How to cleanse the body and lose weight

The question of cleansing the body, followed by weight loss worries mostly female half of humanity. But until the thunder clap, none of the ladies will pay attention to themselves. Particularly relevant is the question of cleansing the body and losing weight on the eve of the warm season or before the holidays. You also begin to think about the slagging of the body, when the liver starts to tingle, there are problems with the skin, hair, headache, the nervous system is disturbed, and the person feels tired and irritable.

How to cleanse the body and lose weight

How to cleanse the body and lose weight, so as not to harm their health? Many rush from one extreme to another, trying to find a suitable diet for themselves. But not everyone knows about really losing weight, you must first cleanse the body of toxins.

Three steps to slim figure

It turns out that there are three rules that will lead to cleansing of the body and help lose those extra pounds. It is necessary to clean the colon, liver and get rid of parasites. And only then you can choose for yourself a sparing diet.

Colon Cleansing

This is the most effective and affordable means for cleansing the intestines, but after the procedures performed, constipation often happens. Therefore, before the start of cleansing with enemas, you need to weigh the pros and cons, because there are still many methods by which you can cleanse the body of toxins.

Method of cleansing with enemas according to N. Semenova – pretty tough, but effective program. The scheme is simple: for 2 weeks every morning and before going to bed, you need to do an enema.

Method of purification according to E. Shchadilov not so tough, but in terms of losing weight, it gives little results. Schadilov offers to make 11 enemas. The scheme is as follows: 1, 5, 8, 10, 11 days – on 1 enema, then they need to be done daily for 5 days.

The effectiveness of enemas is underestimated by many, because during the purification, you can lose up to 15 extra pounds. For greater effectiveness during intestinal cleansing, you need to eat fish, mushrooms, and plant foods.

Unique product containing fiber. Bran helps to clean the intestines of toxins and lose weight.

The use of bran for cleansing Grind the bran before eating it. Take them daily 3 times in 15 minutes. before meals. Need to take 2 tbsp. l bran, eat and drink 1-2 glasses of water. This is a prerequisite, otherwise about any weight loss is out of the question.

A day requires no more than 30 grams of bran. Excessive consumption of seemingly so useful food can lead to dysfunction of the intestines, bloating, flatulence and hypovitaminosis, since all the beneficial substances will be rapidly removed from the intestines along with toxins.

  • gastritis and gastric ulcer;
  • colitis and enteritis;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases of the digestive tract.

Liver cleansing

It is necessary to start cleaning the liver only after the intestines have been cleaned in order to avoid toxins released from the liver being absorbed into the blood.

Purification process

  1. Before losing weight, 1 day before the start of liver cleansing, a light breakfast and lunch are allowed.

    The procedure is not very complicated, active eruption of stones will occur, starting with

    During the cleansing of the liver should follow a vegetarian diet.

    Fight against parasites

    The appearance of parasites in the human body is directly related to the wrong lifestyle. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly carry out prevention and get rid of them.

    Methods of combating parasites from

    How to take the "Russian triad". Scheme by day:

    • In the 1st – 1 capsule;
    • In the second – in the morning and at lunchtime, 1 to.
    • And in the 3rd and the end of the week – 3 times for 1 to.
    • Attention! The effectiveness of the process of cleansing and weight loss depends on a balanced nutrition, self-hypnosis, skin care and daily sports activities.

      It is impossible to stop at this, the purification process should be continued for a month or two, in advanced cases, a reception of up to 1 year is possible.

      Contraindications for which it is prohibited to take the “Russian triad”:

      • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
      • ulcer and erosive gastritis;
      • high blood pressure;
      • menstruation.

      If you follow the methods of cleansing and perform them correctly, the body quickly adapts to change, normalizes metabolic processes, improves metabolism, the figure will return to normal and high spirits will appear, they will want to live and realize all their dreams.

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