Healthy way to lose weight

We live in the space age, but genetically remained people of the Stone Age. Human DNA has changed little over the past 40 thousand years, and our food needs have remained the same.

Healthy way to lose weight

What our body needs is determined by nature much earlier than civilization developed. In other words, an optimal nutrition program embedded in our genes is foods that make us healthy and energetic. It doesn’t matter who the author of this program is evolution or God. In any case, in order to preserve health and vigor, we need to eat just such foods. A detailed list of useful and harmful products, as well as all about proper nutrition, you can get from the materials of the Paleodiet course “Primitive Breakthrough”.

If you fill the gas tank of a car that runs on gasoline or diesel fuel, the engine is unlikely to like it. The same is true for us. In order to function better, our body needs wild animal and plant food, which our ancestors obtained by hard work. Many modern products – cereals, salt, sugar, milk and others – act on our metabolism as diesel fuel on a gasoline engine. Our "engine" eventually clogs up, leading to obesity, poor health, and then to chronic diseases. We are stuck in the progress and have moved away from the path intended by nature. How to avoid mistakes? How to choose not just the right products, but their harmonious combination? All the answers you will find in the materials of the Paleodiet "Primitive Breakthrough"!

Healthy way to lose weightWhat products affect us so badly? What do we eat, what our ancestors did not eat categorically?

  • In the Paleolithic era, people did not drink milk. You would try to milk a wild animal – it is unlikely that you will succeed.
  • Our ancestors did not eat grain products, except in exceptional cases, when they were overtaken by hunger.
  • Hunters while cooking meat on a fire never salted it. Sugar did not exist at all, and finding honey was considered a great success.
  • If we trace the composition of the food consumed by a caveman, then the main part of it was the meat of wild animals. That is, people consumed a lot of protein and very little carbohydrates. Modern man is the opposite.
  • The source of carbohydrates were wild fruits with low starch content and vegetables rich in fiber.
  • Ancient people had no idea about trans fats and used mostly healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats and large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in fish.

It is these products that the Primeval Breakthrough Paleodiet, which is also called the “caveman’s diet”, which is very popular today in the diet, is suggested to be included in the diet. It turns out that by adhering to the principles of the paleo diet, you can make a tasty and healthy diet. A paleo diet is not a diet in the full sense; you do not limit yourself to food or feel hunger. You simply exclude the wrong foods and include in the diet the right ones. Weight leaves itself, and health and tireless energy come back.

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