How menstruation affects weight loss

This time, our topic will be the disclosure of the connection between processes such as weight loss and menstruation. Questions about the mutual influence of these concepts are not only of heightened interest, but also cause a heated discussion among all the fair sex. Today, the “Lose Weight Without Problems” site will continue the discussion of this interesting topic and, if possible, will answer all the questions of our readers.

Menstruation and weight loss: is there a connection?

In fact, the relationship between these concepts really exists: the processes occurring in the female body during the disposal of extra kilograms and burdening the body are very closely linked to the monthly cycle. During menstruation, the body can begin to actively “burn” fat deposits, or vice versa, increase its accumulation rate. In order to accurately navigate which days affect a particular process, one should consider the relationship of menstruation and weight loss in more detail.

How menstruation affects weight loss

Fact that the first day of menstruation It is considered simultaneously the first day of the cycle, it is well known. During this period, the female body is tuned to active work: all processes occur much faster, which contributes increase the rate of "burning" fat deposits.

6-8 days before the beginning of the month It is necessary to limit in your diet foods such as pickles and smoked meats. These products contribute to an increase in the body of water, and this period is characterized by an increased accumulation of fluid.

From the first day of the beginning of the menstrual cycle it is necessary to monitor your diet more carefully and introduce products into the diet that help to destroy excess sediment. These include legumes, rice (it was often mentioned on the website

It should be remembered that weight loss and menstruation are inextricably linked. During this period, especially Care should be taken to the flour, sweets and fruits: these products are rich in easily digestible simple carbohydrates, the increased consumption of which contributes to the rapid set of body weight, which can be eliminated only with the help of the most severe diet.

How menstruation affects weight loss

In the second half of the cycle woman’s body relaxes and adjusts on a quiet mode of accumulation of "stocks". This period is characterized by an aggravated sense of constant hunger, in which it pulls on "sweet" and "tasty." The second half of the female cycle implies eating protein foods (buckwheat, low-fat varieties of fish and meat, dairy and seafood), but the carbohydrates in the diet should be reduced as much as possible.

Monthly and sport

A few days before the beginning of the month When doing fitness, you should be very careful: lifting strength exercises, in which possible injury to the joints and the spine, will be the most sensible solution. The same period is characterized lower stamina. However, this does not mean that weight loss during menstruation should take place without exercise.

Already from the fourth day of menstruation The quality of sports loads can return to the usual rate. Fitness and exercise equipment will bring not only benefits, but also deliver a pleasant feeling: from the 4th to the 25th day of the cycle (with a break in the interval between the 12th and 15th day), women quite easily endure any physical and physical activity.

And what about these falling days? Is it really necessary to completely forget about sports in these few days? Not at all: losing weight and menstruation, as processes, do not enter into conflict, which allows you to play sports even during the most problematic period of critical days. Stretching and yoga ideal for this period, just workouts should be broken up into several shorter parts.

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