How much can you lose weight

After all, many modern remedies for weight loss has laxative and diuretic effect. What can happen in the end after their excessive fast use? Will happen dehydration and slowing its metabolic processes.

The effects of rapid weight loss in one week

Many are concerned about the issue how many pounds can lose weight in one week? Firstly, such a value must, most likely, be measured not in kilograms, but in centimeters. Strict and tight restrictive diets highly hazardous to health person If you decide to use the effect of some kind of magic diet, the menu of which includes only three fresh cabbage leaves without adding spices and salt, then from the very beginning you will start lose weight very fast. After all, your body will start get rid of water and protein, which make up the body’s muscle tissue. Everything fatty deposits, from whom you dreamed of being free, will be stored up by your organism, frightened by hunger, for a rainy day. Therefore, as a result you will get dehydration and slowing down of metabolic processes. Among other things, you will have a breakdown, will suffer, deprived of vitamins and trace elements, skin, hair and nails.

How to lose weight in one week without harm to health?

Remember some tips:

  1. Forget about wanting quick weight loss in a short period of time, using hard diets, teas and pills.
  2. Your motto should be the phrase: "Always adhere to the right balanced healthy diet!"
  3. Eat food regularly, in small fractional portions, observe the water regime.
  4. Give your preference to foods that are high in protein and foods that have a low glycemic index.
  5. Remember about the acute need of your body in the constant intake of vitamins and trace elements.
  6. Try to clearly understand that human health and nutrition are closely interrelated, so always choose the right balanced diet to maintain health.

Not very difficult just lose weight, The most important thing is to understand how to lose weight without harming your health. Currently all trendy diets most of them are unbalanced; if they are followed, the human body receives huge stress tests from an excess of some substances and trace elements and an acute shortage of others.

First you need to understand and learn a simple rule: lose weight without harm to health never will not work, especially when it comes to numbers more than four kilograms in one week. It is unnatural for your body to get rid of more than one kilogram of excess weight per week, so if you start to lose weight more intensively than 0, 8–1 kilogram per week, then you will keep your own body in a stressful mode, which will definitely affect your health and appearance generally. Due to the above data, almost all diets, who offer you sharp weight loss by five kilograms in one week, use Not recommended, because in such a short time the fat accumulations will not disappear anywhere. This is not a good way to lose weight, without returning to the starting point. As a result, you get an empty stomach and intestines, and leaving excess fluid.

The mechanism of safe weight loss for a week

Mechanism safe weight loss would look something like this. A person for normal life requires a conditional number of calories, the number of which is easily calculated correctly. Should reduce calorie intake by 2300 units in one day and add to his diet feasible playing sports, They will also help you burn approximately 300 calories. As a result your an organism will lose about 5 00-600 calories and will begin to actively spend accumulated fat reserves in order to fill the gap. To lose weight by this method, it is required to keep records every day and take into account all calories consumed, carefully ensure that their number does not exceed the norm.

Sharp weight loss one week is very a strong blow to work endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Appearance will surely suffer – hair loss, splitting nails, the appearance of various skin rashes and stretch marks will begin. But it does not frighten many girls; in their insatiable desire to achieve high levels of weight loss in a short period of time, they are ready to use various means and eat anything they want, just to lose weight in just one week. Some girls even agree to go for dehydration in order to get into the festive evening in a fashionable narrow outfit. However, in just one day it is quite possible to get rid of up to 3 kilograms of excess weight, but this will be water and slags. For example, the consumption of fat in athletes is approximately 160 grams per day, in an ordinary person this figure is 80-100 grams. Maximum fat loss stocks may be 200 grams, This rate of weight loss is achieved using long-term fasting, or observing the requirements of strict diets (up to 500 kcal) per day. One week of fasting or adherence to a rigid diet can lose about a kilogram of body fat reserves.

The optimal rate of weight loss, according to nutritionists and doctors, is no more than 3-4 kilograms per month. If you decide to throw more, it is better to do it under strict medical supervision in the hospital. It is better to slowly and surely get rid of fat reserves without harm to health, rather than meet the conditions of strict diets, lose water and muscle tissue, in place of which fat will invariably come. First of all, you must often eat food with the obligatory presence of a full breakfast and lunch. Slimming with properly organized diet – slow but it guaranteed helps to lose fat accumulation forever.

How much can you lose weight

Very good at helping weight loss in one week starvation. It should not be forgotten that it has a short-term effect. After returning to the principles of your usual nutrition, the lost kilograms almost always come back. Another major drawback fasting consists in the fact that during the entire period of fasting a person feels bouts of weakness, dizziness.

The best option would be selection for use small complex, consisting of several monodiets. The whole week is divided so that you can carry out three such diets, and on the last day of the week make a fasting kefir day. With such an organization of nutrition in your body will receive the necessary vitamins and minerals. For seven days, you will not be particularly keenly feeling hunger attacks, besides you are allowed to add a small exercise complex, which will enhance the effect of losing weight. In just a week, you use three short mono-diets, the ingredients of which can be any products with the exception of flour, fat and sweet dishes. Very welcome eating various cereals, The daily rate of which should not exceed the rate of not more than one cup.

Do not forget about the presence of such effective ways to lose weight as applications and wraps (from clay, coffee, honey, algae.) Using them, you will get rid of 2-3 extra centimeters in the waist, remove cellulite on the thighs, make skin smooth and silky.

In this way, losing weight in one week can be completely safe, if you competently approach the preparation of a proper diet, do not even starve for all seven days.

In conclusion, it should be noted that such radical experiments with dramatic weight loss in just one week strictly contraindicated persons with work disabilities cardiovascular and digestive organs. If you refer to such groups of people according to this data, then you should simply switch to the correct diet and follow a diet that is sparing for your body.

Weight loss methods for more kilograms in one week is quite a lot. Most often, a good result brings surgical method. But to lie on the operating table for the sake of achieving the goal of losing weight is an extreme measure, since any surgical intervention can face serious complications that are dangerous to health.

Pretty women! Let’s slim to maintain good health, and not to achieve some result, after which we can reap bitter fruit, and not a joyful perception of the world around us!

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