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The idea of ​​grueling workouts leads those who want to lose weight in horror. Exercise is often the cause of another breakdown – ten pots are gone, but the result is still not visible. Relatively recently, a method has emerged that helps get rid of hated kilograms with pleasure and effortlessly. Zumba for weight loss is an effective fight with excess weight, a charge of vivacity and a great mood.

What is hidden under the exotic name

The popular program includes elements of Latin American dance and fitness. The main concept of the method is to get positive and pleasant emotions from joint activities. In pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, people of all ages, professions and nationalities are united. The number of zumba fans this year has increased to 15 million people, because you can engage not only in the gym, but also at home.

The program consists of movements and rhythms of popular dances:

  • meringue;
  • salsa;
  • flamenco;
  • samba.

For some time, added elements of belly dance and hip-hop, but for training does not require dance skills. It is important to just catch the rhythm, move intensively and get maximum pleasure, because training Zumba fitness is so easy.

Advantages and disadvantages of a dance workout

The exercise program helps you lose weight by burning intense calories, but these are not all the advantages of the technique. Zumba has become a unique direction uniting people of all ages. Dancers enjoy tremendous pleasure from movements to music, which forms a positive attitude towards life. There are a lot of benefits from energetic activities:

  1. There is no one universal complex – each is designed for a specific physical fitness and age.
  2. Weight decreases smoothly, without harm to health. The figure is tightened, the contours of the silhouette are improved.
  3. The load increases gradually, which allows you to prepare the body for a new level of exercise.
  4. Fat people are embarrassed to come to the gym, but music from the first minutes frees up, relieving internal tension.
  5. To perform the exercises, all muscle groups are included – it is not surprising that you can burn up to 1000 calories per workout.
  6. Fitness dances Zumba experts refer to cardio, because during the occupation of the respiratory and circulatory systems are working in intensive mode.
  7. Developed flexibility, coordination of movements.
  8. The success of losing weight depends on the emotional state, and incendiary training helps to maintain a good mood for a long time.
  9. Improved endurance, joint mobility, metabolic rate.

Relative disadvantages include:

  1. Chance of injury. With insufficient training, caution should be exercised when starting a lesson for beginners.
  2. Intense movements can trigger a pressure surge.
  3. At first, there may be breathing problems.
  4. For training will need a love of dancing, music. Do not interfere with the sense of rhythm to master the basic movements.
  5. Only regular classes will bring results. The body must get used to the minimum loads before moving on to perform more complex techniques, and breaks will adversely affect physical fitness.

You should not immediately rush "into battle" – it is better to devote the first classes to the selection of the optimal program.

Useful recommendations

Regardless of the level of training, each workout should begin with a warm-up-warm-up. Pre-gymnastics will allow you to do the exercises as accurately as possible, giving it all the best.

To get a noticeable result, the duration of one lesson should be at least an hour. If the level was too difficult or exhausting, you should return to the previous one, slightly reducing the tempo. Basic tips will be useful for beginners:

  1. A week you need to do at least 3 times to "disperse" the metabolism.
  2. It is necessary to observe the correct drinking regimen in order to avoid dehydration. At 10 kg of weight should be taken 300 ml of pure water.
  3. After mastering basic skills, you can organize independent zumba classes at home.
  4. For any ailments from the workout should be abandoned until full recovery.
  5. From the menu will have to exclude fatty, fried foods, soda, pickles, smoked meats, sweets.

Clothing is better to choose on the figure. Neither the chilling movements, nor the "baggy" things will work.

Perfect top: top, sports t-shirt, t-shirt. For the bottom, it is desirable to use leggings, capri pants or shorts.

At home, you can try to bend, sit down, jump, to check the comfort of clothes. The optimal type of shoes: lightweight sneakers or sneakers.


Zumba can be practiced even during pregnancy, but with the onset of the third trimester, training should be abandoned.

Among the strict contraindications highlighted:

  • the presence of protrusions and hernias in the spine;
  • pathology of joints and bone tissue;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • hypertension;
  • diseases of the brain and cardiovascular system.

Top Destinations

The complex is designed for any age: there is a zumba for weight loss for beginners and for the prepared category of people.

Trainings are developed taking into account dancing or musical preferences, and also depending on a goal:

  • volume reduction in a specific problem area;
  • general weight loss;
  • study of various muscle groups.

Especially popular are:

  1. Traditional zumba (Fit). The program includes a classic fitness complex, classes are held under the fiery Latin melodies. The program is useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system.
  2. Circular zumba. A distinctive feature of the technique is the alternate repetition of movements for other participants. The newcomer will quickly join the team, leaving awkwardness and constraint.
  3. Zumba toning. In the classroom maracas are used, so the power load is replaced by cardio. Tightens all muscle groups, the body comes in tone.
  4. Zumba Step. The program includes exercises with step.

Fitness slimming

Classes for beginners are more like a dance marathon, because you just need to move freely to the music. At the initial level, there are no difficult tasks or heavy load, which allows each person to choose for themselves the optimal pace for the future.

Training stages

Zumba for weight loss at home should not differ from classes in the hall:

  1. warm-up, strength exercises, cardio load;
  2. study of the movements mastered in the previous lesson;
  3. memorizing new items;
  4. combination of learned movements in one dance;
  5. stretching

Warm up includes:

  • wide and small added steps with simultaneous rotation of the body;
  • lateral slopes;
  • body turns with lifting on the toes;
  • march to the music with the connection of the hips and hands;
  • lunges kicks with the exit into the jump.

The movements are performed at a fast dynamic pace under the beat of the melody, it is important to monitor the posture:

  1. feet set shoulder width apart;
  2. arms bend in the elbows, put the right leg on the heel, left lunge to the side and also put on the heel;
  3. put the left foot to the right, rise to the toes, turning the torso to the left;
  4. return to the original position, repeat to the right.

Fitness zumba for weight loss includes intense pops in tact with movements:

  1. feet shoulder-width apart; arms along body;
  2. wide step to the left – clapping at chest level;
  3. To attach the left leg to the right – still cotton;
  4. alternately move left and right, performing 2 steps and 2 claps.

In turns, too, there is nothing difficult:

  1. feet shoulder width, arms bent at the elbows;
  2. emphasis on the heels, turning the torso to the right;
  3. climb toes, turn the case to the left;
  4. again focusing on the heels, turning right;
  5. do several repetitions for practicing the movement.

After mastering the basic exercises under the guidance of a coach, you can continue classes in a comfortable home environment.

Pros and cons of home environment

The main advantages are:

  1. Saving of time (on a trip to the hall and back) and finance.
  2. You can train when it is convenient and with anyone.
  3. If you have experience, you can choose an individual training program.

However, there are a number of disadvantages:

  1. Zumba dance for weight loss will be ineffective if it is irregular to do the exercises. At home there are a thousand reasons to postpone fitness "for later."
  2. For the development of new movements and the creation of interesting programs need a high level of skill.
  3. In a group it is easier to practice – the coach and the environment will not allow to relax.

In complex exercises, different styles are often intertwined, but this does not mean that they can be performed carelessly. Basic movements need to be done correctly, and to correctly learn all the elements will only be obtained under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

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