Herbal tea for weight loss

Herbal tea for weight loss is a great helper for those who want to lose those extra pounds, but you shouldn’t rely only on him. The key to success is the normalization of your diet and increased physical activity. Any other, even if very effective means will only help to achieve the goal faster and easier, but they will not do all the work for you.

What is herbal tea?

Herbal tea is called various gatherings of herbs and roots, intended for brewing boiling water and further ingestion. The composition most often contains components in dried form. Thus, they are better preserved and the collection can be stored for years, but sometimes you can find fresh and slightly dried ingredients. Herbal tea for weight loss – this is not the only use. Very often, these funds are used for general rehabilitation, as well as an additional treatment for various types of the disease. Especially effective herbal tea for problems with the stomach, kidneys and liver. The main feature of any such drink is that the name tea doesn’t suit it much. As a part of this tea there is no tea as such, it consists only of various herbs. So it would be wrong to call herbal teas or herbal teas.

How does herbal tea promote weight loss?

Drinks from different manufacturers have their own effects on the body, but most of them have a laxative effect, which allows you to clear the body of excess fluid, toxins and toxins. Thanks to some components, blood flow is improved, which speeds up metabolism. Experts consider this effect to be the most beneficial. With the help of his weight loss is rather slow, but completely without harm to health. Acceleration of metabolic processes leads to the fact that the body needs more energy to maintain its own work. With the normalization of nutrition, this energy will be missed, because of which the body will have to spend fat reserves. Yet in nature there are very few components that can contribute to a natural improvement of metabolism, so many teas direct their action precisely to the laxative, diuretic and choleretic effect. All this contributes to the normalization of the bowels, which is important for losing weight. Overweight is often associated with digestive system problems. However, products with this effect can be extremely dangerous for people who have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract. So phyto teas with a similar effect should be treated carefully. In addition to all of the above, such drinks often contain components that do not have a pronounced slimming effect, but are generally very useful for the body. Their regular intake leads to an improvement in overall condition. There is a large list of ingredients that are present in these drinks most often. Some of them are really worthy of attention, but most, unfortunately, gained their fame only because of the population on the Internet.

Powder from the rhizome of this plant is often included in various drinks for weight loss. Especially popular is green coffee and tea with the addition of ginger. Spice contributes to the normalization of digestion, but has no pronounced laxative, diuretic and choleretic effect. Ginger lowers cholesterol in the blood, which is extremely useful for weight loss. Given that he is struggling with the main causes of slower metabolism. We can say that it perfectly helps to normalize the metabolism. In addition to all this, it strengthens the immune system, helping the body to more effectively deal with various colds. Ginger contains just a huge amount of nutrients and trace elements, which is why it often takes the main position in the composition of herbal tea for weight loss. Reviews show that drinks with ginger have the most pleasant aroma and taste, this is important.

The properties of cinnamon can be easily compared with ginger. She, as well as the previously described spice helps to normalize digestion and improve metabolism. Everyone knows that cinnamon improves blood circulation. After taking it inside you can feel the heat, sometimes even a burning sensation. The same effect is obtained from the use of this component in cosmetology. Yet, most manufacturers often add to their drinks not because of its beneficial properties. It gives the product a pleasant taste and a very spicy aroma, which interrupts the bitter aftertaste of many herbs.

Burdock root and leaf

Considering that in our latitudes this plant feels most comfortable and grows almost everywhere, it has become one of the most popular components for domestic herbal teas. Burdock has a strong diuretic and laxative effect, which helps to normalize the work of the intestine. Its effect is quite mild. It does not irritate the intestinal walls, so its short use will not affect the health of a person without problems in this area. In addition, the composition of burdock is the mass of nutrients and trace elements.

Herbal tea for weight loss

It has a mild laxative effect and is a storehouse of useful substances. Also, like burdock, it is very common in our country because of what often comes the composition of herbal tea for weight loss. Improves immunity and is very useful for colds. Slightly sour, but pleasant taste of wild rose is able to save even the most tasteless drink.

Senna (cassia)

Used in almost any tea for weight loss. It has a pronounced laxative effect, not as safe as a burdock or rosehip, which is why the component should be treated with caution. Promotes the rapid elimination of toxins from the body. With regular intake, you can really lose quite a lot of weight in just a couple of days, but this will only affect the scales and will not affect the figure.

Lotus Is a source of L-carnitine. This component releases energy from fat reserves during regular exercise. Thanks to him, any training will be much more useful for the body. Unfortunately, by itself, this component does not help to achieve the ideal figure, it acts only in conjunction with physical activity. In addition, the lotus is rich and other components that are useful for weight loss.

It is believed that this tropical fruit literally removes those extra pounds before our eyes, in a certain way, such a saying can be trusted. Pineapple dulls the feeling of hunger, and in addition it has a mass of nutrients that improve the work of all processes in the body. In addition to all this, nettle, linden bark, chamomile, mint, citrus peel and many other components may also be present in the herbal tea for weight loss, but those listed above are the most popular.

Herbal tea for weight loss from different manufacturers

On the shelves of pharmacies you can find more than a dozen different herbal teas for weight loss. Very often, ordinary teas with the addition of various natural ingredients are included in the category of this useful drink. Among the entire set there are several manufacturers and their products, which are the most popular.

Herbal Slimming Slim Сode

On the Internet, this drink is the most popular. About him you can find a lot of useful reviews, most of which are positive. The product includes: – Alexandria leaf. – Hibiscus sabdariffa (karkade). – Dog-rose fruit. – Bearberry ordinary. – Mate tea. – Hoodia gordony. – Natural flavor (forest berry, orange, tropical fruits). The composition, like most herbal teas, is completely natural. Even in spite of the fact that mate tea is present in the list of components, the tool is still herbal tea. Mate tea is a tonic drink that is very popular in Argentina and a number of countries bordering it. For weight loss, it is useful with a high content of caffeine, which helps to improve metabolism. In addition, it improves the overall health of the person, giving him strength and vitality. Also in the composition you can find the previously mentioned hips. Most of the remaining components have a laxative effect. It is surprising that one and the same drink from this manufacturer with different tastes may contain a variety of components. There is no approved list of ingredients as such. All previously listed ingredients may be contained in different proportions, and some components are sometimes even overlooked. Slimming tea, herbal tea Slim Sode is sold in pharmacies. In one package 30 bags with the collection. The manufacturer recommends pouring each of these 250 ml of boiled water and infusing for 10 minutes. It is recommended to drink it at least twice a day, before meals.

Herbal tea for weight loss

The price of one package starts from 100 rubles.

Herbal tea "Pineapple"

Many manufacturers, having discovered the tendency of general weight loss with the help of pineapple, made this fruit the main components of their herbal teas. Especially in this distinguished Ukrainian company "Keys of Health." She even gave one of her products the name "Pineapple". There are several types of such tea. All of them are distinguished by the presence of one or another flavor, for example, Pineapple-Blackberry, Pineapple-Apple and

Herbal tea NEW MAGIC

Initially, this product was manufactured by Edelstar, but then it was acquired by the well-known brand Faberlic, which, in addition to cosmetics, produces various dietary supplements. The change of name on the package did not affect the composition of the tea and its beneficial properties, so we can say that this drink has been on the market for a long time. Reviews about it can please those who are looking for an effective means to reduce weight. The composition of the phyto tea: – Hibiscus petals. – Senna leaves. – Green tea. – Flowers of black elderberry. – Mint. As you can see, there are standard laxative components in the composition, but mint noticeably softens their effect. In the standard sense, such a drink can not be attributed to herbal tea, because it contains green tea fox. However, this only plays into the hands. Green tea has a ton of beneficial weight loss properties. It is rich in antioxidants, which reduce the rate of cell aging. High caffeine content helps to improve metabolism. Green tea increases the body’s tolerance to glucose, which is very useful for people with diabetes. Regular intake of this drink improves the effectiveness of exercise by 17%. Just like most beverages of this kind, NEW MAGIC sells herbal tea in the form of sachets. In each of them, three grams of funds. In total in packing 20 such packages. It is recommended to drink two cups of tea throughout the day. Due to the high caffeine content, it is better to schedule the last intake of drugs for up to five or six nights. Compared to other teas, Magic is a rather expensive remedy. Its price starts from 200 rubles, but Faberlik often receives promotions and discounts.

Altai herbal tea №3

Like many of the listed drinks, it is produced in Russia. Is one of the most affordable and cheap drugs in pharmacies, so it is very popular among losing weight. The composition of the tea is fairly standard: – Senna leaves. – The grass and leaves of volodushki are multivalent. – Coriander fruit. – Corn silk. – Plantain leaves. – Dog-rose fruit. – Mint leaves. It is worth noting that the composition is completely natural, but it should be treated with much greater caution than most of the previously listed funds. Senna (cassia) takes the very first place in the list of ingredients, which means that there is quite a lot of it in this drink. As you know, Cassia has a very powerful laxative effect. It does not gently affect the intestines, which can lead to materialism and a number of other more serious problems. This tea is recommended to drink only to people with obvious problems of the intestines, for slimming it, even despite its name, is not suitable at all. The recommended admission period is one month, which can be extremely harmful for a healthy person. The price starts from 90–100 rubles.

Herbal tea for weight loss

Herbal tea "Typhoon"

This drink is produced by PhytoBioTechnology in Ukraine. Thanks to a large advertising campaign, he became one of the most popular among the many herbal teas. The composition includes the following components: – A mixture of crushed flowers of Maldah Sudan. – Alexandria sheet. – Mate tea. – Lemongrass grass. – Dog-rose fruit. All ingredients are aimed only at a laxative effect, so the effect of this tea is obvious. In the line there are a lot of tastes. The most popular among them are pineapple, strawberry and orange. There is also a tea with a high effect, but it is quite harmful for the body. Despite the loud promises of the manufacturer as such, such a drink does little to help in losing weight, because its ingredients do not even have those means that will do anything other than emptying the intestines. A small portion of mate tea and rosehip fruit do not count. They are extremely small in the drink, most of the composition is occupied by the first two ingredients. The price of funds is in the range of 100-120 rubles.

Herbal tea for weight loss at home

After reading the composition of the purchase of funds, you can come to the conclusion that an effective herbal tea can be made independently. It will be much more useful for the body, because you yourself know how certain components affect your body. Yet even a drink made with your own hands, will not be as effective as a weight loss measure, as exercise, as well as reducing calorie intake. For homemade tea it is best not to take cassia as the main ingredient. If you need a laxative effect, it’s better to use burdock or wild rose. Nettle and linden bark are also great. For taste, you can add zest and even the juice of any citrus fruits. In addition to the pleasant aroma, they will give the drink and a lot of vitamins. Mint will calm and help you fall asleep faster. Green tea, mate, karkade – on the contrary, invigorate and give strength. Picking up the most suitable components you need to mix them all in the same proportions and pour boiling water. If there are no ingredients in the product that contribute to faster emptying, you can drink it as long as you like, but because of the laxative effect, you should not drink such tea more than twice a day in one cup.

Contraindications for herbal slimming

Contraindications to each individual product can be found on the packaging, but usually they are all the same, regardless of the manufacturer, this is: – Individual intolerance to the components. – Pregnancy. – Lactation period. – Kidney problems. You can also find a rather strange contraindication, obesity. It is very interesting that a drink that is designed to fight excess weight is not recommended for people with any stage of obesity. He can even better improve his already poor health.

Reviews of herbal slimming

Few people really perceive such a tool as an aid in losing weight. Most buyers use various herbal teas as a laxative, and all reviews say only about whether or not such a drink is effective. It’s nice that there are people who are attentive to their health and study the composition before buying. Summing up, we can safely assure everyone that this method of weight loss is completely ineffective and may even cause harm to your body.

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