Hot Tub Slimming

If you think that a hot bath in terms of losing weight can not help, then you are mistaken. Sometimes such home procedures are simply indispensable in the issues of relieving muscle pain, fatigue, overtraining, which arise due to the lack of nutrients in the diet, as well as unusual for the body. Psychologists firmly believe that the more pleasure you get from non-food sources, the more effective it will be to follow the process of compliance with the plan necessary for weight loss. In principle, slimming baths can be different, the main thing is to choose the right one that will help solve your actual problems.

Hot tub from overtraining and pain

Often, the female half of losing weight focuses on cardio, attending aerobics classes in fitness clubs, while performing the same type of muscular work. Yes, such exercises allow you to burn calories and bring good results, but this also works against you – such specific overwork can cause discomfort, and also increases the risk of injury and deterioration of the benefits from the exercises.

Hot Tub Slimming

When the first symptoms of chronic muscle pain appear, as well as the appearance of such signs as sweat with a sourish odor, fever, it is best to take a bath with arnica. To prepare a decoction for the bath, you must take homeopathic arnica balls (20-30 g) or in the form of grass (100-200 g). The balls can be simply dissolved in water, and the grass pour boiling water in a thermos (400 ml) and let stand for several hours. After that, the resulting composition must be poured into a standard bath, add

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