How much can you lose weight in a day?

On average, about 8,000 people per month turn to search engines with the question: How to lose weight in 1 day?

The question may seem ridiculous if you consider how many people devote a lot more time to this issue, and often with a negative result, but this is only at first glance. In fact, losing weight in one day, and even a relatively large amount, is much easier than getting rid of it in a week, month, or year. True, with one amendment – will have to lose weight not at the expense of adipose tissue.

Then at the expense of what?

Two significant weight loss mechanisms for 1 day

During the day, depending on your own weight, you can get rid of 2-3 extra pounds, but 90% of the losses will be due to bowel release and fluid loss. In this case, of course, we are not talking about such barbaric methods as enemas, which are able to clean only a small part of the intestines, or many hours of saunas, drying your skin. Everything is much easier and more harmless.

But before you start the procedure, think about whether the game is worth the candle? Perhaps you are not ripe for one-time, repetitive from time to time, rush actions, but for a thorough, irrevocable, weight loss.

If your thoughts were not crowned with success, and the daily struggle with your flabby body turned into a kind of favorite hobby, then this article is what you were looking for.

During the day, get rid of excess fluid in the body

The most common tips for getting rid of excess fluid are: sauna (bath) and diuretics. we will not use them. After all, our goal is to lose weight in 1 day, and not to become disabled during the day, so we forget about these killer methods and turn to natural procedures.

To get rid of excess fluid, we need: a) so that it does not accumulate in the body and b) so that it leaves it freely.

You probably know that sodium and potassium salts are the main responsibility for water metabolism in the body, while sodium is directly responsible for water retention. Therefore, salt (sodium chloride) should be completely excluded from the diet. But that is not all. We are going to lose weight not at all, but in 1 day, which means you need to remove the sodium salts contained in the body.

It may seem strange, but water itself will help us in this. You will need to drink it up to 3 liters during the day. This provokes an increased flow and urination, and therefore will begin to flush out salts from the body, including sodium. (Have you ever wondered why salty sweat?) To enhance the effect of sweating, as well as enhance metabolic processes, in the morning of the day you lose weight, it is recommended to take an hour walk at a fast pace (on an empty stomach, after drinking 1-2 glasses of water). It is advisable to grab a half-liter bottle of water with you in order to replenish the water balance from time to time.

It is possible that by the end of the walk your sweat will lose salinity, then you can stop excess fluid intake, reducing the volume to 2 liters.

Half-hour evening exercise at a walking (slow) pace and a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese before bedtime will help to finally bring your water balance to the optimum. Against the background of the unloading day, which we will discuss below, this will allow losing one and a half kilograms of excess fluid.

Bowel cleansing for 1 day

When people, in their naivety, try to clean the intestines of monstrous dimensions with enemas, naively believing that they are thus freed from its contents, this can cause, at best, tenderness. The effect of this kind of cleansing procedures extends only to the colon, which is about half a meter in length, and contains fecal masses that are ready for defecation. The effectiveness of this method, if not constipated, is zero.

How much can you lose weight in a day?

The small intestine, which is nothing less than 6 meters in length, remains pristinely contaminated.

Such attempts are especially ridiculous in the inhabitants seeking to lose weight with the help of enemas. After all, the continuation of the process of splitting and assimilation of nutrients occurs in the small intestine, and they clean the colon over and over again. But it’s not about that.

In the process of life, in humans, the small intestine gradually becomes cluttered. Its walls are polluted, the villi stick together, fecal stones are formed, huge colonies are infused in it, not always the useful (pathogenic) microflora, the intestinal tone drops. (Did you know that the average length of an adult human intestine is 3-5 meters, and its length in a corpse is 6-8 meters. This is due to the loss of the intestinal tonus.)

Of course, if you eat right, that is, respecting the proportions to which the body is adapted, and this is up to 70% of food from vegetables, fruits and unprocessed cereals, then your intestines are most likely clean. But who among us has such a diet?

To lose weight in 1 day we need to clean the intestines with plant fibers (dietary fiber, bran). To do this, instead of breakfast, take a glass of kefir, put there a couple of tablespoons of bran, a teaspoon of vegetable oil and the resulting mass, similar in texture to porridge, eat in small portions (teaspoon).

It is very important that the kefir is fresh (one-day), otherwise, instead of the laxative effect, you can get a fixative (more than 3-day kefir is fastening).

How much can you lose weight in a day?

Bran has many wonderful properties about which there is enough information on the Web, or it can be found here, on the site – bran, so we will not dwell on them, but consider the properties that are in demand in our case. First of all, this is a huge adsorbing effect.

Being essentially cellulose, they have one of the highest coefficients of natural porosity, which allows them to absorb everything that is around. Moving along the digestive tract, plant fibers absorb all the dirt and debris, while swelling and crushing the walls of the small intestine. And this already includes two more mechanisms of purification – the mechanical cleaning of the intestinal walls and the fastest promotion of feces. According to the cumulative effect, this allows you to get rid of

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