How can you lose weight in 2 days

A typical situation: you were invited to a celebration, you started trying on your favorite outfits and here you are! None of them are sitting as they would like, and some are not squeezed into them at all. What to do if there are 2 days left before the event? Urgently look for a way to lose weight, and begin to act. We warn you at once: there are many options, but for their realization it is important to take into account two points.

How can you lose weight in 2 days

First, if the excess weight is more than 5 kg, no way will help you. The best option, and he is considered an express hunger strike, detrimental to health, is to lose 2-3 kg in 2 days.

Secondly, the majority of the two-day options offer such extraordinary measures that it is better to spend this period at home for their fulfillment: take a weekend at work and refrain from visiting the guests.

Option 1. Intestinal cleansing

Approximate results: in 2 days you can lose 2 kg or more. It all depends on the individual characteristics.

  • enemas: with castor oil, salt, potassium permanganate, herbs, coffee, baking soda, lemon juice, garlic;
  • shank prakshalana – cleansing the intestines through special exercises and salt water;
  • taking laxative drugs: Guttalaks, Dufalakt, magnesia, Fortrans, Mukofalk, Polysorb, Senade, Forlax;
  • purifying monodiet for 2 days: rice, kefir, apple, on juices or buckwheat;
  • folk remedies: herbs, castorca;
  • urinotherapy;
  • yoga;
  • original methods: acidified solution (Walker’s enema), lemon and salt water (G. Malakhov), a special set of exercises (Gogulan).

How can you lose weight in 2 days

In order to lose 1-2 kg in 2 days, it will be enough to follow the intestinal cleansing diet, the menu of which we present to you.

How can you lose weight in 2 days

Note: every day in the morning you need to drink a glass of boiled water on an empty stomach.

With the help of intestinal cleansing in 2 days you can lose weight and more noticeably – by 3-5 kg. For example, applying Fortrans. This is a powerful laxative drug based on macrogol. It qualitatively cleans the colon, stimulates peristalsis, does not cause dehydration, and normalizes the water-electrolyte balance. Weight loss will occur not only due to the removal of toxins, toxins and excess fluid, but also as a result of the hunger strike.

  1. After waking up drink a glass of boiled water. After 15 minutes, do morning exercises. In half an hour, have breakfast with a glass of kefir and 1 whole grain loaf.
  2. 2 hours after breakfast, start the cleaning procedure. Dissolve 1 packet of Fortrans (sold as a powder) in a liter of water.
  3. Drink the solution in a glass every 15 minutes in small sips.
  4. Within 4 hours thereafter, an intensive bowel movement should take place.
  5. An hour after it is over, it is allowed to have lunch with a light, low-fat soup.
  6. In the evening for dinner you can eat some brown rice.

On the second day, repeat all over again. The menu can be left the same or arrange a fasting day on rice, which will enhance the efficiency and cleansing, and weight loss. The technique is incredibly productive, but difficult: get ready for frequent trips to the toilet, a slight indisposition and a strong feeling of hunger.

Option 2. Honey and lemon

Results: in 2 days you can lose weight by 5 kg.

Extremely rigid scheme, but effective.

Lemon is one of the fat burning champions. It launches biochemical processes that ultimately allow you to noticeably lose weight:

  • splits adipocytes;
  • improves metabolism;
  • speeds up the digestion of food;
  • has a diuretic effect and removes excess fluid;
  • quickly and efficiently cleanses the intestines;
  • splits and removes slags, heavy metals;
  • instantly burns carbohydrates.

Honey is an even more useful product that will fight with the breakdown of strength, saturating the body with antioxidants, vitamins, microelements and glucose. With a low glycemic index, it fits into many diets.

Honey-lemon water recipe:

  • 3 liters of water (thawed, boiled, mineral without gas, bottled);
  • juice, pressed from 15 lemons;
  • 100 ml of melted liquid (better than buckwheat) honey.

All this is thoroughly mixed. This volume is designed for 1 day. It should be divided into about 15-16 glasses and drink, starting with the very awakening and ending with going to bed. Nothing else can not eat. The next day, the procedure is repeated.

Deciding on this method, you need to be prepared for a strong feeling of hunger. If dizziness begins, it is recommended either to chew a crust of stale bread, or to eat ¼ of a green apple.

Option 3. Monodiet

Approximate result: in 2 days you can lose weight by 4 kg. But a lot will depend on the selected product.

For mono-diets, low-calorie foods are preferred. The results will depend on the caloric value and the allowed volume. For example, buckwheat mono-diet is very effective, although in this cereal there are 313 kcal (for comparison, there are only 27 in cabbage). But for weight loss, buckwheat needs to be steamed with boiling water in the evening and is eaten without salt and other additives during the day, limited to just 1 cup. And vegetables in the framework of such hunger strikes are allowed to consume up to 1 kg.

The most effective monodiets will come out of these products.

What can be chosen (in parentheses is the daily rate of the main product):

  • grapefruit monodiet (by ¼ grapefruit 5 times a day with a glass of nonfat kefir);
  • buckwheat (a glass of steamed cereals);
  • kefir (liter of 1% kefir);
  • milk (
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