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Weight loss drugs from China evoke different emotions – from the desire to try without fail to distrust. Such a different attitude is fair, because among them there are effective means, "dummies" and pills, provoking health problems. Therefore, before starting the reception, it is necessary to find out their composition and the opinion of specialists about the advisability of use in a particular case.

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Chinese diet pills, their composition

In the post-Soviet space there is an opportunity to buy several drugs. They differ in features and intensity of influence on the organism.

"Butterfly" ("Meizitang")

The drug is released in the form of capsules with oily contents. Its composition is completely natural.

Main components:

  • madder extract;
  • passiflora seeds;
  • swamp drawing;
  • lotus leaves.

Complement the plant components of several amino acids, vitamins. "Butterfly" inhibits appetite, changes taste preferences, limits the digestibility of food.


This is another herbal medicine that helps reduce appetite, prolong the feeling of fullness after eating. In its composition:

  • apple pectins;
  • guarana extract;
  • Indian lotus;
  • extracts of kiwi and orange.

With the Qingzyshou capsules, metabolism is accelerated, vigor is felt, and efficiency increases.

Tablets "Kushou 999" created from a variety of components:

  • lingzhi fungus, which speeds up the metabolism, the elimination of toxins;
  • aloe, enhancing immunity;
  • salisbury extract, cleansing the blood of harmful substances;
  • L-carnitine, stimulating the breakdown and excretion of adipose tissue;
  • ginseng root, a beneficial effect on the central nervous system;
  • algae, contributing to the release of fat decomposition products;
  • vigorous propolis.

The drug leads to a decrease in the need for large quantities of food, especially fatty and sweet. Weight loss is also due to the acceleration of lipid metabolism.

"Siyushu" ("Xiyoushu")

Tablets or capsules "Siyushu" accelerate the digestion of food, but interfere with the absorption of fat. With them, the feeling of hunger is dulled, the body does not experience stress due to changes and cuts in the diet. This effect is provided by the components of dietary supplements:

  • seaweed extracts;
  • chitosan;
  • the oil of the plant perilla;
  • hoods elephantopus scaber and microcos paniculata.

"Siyushu" ("Xiyoushu")

  • derivatives of the fungus spore fungus;
  • cassia torus seed extract;
  • Poria hood;
  • fruits Ningxia gotsi (wolfberry).

Supplements prevents the absorption of fat in the intestine, which provides a light laxative effect. With him, I want to eat less, and the feeling of fullness is achieved faster.

The drug "Gotsu" consists of herbal ingredients. Major:

Good diet pills

  • red pepper extract;
  • ginger root;
  • plantain extract;
  • cannabis extract (hemp).

The tool stimulates metabolism, that is, burning fat, removes toxins.

Golden Ball

The Golden Ball diet pills consist of:

  • fat splitting papain;
  • detoxifying quince extract;
  • fat burning derivatives of lemon and pineapple;
  • spirulina algae.

Their action is to suppress the appetite and burn fat.

"Fruit Basha"

The basis of the dietary supplement "Fruit Bash" – an extract of Brazil nuts. It is supplemented with a set of amino acids, vitamins, polyunsaturated fats and trace elements. The drug reduces the need for food, accelerates metabolic processes in the body, the elimination of toxins. It does not feel physical weakness and bad mood.

"Seven colors"

Weight-loss preparation "Seven Colors" consists of natural and body-related ingredients:

  • L-carnitine;
  • amino acids methionine;
  • extracts of peach, pomegranate, grapes;
  • algae;
  • green tea;
  • garcinia extracts;
  • white beans and lingonberries.

Dietary supplement increases energy consumption, reduces appetite, increases efficiency. With it, fats and carbohydrates are absorbed to a lesser extent.

The composition of the capsules "Bilayt" declared the following components:

  • lotus leaves, enhancing the production of L-carnitine;
  • fungus splitting fat cells;
  • coconut extract, which activates the elimination of toxins;
  • Creon, accelerating metabolism;
  • extract of the vine root, which has a diuretic effect;
  • hawthorn fruits, stimulating fat burning, lowering blood cholesterol.

Good diet pills

The tool dramatically reduces appetite, increases the rate of metabolism.

The best and most effective fat burning on the market

The best results in weight loss give 2 products from China.

"Lida" ("Li Da")

Capsules "Lida" have a complex composition, in which most of the components are of natural origin:

  • extract of mandarin gold;
  • cola fruits;
  • pahima coconut;
  • guarana fruit extract;
  • Coleus;
  • fenugreek seeds;
  • Garcinia.

Thanks to them, the remedy depresses appetite, while greatly increasing the rate of metabolic processes. As a result, few calories enter the body, and it starts to spend its own "reserves". Fat breaks down into amino acids, excreted through the lymph. Against the background of the drug there is no breakdown You can use Lida for no longer than a month, during which time you can lose 6 to 10 kg of excess weight.

The drug "Bomb" is of several types. The last time the creation tool in the red packaging is composed of:

  • L-carnitine;
  • capsaicin;
  • extract chastuhi ordinary;
  • brazil nut derivative;
  • vitamins C and E.

The action of its anorexigenic and fat burning. "Bomb" stimulates heat transfer, removes toxins, eliminating 4-8 kg per course of therapy.

Despite the high effectiveness of Chinese drugs, they have a big drawback – a lot of adverse events. With the reception, problems arise from dry mouth to persistent nausea, severe diarrhea and hallucinations. Therefore, the use of tablets can only be completely healthy people and with great care.

Useful video

About dangerous diet pills, see this video:

Lose weight on the Chinese diet is not easy at all. Especially for those who choose not a week — 14 days, but 21 days. Menu for each day in each case is different. The most difficult thing for losing weight is to endure three weeks.

The drug Cefamadar for weight loss helps to lose excess weight. However, it is not as safe as it seems. Tablets are taken by the rules. There are cheaper counterparts.

Developed a roller coaster diet for a long time. A rather specific menu is not suitable for everyone, but it takes 21 days to endure. What is remarkable – ideal for losing weight belly. This is where the results will be most noticeable.

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