How much water to drink, depending on weight

Man can not live without water, because it is necessary for the life of the organism. Our health largely depends on how much water we drink per day, as well as on its quality and drinking regimen. Many people who care about their health are interested in the issue of fluid intake in accordance with body weight.

The value of water for the body

The human body is almost 70% water. Most of it in the kidneys and blood – 80%, as well as in the tissues – 65−70%. In the bones of water a little less – only 50%, and in the fat deposits the minimum amount. The fat layer is unable to hold it. It is clear that each body has its own need.

How much water to drink, depending on weight

Water performs vital biological functions in our body. She takes an active part in the digestion process so that it happens correctly. It also regulates heat transfer, distributing heat throughout the body, moisturizing tissue. Water dissolves and normalizes already dissolved nutrients, delivering them to organs and tissues. It is a unique product because it contains no calories. However, there are many important for the health of micronutrients and minerals. All this is only in the product from a natural source.

With proper drinking regime, pressure is maintained inside the cells of the body, and also synthesis and decomposition of many substances occur. Water washes away all toxic substances and takes part in the proper functioning of the muscles of the body.

If the water balance is disturbed, dehydration may occur due to lack of water. This leads to draining and then cell death. At the same time, you feel unwell. Water escapes through perspiration, respiration, bowel movements, and urination. How much water should one drink per day?

How much water to drink, depending on weight

Norm per kg of weight

It is very important to determine how much water you need to drink per day, because our health depends on it. For this, the specialists of the Ministry of Health have developed a formula, with which you can do the calculation of fluid intake per day. The formula is very simple, and according to it every person should drink from the calculation: 30 ml of liquid per kg of weight. This figure is considered the daily rate. Thus, with a body weight of 60 kg, a person should drink

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