calorie option.

2. The next answer to the question of how to maintain weight after a quick weight loss is to increase the caloric intake of the diet. To avoid unwanted hunger attacks, add complex carbohydrates to your healthy diet, such as whole grain bread and protein in the form of fish.

3. Allowing yourself too much, arrange a vegetable fasting day. So, getting rid of accumulated toxins, you will maintain a good level of the metabolic process.

Instead of conclusion

To achieve lightning and "inspiring" results, restructure your daily diet and forget about nostalgia for sweets.

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