How much should you run to lose weight

Often, buying a simulator, women want to know how to lose weight on a treadmill in the shortest amount of time. Not everyone has the opportunity to run in the morning at the nearest stadium, but to use a simulator standing in the next room is a seemingly easy and simple way to achieve a beautiful figure. But the right lessons on it can be held if you know some of the features.

How much should you run to lose weight

Fast walking and running at different speeds accelerate the processes in the body. The cardiovascular system is trained, the posture is improved, the calories are burned, the muscles of the back, legs and even the shoulder girdle are strengthened. It is not necessary to strengthen the heart muscle by running fast, if there are problems such as hypertension or severe tachycardia. Manufacturers of treadmills took this into account and created on some of them the function of walking walking – 5 km per hour.

Characteristics of treadmills

Standard treadmills are not designed for a person’s weight more than 115 kg, but there are powerful models: they can be used by those whose weight is 130 kg, 150 kg and even 180 kg (although it may be difficult to find such a model in an ordinary sports shop and the price will be much more). If you try to save money and with a weight of 125 kg engage on a track designed for 115 kg, then it either breaks immediately or its engine will serve, but not for long.

An important parameter when choosing a track is motor power. It is peak and constant. For an athlete weighing no more than 80 kg, the ideal power is

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