Height and weight ratio calculator

The mass of the human body is determined by its constitution and general state of health. The calculation and proportions of height and weight in men directly depend on these indicators – the higher the person, the more he weighs, and vice versa. There is also a certain formula by which you can calculate your ideal parameters.

Some representatives of the stronger sex pay considerable attention to their appearance.

The proportions and the ratio of height and weight in men

The optimal proportions of height and weight in men are determined by:

  1. their height;
  2. bone heaviness;
  3. chest volume;
  4. the amount of fat relative to muscle tissue in the body.

The latter factor is not always taken into account, but plays an important role for athletes. The normal ratio of height and weight in men, if they do not have health problems, is a constant value, strong changes in which indicate the presence of internal problems. How to set the correct proportions?

Ways to calculate the ratio

There are many options for calculating their ideal performance. A quick way to calculate the ratio of height and weight in men, use one of these schemes:

  1. Brunhard formula – chest circumference and height in cm are taken into account, the values ​​are multiplied and divided by 240, the result is determined in the appropriate table;
  2. Negera’s formula is subtracted from height in centimeters

    By body type

To determine the conformity of height and weight in men, you can use the rules for each of the body types, there are three of them:

  1. normal – normostenik;
  2. thin – asthenic;
  3. dense – hypersthenic.

Belonging to one of these species is assessed visually. If in doubt, use the dough:

  1. clasp the wrist of the other hand with the thumb and middle finger;
  2. if you do it easily, you have an asthenic type;
  3. wrist covered with difficulty – normostenichesky;
  4. fails at all – hypersthenic.

Another method suggests measuring the length of the wrist, where 17 cm or less is a slim build, from 17 cm to 20 cm is normal, and over 20 cm is obese.

Height and weight ratio calculator

Also used for the evaluation of the auxiliary table, which indicate the optimal mass for different types of addition.

Three types of body shapes of men and women


Such a person has practically no fat layer, normally comprising from 11% to 18% of body weight. It has narrow and light bones, narrowed shoulders and elongated limbs. Often these people are called fine bone, and they are characterized by accelerated metabolism.

All these data serve as a physiological prerequisite for a small amount of kilograms. At the same height, the mass of astenik is lower than that of normostenik on average by 2 kg (or 10%).


This is the most balanced form of the constitution, conventionally taken as normal. It is characterized by an average rate of metabolic processes in the body.

The weight and height of the norm for men of this type is on average higher than that of asthenic by about 10%, which is about 2 kg and 12-14% lower than that of hypersthenics.


Such a constitution has pronounced external signs:

  1. broad shoulders;
  2. shortened limbs;
  3. tight short neck;
  4. bulk massive bones.

Such people are characterized by slower metabolism, they are often called broad-bone or dense.

Depending on age

Not all calculations take into account the number of years lived, although it is directly related to indicators of human mass. A strong young guy is taller than an older person, hence the body weight for each of the ages will be different.

The ideal weight for your height for men can be calculated in a simple way, taking into account the age and structural features of your body:

  1. a certain number is taken away from the height in cm – up to 165cm – 100, 166-175cm – 105, more than 175cm – 110;
  2. so you get the rate for 40-50 years, for 20-30 years this result is reduced by 10-12%, over 50 years increase by 5-7%.

According to Brock’s formula

This formula of weight and height for men has two options, the second takes into account not only the year of birth, but also belonging to one of the types:

Height and weight ratio calculator

  1. from the measured height in centimeters subtract 110, if the young person is up to 40 years old, and 100 – if he is older;
  2. this value is standard for normostenik, with asthenic addition it is reduced by 10%, with hypersthenic it is increased similarly.

Quetelet Index

Approximate method of assessment, not taking into account the number of years lived by man. The calculation of weight and height for men on the Quetelet index focuses on belonging to the ideal mass or going beyond the limits of acceptable indicators. Normally, the index varies from 19 to 25.

You can calculate it using the formula below:

where m is the available body weight, and h is the height in meters (it is measured in kg / m²).

Table of ratio of height and weight in men

The most accurate data is obtained by specialists involved in measuring the proportions of the human body. The table of height-to-weight ratio for men of thin appearance looks like this:

  1. 155 cm – 49 kg;
  2. 160 cm –

Height weight table men with normal physique:

  1. 155 cm – 56 kg;
  2. 160 cm – 60 kg;
  3. 165 cm –

For the dense masculine:

  1. 155 cm – 62 kg;
  2. 160 cm – 66 kg;
  3. 165 cm –

The most accurate parameters are given by the table weight height age men:

Calculator for calculating the correspondence of height and weight in men

If you want to quickly calculate the ratio of height and weight in men, the calculator will help you to cope with this task:

substitute your values ​​in the existing formula;

body weight is 50+

where P is your height and B is age.

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