How I lost weight before and after photos

“I have no complexes, I didn’t have them even when I weighed 128 kilograms. Just now I know that S-size clothes are much more appetizing than any cake, ”begins the new heroine of“ Real Weight Loss, ”32-year-old Ekaterina Garkusha, who got rid of 60 kilograms.

Recall that in the framework of the “Real Weight Loss” project we introduce you to people who were able to achieve impressive results in the field of weight loss and start a new life in the built body. Our heroes are a great example to follow, real celebrities in this seemingly completely non-stellar sphere. They run super popular pages on social networks, where they share photos before and after losing weight, record video tutorials on YouTube, and invite them to radio and television shows. Now, especially for us, they have put together all their secrets about how to really lose weight. So, meet our new heroine and her story.

How I lost weight before and after photos

Ekaterina, 32 years old (@katusha_garkusha)

She lost 60 kg (from 128 to 68 kg)

“My weight loss story is very different from the rest,” begins Ekaterina. – I didn’t suffer from overweight, they didn’t call me a name, didn’t beat, didn’t throw, didn’t humiliate me. I always felt comfortable in my body, I safely believed in the story about the “wide bone” and did not even think that it was possible to live differently. Moreover, I was sure: if they love me, it means that I am beautiful.

During pregnancy and subsequent feeding of the child, I did not deny myself anything, believing that the more fatty food I eat, the more satisfying and useful my milk will be. It would have lasted a long time, if at one moment I did not hear the alarming “bells”: my pulse began to rise so much that, it seems, I even heard it in my ears. I went to the doctor, and the one who saw that my weight was 128 kilograms was just shocked. My pulse at rest was 115-120 beats per second, my heart literally jumped out of my chest.

This story coincided with the period when it was necessary to transfer the child from breastfeeding to the common table. I started cooking various steam vegetables for my son, and in the evening, sitting down at my fried potatoes, I increasingly began to catch myself thinking: “Why do I eat and drink what I would not like to give to my child?”, “Why do I live that life which I don’t want? ” So I decided to take care of my health.

I went to an endocrinologist, passed hormone tests, and tried to begin to monitor my diet. For two years without fried and flour, I threw 20 kilograms. For some, it would have been an incredible result, but my weight was still below the 100 mark, so there was really nothing to rejoice about.

Everything changed when I was 30 years old. It was some kind of personality crisis. I suddenly realized: for beauty and youth, I have about 10 years left. Time is running out, and if wrinkles can still be removed with injections, then my body will look worse every year.

I needed radical measures, and the main one was my participation in the slimming marathon. The marathon was held in social networks. One of the conditions for participation was a photo “before” in underwear. I understood that if I undress like this in front of everyone and look into my fear in my eyes, there would be no chance to retreat. I will have to give the world the result of my victory!

A photograph in lingerie on display for all to see was a catalyst for success.

Once I, like many, thought that proper nutrition was breast and low-fat cottage cheese, boiled-steamed and not tasty food at all. Needless to say, everything turned out to be completely different. Now I can recommend with confidence to all who are just on the path of losing weight, contact a nutritionist who will select the most comfortable for you in terms of the psychology of the menu. You should not feel suffering, refusing favorite products. You just need to solve the problem of how to put these products in your new regime and keep the calorie intake.

When I first started getting acquainted with proper nutrition, a lot was new to me. The names of many products I heard for the first time, I went to the store like a blind kitten. Gradually, the running around between the grocery shelves with the list I even began to like! Of course, the first batch of cheesecakes, fried without butter, burned. But over time, I learned how to cook tasty and healthy dishes without spoiling the products. Thanks to proper nutrition, my weight began to go away. Every month I bought clothes for a size smaller.

Before and after losing weight

Four months after the start of the struggle for a beautiful body, I went to the gym. To say that I was ashamed to go there – to say nothing. Everything is slender, athletic and beautiful, but you don’t even know how to turn on a treadmill, you don’t know what an EZ-neck is and you can barely do 10 repetitions on hyperextension. The sensations were not pleasant. but the overhanging skin reminded me that I needed all this. I became involved with the coach and now I’m just sure that the newcomer really needs a mentor. Independent training in the gym or irregular aerobic group classes is a common mistake for beginners. If you already came to the hall, took the time and gathered your strength, then surrender to this process one hundred percent.

Catherine after losing weight

My main motivation was the first results. No food will bring such pleasure, as a feeling of harmony of your body. There is nothing more fascinating than to see how willpower overcomes a recalcitrant body. A year ago, I had fat hands, six months ago, instead of fat, my skin was hanging, and now nothing hangs anywhere, but there are biceps. When people ask me if I sometimes want a sweetie, I smile. It is difficult to understand without feeling for yourself: S size clothing is much tastier than any cake!

The basic nutritional principles that I adhere to:

1. I completely refused junk food or, as they say, junk food. This includes not only chips and soda, but also all sorts of yoghurts, cheese curds and curds with sweet additives, sausages, convenience foods. I also excluded from the diet foods that can be easily replaced by less high-calorie counterparts: white rice, potatoes, butter. Instead, I choose brown rice, buckwheat, couscous and other cereals, as well as olive oil.

2. I replaced all consumed liquid with plain water. I allow myself tea only in the morning and in the evening, and during the day only pure water is in my diet. A glass of water immediately after waking up, a glass of water half an hour before meals, the next glass an hour and a half after eating. Do not underestimate the importance of water!

3. Breakfast is the most important meal, and in no case should you skip it. Here though stones from the sky fall – take a spoon and sit down to eat. Most often I have egg dishes and cheese cakes for breakfast.

5. It is important not to abuse dairy products. Before, I could drink a liter of milk a day, now I rarely drink it and only in the first half of the day. By the way, kefir for the night is another common mistake.

6. Psychological attitude is the most important. Stop looking for joy in eating. During the Christmas holidays, the whole city is covered with goodies. Approaching them, you are often guided not by the desire to eat, but by the desire to raise your spirits. Remember that you can give yourself a festive mood, not only with food!

I am constantly asked how I managed to lose weight so much. Everyone hopes to hear the names of some pills, learn about miraculous operations. This is all nonsense! Make proper nutrition and sport part of your life. Do not wait for a miracle and be persistent! Ourselves choose, tasty to eat or look appetizing! Now, when I stand next to the athletes, whose weight is 100 kilograms, I can not even believe that once was. more than they!

According to the materials

Good day! It has long been going to write a review about how I lost weight by 15 kg. For half a year. To begin with, before the birth of my first child, I weighed 57 kg. with height 168 cm. Looked just fine. After the birth of my daughter, I recovered, but did not bother about losing weight. I knew that I would still have a second child and did not torture myself with diets.

Five years after the birth of our daughter, we decided that it was time to think about the birth of a son. After the second birth and one and a half years of breastfeeding, I weighed 78 kg. It was something big, loose and not attractive.

I motivated myself by reading people’s reviews about how they lost weight. Especially well acted photos before and after. The mood was great and I decided to start losing weight. I chose not to eat a technique after

Started to lose weight in January 2016 with 78 kg. In June, I became 63 kg. Now (November 2016) the weight is 64 kg. I did not do any exercise. Just did not eat in the evening and tried to drink plenty of plain water. Initially, it was difficult to keep from evening and night meals. But when the scales began to show weight reduction, I got a taste. There were breakdowns, but I didn’t blame and blame myself. Just continued to go to the goal.

I tried to count calories, sit on buckwheat. This is not for me.

Dinner in the form of cottage cheese helps very well (4 hours before bedtime). Tasty, useful, not calorie.

Of course, if you add a sport body will tighten, but that is lazy. Well, I just can’t bring myself to sweat.

I post pictures before and after. I hope for others they will become an incentive for losing weight. After all, if others can, then you can do it for sure. Good luck!

So, New Year 2017 has come. I met the New Year in weight 62 kg. Since the fall, I have thrown another 2 kg, I did not do anything special. Just went to work after maternity leave. Apparently the schedule was changed, motional activity was added. In the morning my daughter goes to school, she herself to work, at lunch she takes her and goes home (I work for half a day). And all this running around apparently had a positive effect on my weight.

The January holidays are coming to an end. We must again take on myself. Now my goal is to lose weight from 62 to 58 kg.

I will not eat after six in the evening, drink 2 liters of water a day, I want to add an exercise bike (but I cannot vouch for this).

I post my photo of 62 kg. Thanks for attention!

How I lost weight before and after photos

According to the materials

There are many real stories of very thin people with confirming photos "before" and "after." Based on their experience, it is possible to analyze how easy or difficult is the weight loss process.

There are so many tips, recipes, diets and medications on the Internet, but in most cases all attempts end either to no avail or with great damage to health. Some manage to lose a couple of kilos, which are then rapidly returning.

If it is difficult to decide on strict measures or actions, then looking at yourself from the outside, as Mikhail Dmitriev did, you can radically change your own opinion. Most of the stories reveal many negative aspects of overweight: loneliness, illness or the painful weight of your own body.

More often, people seize stress, problems, or simply lack of time to take care of themselves and their diet. The thinner people, the photos before and after which can be seen below, had big problems with self-esteem, nutrition and society, but in the end managed to overcome them, as did the problem with being overweight.

A girl at 21 gained a weight of 120 kg, it became difficult for her to walk and her health began to deteriorate. At that moment, Kate realized that she needed to change something. The girl always had a good appetite and loved a lot and eat deliciously. But at a turning point she started with a decrease in portions of food consumed, thanks to this for 7 days the weight decreased by more than 8 kg.

Seeing this result, she began to act more actively, installed an application for counting calories and began to carefully follow the nutritional rate, gradually reducing it, thereby reducing weight by another 15 kg in about 3 weeks. The result is amazing, but Kate did not stop, when it became easier to move, she began to actively train in the gym.

Weight decreased and less than in a year it became equal to 70 kg.

From early childhood, Darina was gradually fattering due to psychological trauma and their so-called “jams.” The girl really gained weight and by the age of 25, when she was also pregnant, the figure was equal to 128 kg. Darina realized that it was wrong, that she wanted to be a beautiful girl and mother.

When the child was one year old, Darina finally decided, at first she completely excluded sugar, salt, rolls and bread and butter from the diet. For the first week, she dropped almost 10 kg. The next step was fractional meals: many small portions with intervals in time instead of one hearty lunch.

Once a week she allowed herself to deviate from a healthy diet, but only at the cost of a long walk. She started playing sports and running 2 times a week, and so after 8 months she lost 63 kg.

Since childhood, Veta had a tendency to be overweight, at 15 she weighed 73 kg. For the first time, she tried to lose kilograms, simply almost ceased to eat, her weight decreased, but her health deteriorated. Besides, she soon scored twice as much, still aggravated first with one pregnancy, then immediately with the second.

With a weight of 90 kg, she went to a nutritionist training from Moscow, under the influence of which she began to lose weight correctly. The diet was made up of healthy foods: vegetables, fish, cereals, nuts – and divided into many receptions and snacks. With this diet for 8 months she lost weight to 55 kg. And later, starting to train, I decorated my body with a small relief.

Anna’s romantic story began with 88 kg and the lack of its size in fashion stores. Like everyone else, she first tried to lose weight on her own, but all diets ended in the fact that the girl again began to eat a lot. And so, having decided, she began to individually engage with the coach.

He made her menu, to put it mildly, strict, and appointed a workout 3 times a week (strength and cardio). For almost 3 months, Anna then lost 12 kg, after she said goodbye to the trainer and began to train a little by herself. Soon a new trainer took his place, who offered to help Anna with the workouts for free, who later became her husband.

He made her hearty, but low-calorie menu and continued to train, so that today its weight is 65 kg.

Julia went to college with a weight of 75 kg, was immersed in her studies; she often did not notice the excess weight and the amount of food consumed. But there was a beauty contest in which she wanted to win, but she did not allow fullness. Then, almost ceasing to eat, she lost 15 kg and won, but immediately gained them back.

Having finally decided to get rid of them, she herself created a menu, the daily calories consumed did not exceed 1100-1200 and removed sugar and flour from the diet.

Thus, in almost a few years she achieved a result of 50 kg.

The thinner people, the photos before and after which confirm the truthfulness of the stories, told about the efforts with which they managed to overcome the excess weight, but in the case of Yulia, circumstances greatly helped her.

Her result is amazing, as she easily and for a rather short period dropped as much as 50 kg.

In her teens, Julia promptly began to gain kilos, eventually reaching a weight with a mark of 135 kg. Due to health problems, she initially adhered to lax diets and gradually went in for sports. After another operation, the doctors assigned her a strict menu based on exclusively healthy nutrition.

She ate several times a day, in small portions, mainly:

  • cottage cheese;
  • steamed or boiled vegetables;
  • meat.

After the birth of two children, Eugene gained a lot of weight, which at that time was about 117 kg. And, of course, she did not like her appearance when she realized the situation. She started with a calorie-counting diet, which she still has. To the healthy diet were added and classes in the gym 3 times a week, later reinforced with protein intake. As a result weight Eugene dropped to 69 kg.

The girl has always been slim and had a weight of 54 kg, but everything changed the birth of a child, which led her to the deplorable figure of 80 kg. After the end of breastfeeding, Sarah decided to change something and began to look for diets, having stopped her choice on proper nutrition with reduced portions.

Sarah Saisonova – one of the thinner women, photos of which are presented. She was able to lose weight by 20 kg.

The portions were no more than a fist, Sarah began to drink more water and soon transferred the whole family to a similar menu.

Her weight is again normal, today it is 60 kg. We can not say that in the process of losing weight, Sarah did not play sports, since any mother with a small child leads a rather active lifestyle, saturated with walks, cleaning and household chores.

Marina was always plump, but she was not bothered, especially she relaxed when she met her future husband. But after a trip for 2 weeks with “all inclusive” meals, where she didn’t refuse anything, Marina was frightened by the numbers on the scales, or rather, they were 88 kg, which became the point of reference.

However, numerous diets on which the girl sat on her own did not give absolutely no result until the book “System minus 60” fell into her hands. It was with her, without restricting herself to food only until 12 days, that she took leave of 13 kg in a short time. But after a while, she got pregnant twice. And although the weight did not increase much, it was still difficult to call the body ideal.

Thinner people (the photos before and after which are presented in the article) might have surrendered to Marina’s place, because the old method no longer gave the girl any results. But Marina began to learn all the subtleties of proper diet and nutrition. And so, the numbers on the scales again began to decrease, but the body did not become much more beautiful. At this point, the girl and decided to turn to the sport.

Little by little getting used to, Marina was fascinated by running, and the results after 1-2 months could not but rejoice, not only the body was transformed, but also the general mood. She decided to add strength training, 4 times a week for half an hour.

Also having adjusted the food for yourself, that is, making useful desserts, and not eating food after

So much thinner people, like Mikhail (his photos before and after are given below), can inspire and give useful advice only by telling their story. Michael rapidly gained weight by the end of school, the figures were about 110 kg. The situation worsened after admission to the institute and the time devoted exclusively to study, he gained up to 130 kg.

Many times, trying different diets, Michael broke, not having lasted more than a week. And yet, he decided to get down to business thoroughly and plunged into the study of nutrition programs. Difficult year, constant bans and breakdowns gave their results, Michael lost 63 kg.

Tatiana was always full, but during the period of graduation from school and entering the institute, her weight became critical, she exceeded 100 kg. Often trying to diet, Tanya constantly broke down, and they did not help. Today, she skillfully incorporates foods, even harmful ones, into her diet, but not fattening.

This is due to the fact that it correctly calculates the calories consumed, and the percentage ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Yes, proper nutrition, combined with competent workouts – is a laborious process that takes a lot of time, however, the result is worth it.

Emaciated people, the photos before and after which are really amazing, often start their weight loss program. Tatiana is also today not only a fitness trainer for girls who want to lose weight, but also their adviser on proper nutrition.

Tatyana started to conduct her own courses for overweight girls, the key idea of ​​which is not only weight loss, but also keeping it at the achieved level. The basis of its diet is any food, but always made from useful components.

For 54 years, Galina tried all sorts of diets: from Japanese, buckwheat and to diet cocktails. But the result was always the same. She could hold out for a period of time, shed a few extra pounds, as a result, her patience ended because of the increased feeling of hunger, and she gained more than she threw off during that time.

Trying to lose weight in similar ways, she only gained, and her weight was equal to 108 kg. At this time, serious health problems began: hard to walk, lack of strength, shortness of breath during a normal walk. Then Galina and began to be interested in a healthy balanced diet, which ultimately saved her.

The path took not a little time, but in the end less than 3 years Galina was able to easily get rid of 33 kg. An additional assistant was water, setting a reminder on the phone, she did not forget to drink as much as possible. And this in turn helps cleanse the body and speed up metabolism.

By the age of 23, Anastasia weighed 95 kg, she was often looked upon with pity, insulted, and she herself did not particularly like the reflection in the mirror. And in a few years of a sedentary lifestyle, the addition of more than 10 kg finally convinced her of the need to act. Then she and her friends acquired a gym membership, where she began to personally engage with the trainer.

The first months of Anastasia were incredibly hard, she barely walked after classes, however, soon she began to change externally and got used to physical exertion. Centimeters began to melt before my eyes, so in less than a year, weight decreased by 30 kg. In addition, the girl is so accustomed and fell in love with the sport that now she can not live without him.

As can be understood from the experience of numerous girls, the most effective ways for them are:

  • proper nutrition;
  • counting calories;
  • reduced portions;
  • workout at the gym.

But, of course, in order to achieve the best result, it is necessary to control all these aspects simultaneously. It is important to say about trainings that they must combine strength and cardio workouts so that muscles do not grow under a layer of fat.

The thinner people, the photos before and after which are presented above, say: to lose weight, you do not have to eat badly and exclude your favorite foods from the diet. First, sometimes it is possible to allow small excesses, the main thing is that after this there will be a breakdown on the wrong diet.

Well, and secondly, even healthy foods can be incredibly tasty:

  • useful desserts made on the basis of cereals;
  • dried fruits with nuts;
  • stewed vegetables, especially cabbage and beets;
  • fish and lean meat with different sauces.

Basically, all the weight loss stories cited above are based on proper, balanced nutrition.

As you can see on the example of thinner people with photos before and after, you should not eat more than you want and fit into the body, do not need to consume fatty foods and then feel heavy.

Eating healthy food in small portions, it is much easier to make a perfect figure, besides improving health and increasing the overall tone of the body.

Article design: Oksana Grivina

Photos of celebrities before and after weight loss:

According to the materials

The author: Ivan Gomola

Many overweight people want to change their lives, lose weight, take themselves in hand, but can not take the first step or save the results at least for a while. Those who are desperate to lose weight are advised to read a brief interview of a girl who managed to lose more than 20 kg of her weight in 6 months. She shares her impressions and some tips with journalists on our site:

– Tell me something about yourself. How many years, what are you doing, about work, about family.

– My name is Olga, I am 26 years old. I work as a laboratory manager in a construction company. I bring up a beautiful son. In my free time, I enjoy knitting, I love to pamper my loved ones with my culinary masterpieces.

– When did you realize that your weight became excessive and you need to lose weight?

– I always wanted to lose weight, and then one day in the winter evening after the New Year holidays, I saw information about the "Towards Health" project. I learned about the project and so imbued with this idea, I really liked it and I decided that I definitely need to try.

– Have you always been complete? How has your weight changed in life?

– I’ve never been thin, always been “in the body”. Weight began to gain after graduation. When I entered the institute, I lived in a dormitory, and as it is known, the students’ signature dish is fried potatoes, beer with chips and nonsense after classes, “fast food”. The result was on the face, as well as the ass, stomach and the rest of the body.

Olga was able to lose 22 kg in 26 years in just six months, changing her diet and working out in the gym. Here is a photo before Olga took part in the “Towards Health” project:

And here is Olga’s photo after almost half a year, as you can see, the result is very noticeable and without numbers. No diets, restrictions in food, just a change in diet, food, regular exercise:

– Did you recover much after childbirth or was weight gain related to something else?

– During maternity leave, I gained about 15 kg. For three years I did not practice my figure, I ate everything I wanted and in unlimited quantities. You can say, stuck their problems.

– Have you made any attempts to lose weight before taking part in the “Towards Health” project?

– Yes, but there was no particular result. I think the reason for this was that there was no complexity of the right nutrition and training.

– What difficulties did you experience after the start of intensive training? Tell us about your training schedule.

– Of course at the beginning of the training it was difficult, I could do elementary exercises only a few times and then with great effort. My whole body ached terribly, sometimes I didn’t want to do it. But with each workout I was able to do more and more. Classes began to bring me positive emotions, I began to feel much better than before the start of training. I worked in the gym three times a week.

– Did you play sports before that?

– Periodically, I was engaged in step aerobics, fitness.

– Describe your schedule for these six months. The intensity of training, what exercises in the gym, which at home?

– I try to lead a more active lifestyle, eat right and be positive. I go to the gym three times a week, and at home I use regular exercises in the morning.

– What are the basic rules for losing weight, you can highlight, based on their experience?

– I think when losing weight should be a set of proper nutrition and regular exercise.

– Tell me how much your diet has changed and the mode of the day after you decided to lose weight.

– Diet changed dramatically. It is very important to drink water (30 minutes before meals and not earlier than one hour after). The interval between meals about 3 hours, portions are small. Food should be varied. The mode of the day has not changed much.

– How did your life change after you dropped more than 20 kg?

– I became more active, self-confident.

– What is your attitude to diets and whether to comply with them to lose weight?

– My attitude to diets is negative, I think they should not be followed if you want to lose weight and keep the result for a long time. Enough to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition.

– Does your present state suit you or do you want to achieve even better results? Do you like your body today?

How I lost weight before and after photos

– I like my current state, I feel great.

– What can you advise to all those who want to lose weight, but can not take the first step?

– It is necessary to set a goal and take the first step, and then gritting your teeth to work on yourself in the gym and at home. And if the results will not be achieved as quickly as we would like, do not stop.

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