How thin rose al namri

Charismatic presenter of the "Bachelor" instantly won the love of the audience. With each new season, viewers observed more and more feminine forms of oriental beauty. Her outfits favorably emphasized the volumes that the star of the television favorably presented. But, in the new season, an unexpected surprise was the new look of Rosa Al-Namri, a chiseled elegant figure in exquisite, tight-fitting outfits.

The secret of the perfect shape

According to the confessions, the leading food has become a kind of cult, it is very difficult for her to limit herself, refusing favorite treats. And not surprisingly, the star’s mom cooks beautifully, and numerous friends always invite for tea with fresh pastries. One of the main assistants in losing weight Rose was the right start to the day.

  1. On an empty stomach, be sure to drink every morning 500 ml of quality water, pure or with the addition of citrus juice – lemon, lime, grapefruit.
  2. After this detox ritual, you must not eat anything for an hour. Coffee and even green tea are not allowed.
  3. At breakfast, the presenter can afford any sweets – cakes, pastries, chocolate, and this does not affect the figure of the girl.
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How thin rose al namri

Fateful meeting

Known for her acting talents, Rosa teaches oratory. One of the students just struck with her beautiful physical shape, while not having to do with professional sports. Star teacher persuaded to become her fitness trainer:

  • Regular low loads help to love sports. If you start a tedious workout with great zeal, it’s easy to quit.
  • The first sports beginnings were evening walks, which lasted about two hours. In any weather with a pleasant company or by herself, the presenter walked every day. This exercise is affordable – universal, suitable for all, regardless of age, social status and employment.
  • Rose is engaged 4 times a week for an hour. Before that, she has to persuade herself, getting ready to work. Even life disasters do not cancel training, only the time is reduced to 20 minutes.

How thin rose al namri

Harmony in oneself

The main success leading in her love of self in any weight. Rose weighed 48 and 70 kg, but never scolded herself for those extra pounds. This causes stress in the body, and it begins to punish itself, absorbing and accumulating excess amounts.

How thin rose al namri

  • No diets, especially protein, mono and radical. Lack of carbohydrates is fraught with loss of strength, bad mood and depression. After such experiments, the leader recovered by 10 kg.
  • Sleep helps to lose weight correctly, it takes at least 7 hours to recover. Immediately reflected in the figure lack of proper rest.
  • Slowly but surely, it is necessary to tune in to the result of a loss of no more than two kilograms per month. Otherwise, the body will rebel against weight loss records.
  • Rosa’s chosen one involuntarily pushed her to create a new look. Admiring the molded figure of her younger sister on a joint rest, gave impetus to fundamental changes.

Eat, lose weight and live!

The star’s leading diet has changed, but it didn’t limit itself drastically. The only thing that is absent in the diet of Rosa Al Namri is soda, sandwiches and dumplings. Also, after the start of sports activities, the presenter cannot even look at pizza, chips and other snacks.

  1. Turkey meat, fish, vegetables help to always be in shape. The chicken has become boring for six months, and the girl is looking for new tastes of wholesome food.
  2. Snacks, depending on mood, may consist of nuts, dates, and prunes. But if there is no time and you need to go to the shooting, a small piece of Napoleon or a bar of black chocolate is charged with energy for four hours.
  3. Portions matter, up to 150 gr. or palm size, frequency – every two hours. Leading can afford to feast on your favorite dishes to

Today, Rosa Al-Namri has already lost 21 kg, she plans to stop only after losing the last three kilograms.

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