Fish diet for fast weight loss

Fish diet, as its name implies, is based on fish.

Fish diet lasts no more than 7 days

But besides this inhabitant of the depths it is allowed to eat some more product, and which ones we will tell you later. We will also talk about what the fish diet can give apart from getting rid of extra pounds, and offer another exemplary menu for the fish diet for 3 days and the fish diet for 7 days.

Fish diet for weight loss: what it will give us, and whether it has disadvantages and contraindications

Fish diet makes hair beautiful

First of all, it should be said about how many pounds you can lose weight thanks to this diet. As they say the reviews left by the thinner women in the forums devoted to diets, it is possible to throw off up to 5 kg in 7 days. This is a good result. If you also take into account that during this diet and hunger is not particularly felt, and the mood is elevated all day.

  1. skin becomes smooth and healthy;
  2. hair becomes shiny;
  3. nails are getting stronger;
  4. teeth are healthy;
  5. cardiovascular activity in the body is getting better;
  6. brain function improves;
  7. excess cholesterol leaves the body;
  8. the family budget is saved, as the fish is nutritionally equivalent to meat (fish can be replaced, for example, chicken), but it is cheaper, which is important in today’s time;
  9. the body is saturated with trace elements such as iodine, zinc, vitamins A, E, D, and fish oil;
  10. immunity is strengthened.

Fish diet for fast weight loss

It is worth a few words to say about contraindications. Here you need to take into account the individual intolerance of fish. If you have an allergy to it, then, of course, you should not be on such a diet, since you can cause significant damage to your health.

The main features of the fish diet

Fruit can be kiwi, apples, oranges

First of all, it is better to choose low-fat varieties of fish for the diet, such as cod, hake and pollock.

They are inexpensive and absorbed by the body completely. If you have no problems with health and wallet, you can treat yourself to red fish, but in reasonable quantities. You should not greedily eat trout and salmon kilograms. It will be enough and 200-300 g plus a little less fatty fish per day.

It is not necessary to use canned food for the diet on fish, because they contain both more calories and fat, which cannot be said about benefits.

Benefit is just not enough in canned goods. Dried, salted and smoked fish, too, can not be. So eat only fresh fish during the fish diet. You can cook it (make soup from it), bake or steam.

In addition to fish, the following list of products is permitted:

  1. sour milk (cottage cheese, ryazhenka, kefir, and so on);
  2. fruits (apples, kiwi, oranges, grapefruits, pomegranates);
  3. vegetables (cabbage, greens, cucumbers, peppers);
  4. red wine (a little, not more than 100 ml per day);
  5. green tea, dogrose broth, real, not instant coffee;
  6. the eggs.

You should not salt the fish during cooking and add seasonings to it with artificial flavors and flavor enhancers. Salt can be successfully replaced with ground pepper or garlic with lemon juice. Sugar should be completely excluded from your diet at the time of the fish diet.

Every day in the morning should drink one glass of boiled water at room temperature with the addition of a few teaspoons of lemon juice or a few granules of citric acid.

This drink will help you clear the intestines of mucus and fix the chair if you have problems with it. Thus, you will help your body quickly get rid of unwanted pounds.

Types of fish diet for weight loss: fish diet for 3 days

You can make soup for dinner

So now let’s consider a diet for 3 days on fish. So, for these days of a diet (it is also called a diet on fish soup), you can easily drop a kilogram or two, if you stick to a certain menu.

  1. First day. For breakfast, eat an egg and drink a glass of unsweetened green seagull.
    • For second breakfast, treat yourself to fish soup (you can eat a 100-gram slice of fish from the soup) and fresh cucumber.
    • For lunch, again, eat soup and eat a piece of fish out of it, eat the whole thing with a salad of Peking cabbage and 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese.
    • At dinner, try again the soup and salad of fresh cucumbers. Have a cup of green tea if you want.
    • Second day. For breakfast, eat a soft-boiled egg and drink a glass of green tea.
      • For a second breakfast, eat a bowl of fish soup and eat a 100-gram slice of boiled fish. You can prepare a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with olive oil, and drink a glass of green tea.
      • For lunch, again, eat soup and Chinese cabbage salad and drink tea.
      • For dinner, eat soup and radish salad with herbs and vegetable oil. You can eat 100 g of boiled fish and drink a glass of tea or coffee.
      • The third day. In the morning you can eat an omelet and a green apple, as well as drink a glass of green tea.
        • For a second breakfast, try the fish soup and the fish itself in an amount of 100 g. You can drink another glass of tea, or even better, rosehips.
        • For lunch, eat soup and boiled fish in the amount of 100 g, and also eat carrot salad with sour cream and drink a glass of unsweetened tea.
        • At dinner, eat soup and boiled fish 100 g piece, and another cucumber salad, seasoned with olive oil, drink a cup of green tea or rosehip.

        After you sit on this three-day diet, we advise you to stick to some dietary restrictions for another two weeks to consolidate the achieved result. Namely, we do not recommend you to eat sugar, salt and excessively fatty foods. In addition, you should continue to eat fish in the amount of 100-200 grams per day, then you will look young and stunning.

        Types of fish diet for weight loss: fish diet for 7 days

        You can make vegetable salads for fish

        If you survive the fish diet for 7 days, even 5 kg of excess fat can quickly leave you. Moreover, it has been noticed by many women who have tried this effective technique, that fat goes well off the abdomen and sides. These places for a huge number of women are very problematic.

        So, we offer you a menu for the fish diet for the day, and you must lose weight for a whole week on its basis. Salads can be cooked at your discretion from a variety of vegetables. You should not only use potatoes for salads, and you should also limit the use of tomatoes.

        • For breakfast with such a diet, you can eat omelet, pomegranate and drink a cup of green tea without sugar or brewed rosehip.
        • At the second breakfast, boil 200 g of fish and crumble to it on a plate a fresh cucumber. Then you can drink a cup of green tea or mineral water without gas.
        • For lunch, boil 200 g of fish again and make a salad of radish and cucumber. Then eat a cup of low-fat cottage cheese without any additives and drink a glass of green tea.
        • At dinner, you can eat 200 g of boiled fish and white cabbage salad, as well as a cup of 150 g of cottage cheese without additives. Well, you can drink tea or coffee.

        This weekly diet will bring you a lot of pleasant surprises. Namely, you will notice how the skin will begin to shine, the hair will become silky, and an extraordinary lightness will appear in the body. It will delight you and save the budget, as the fish is inexpensive.

        And if you also go on a fishing trip yourself, then you will get the fish for free! And vegetables can be used from your garden, if you have one, well, or to buy from grannies, they usually don’t ask for big money for their crops.

        Now you know what method of weight loss will help you get rid of excess weight quickly and without harm to the body. We hope that our article has become useful for you.

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