Favorite diet 7 days reviews

Diet "Favorite" will help you achieve results in just 7 days! Read the reviews, see the results of people, and lose up to 10 kg with your favorite diet in just a week!

Diet "Favorite" is designed for a week. Her menu is quite simple, so the process of cooking does not take much time. In order to speed up the process of losing weight, you need to combine diet with exercise. The fair sex should abandon alcoholic beverages. It is not recommended to add salt and sugar to dishes.

The basic principles of diet

  • First day you need to use enough liquid.
  • In the second – it is necessary to eat various vegetables. In this case, preference should be given to Brussels sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, peppers.
  • On the third day, as well as the first, you need to drink plenty of fluids.
  • Fourth day can be called fruity, as a woman is allowed to eat any kind of fruit. Especially popular with the fair sex are kiwi, apples, bananas, oranges.
  • On the fifth day In the menu of a woman who decides to lose weight, there should be foods rich in protein. These include, above all, chicken, cottage cheese and eggs.
  • On the sixth day Allowed to drink large amounts of liquid: kefir, tea, weak broth. On the seventh day there is a smooth exit from the diet. Meals close to the usual daily menu.
  • On the seventh day diets can be eaten such foods:
  • – for breakfast – 2 boiled eggs, unsweetened tea;
  • – for lunch – vegetable soup, any fruit;
  • – for afternoon tea – two kiwi or grapefruit;
  • – for dinner – vegetable salad (from cabbage with cucumbers and bell peppers).

"Favorite" diet: menu for the week

This menu is approximate and may be adjusted depending on the availability of certain products.

Good diet

The main advantage of the diet is that the process of losing weight in most cases is not accompanied by weakness, severe dizziness or fatigue.

This way of dealing with obesity is quite effective, because in seven days a woman can lose about 10 kilograms. Diet involves eating foods in which there is a fairly large amount of vitamins and trace elements.


Before you go on a diet, it is recommended to consult a doctor. This method of weight loss is contraindicated in the presence of the following pathologies in the fair sex:

  • diabetes;
  • hypertonic disease;
  • severe pathology of the digestive tract;
  • heart failure;
  • chronic kidney disease, occurring in severe form.

Diet does not suit pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Useful tips

If you have a tendency to constipation, you need to clear the intestines before the diet. To do this, do not necessarily do an enema. You can simply take overnight laxatives of plant origin. The tool will help remove the accumulated toxins, as a result of nutrients and vitamins will be better absorbed by the body.

The fair sex can use this recipe:

  • You should take pre-dried shredded fruits of prunes, figs and dried apricots.
  • The resulting mixture is poured boiling water.
  • The tool should be well steamed.
  • After that, the resulting mixture should be crushed with a blender, add a small amount of honey.
  • Then, 80 ml of buckthorn broth are poured into the product.
  • All ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Favorite diet 7 days reviews

The tool should be stored in a cold place. Before you go on a diet, you should take a tablespoon of money at night. It is washed down with a sufficient amount of liquid. There is another way to quickly cleanse the intestines:

  • You need to squeeze the juice from the leaves of aloe.
  • In 300 ml of the drink add 100 grams of honey.

For quick bowel cleansing, you need to take 10 grams of the mixture. It should be diluted with a sufficient amount of liquid.

The Favorite Diet helps to lose up to 2% of adipose tissue. To do this, in order to preserve the result, you need to reduce the caloric content of your diet over the next thirty days.

Important! Women who follow this diet should avoid exhausting physical training. Otherwise, adverse symptoms such as fatigue and nausea may occur. On drinking days, be sure to eat fresh broth. This will avoid disrupting the diet. In addition, women need to abandon the store juices, carbonated drinks.

Women’s Reviews and Results

Below you can not only read reviews and information about the results of women who have tried the “Favorite” diet on themselves, but also share their own opinions and feelings about this diet.

Polina Grenz from Fizruk lost 20 kg. What’s the secret?

What is dangerous overweight?

Lose weight by 10 kg! To do this, just drink.

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Thanks to the “Beloved” diet, she was able to lose 6 kilograms. However, I strictly did not adhere to the recommended menu. Once she allowed herself to eat a slice of high-calorie homemade cake. My friend had a festive party, and I could not help but try her next culinary masterpiece. The achieved result is generally pleased!

I learned about the “Beloved” diet from my mother. For 7 days I lost about 11 kilograms. Separately, I would like to note that I filled vegetable salads with low-fat yogurt or lemon juice.

Honestly, I tried many different diets. Since childhood, she was an ugly duckling: clumsy, plump and not too cute. Unfortunately, other diets did not help me to become slim and confident. The extra kilos soon returned again, despite the fact that I tried not to eat after six in the evening. I accidentally found the description of the “Beloved” diet on a website about a month ago. I managed to lose about 7 kilograms. What pleases me most is that the weight has stopped at around 65 kilograms. At the same time, I do not drive myself into strict limits and do not refuse my favorite products!

In my family, all women have a tendency to be overweight. I never worried about being overweight. But when the arrows of the scales gradually approached the number 75, I realized that I needed to change something in my life. I set myself a goal: to lose 15 kilograms. During the week I lost about 6 kilograms thanks to the “Beloved” diet. After that, I began to run for hours in the morning in a park near the house. This month took more than 15 kilograms. I’m just happy, I want to dance for joy! Old friends literally lose the power of speech when they accidentally meet me on the street. Now I’m not ashamed to wear fashionable tight dresses! The “Favorite” diet was the first step towards a new, bright, full of colors of life. In the near future I am going to get married. Now I am firmly convinced that in any wedding dress I will look just stunning and spectacular!

The first time I became a mother at 19 years old, the second time – at 24 years old. She never complained about excess weight, and after giving birth she quickly brought herself into shape. But 9 months ago my twin sister, with whom we were practically inseparable, died in a car accident. I could not come to terms with the loss, tried to console myself with a sweet cake or high-calorie puff salad. After 5 months, she did not recognize herself in the mirror: a slim, once neat figure swelled with fat. I began to look much older than my years. I decided to get together and began to adhere to the rules of healthy eating. The “Favorite” diet was the “final touch”. With it, I lost 8 kilograms. Now I look great and no longer allow grief to ruin my life! After all, my sister will not return, but I must be happy, healthy and fit! My mother doesn’t need a sad and downtrodden mother!

Sat on this diet! From the very first days, all unnecessary things leave the body, the most important thing is to drink and drink as much as possible, and not only water, you need to drink low-fat kefir, green tea, yogurt, chicken broth and

I think that all these hunger strikes are a real evil, you just have to train yourself to eat a little, but often, in order for the metabolism to function normally, and in the afternoon snack, and in the evening we fill our stomachs to the full, we eat and go to bed. And so abruptly to sit, then on one diet, then on another diet, only to accumulate health problems for yourself, and then you will think, not how to lose weight, but how to improve your health.

Great diet! When I gave birth, I recovered by 16 kg and I could not lose weight. I found this diet and decided to act, it was hard at first, but in 7 days I lost 5 kg, for me it was just an excellent result. The state of health was normal, the head did not hurt, maybe a little fatigue, but not much. Saw a lot of water, green tea, yogurt, fresh juice and kefir. I drank kefir with cinnamon, personally, I only have positive impressions of this diet.

Today is the 4th day of my “light diet”, I started to lose weight with 60 kg, the weight goes pretty good, I also want to cleanse the body and adjust my metabolism, and of course I want to lose a couple of unnecessary kg. I often sit on diets, so I do not feel any discomfort and long addiction. This diet is good, I like it, it is not difficult at all, to lose weight on it is not difficult. Recomend for everybody!

Girls, I just recently finished this diet! The very first day was difficult, and then I was already easier, but believe it is worth it, the result will get just great. I have a height of 165 cm, the weight was 62, and now 55, and what pleases me most of all, is that weight is not gaining again. I love to eat and often eat junk food, so I gained extra pounds for myself, I really wanted to lose weight, and with the help of this diet I managed it!

I am 18 years old and I already have excess weight, which I actively struggle with. With my height of 170 my weight is 71 kg, this is a lot for me. Because of the extra weight, I feel tired, upset and often get depressed about this. I have a propensity to be overweight since childhood, and sweet and flour helped in weight gain and did their disgusting job. I read the article and want to try this diet, the description is not difficult at all, I really hope that it will help me in the fight for a beautiful figure.

Favorite diet 7 days reviews

And I sat on it, kept the entire diet and no result, lost only half a kg. Well, honestly just about anything, tried, kept, yes, I do not play sports because I have work from morning to evening and I just find it difficult to combine, I quickly get tired and come already killed, what is there jogging, in the end – an easy diet and we have what we have minus half kg. Try this diet or not you decide.

Yesterday I had a drinking day, I hold on, the flight is normal, I plan to go on a diet until I lose 8-9 kg. At the moment, lost 5 kg. I plan after this diet, switch to the Kremlin, I was already sitting on it, I have experience and are not quite bad. The weight left seems to me even faster than on a light diet, on the Kremlin I lost 10 kg, my weight is quite hard going, and on this diet I didn’t even notice how I lost 10 kg.

I decided to go on a diet for the first time in my life and chose a light one. The first day I barely survived, I terribly wanted to eat, the fruit did not save, I drank a lot of green tea and kefir. I’d like to get rid of the sides and tummy. Included in my daily routine of training, often arrange for myself cycling, and jogging. I also make honey and coffee wraps. How will we wait and see

I support! diet and really cool compared to others is not so tough, but girls if you want to remove the sides, then go to a good massage therapist, but it hurts, but it is effective, you will immediately understand it and see the result. At the very side itself, I couldn’t wear pants normally, the sides just fell out, sat on diets and tried not to overeat, but still the sides didn’t go away. And after I had a massage course, I even forgot that I had these horrible sides, of course now I support the figure, I try to eat less of everything harmful and look only at healthy food.

I also have experience of losing weight on this diet, well, what can I say, my face has visually lost weight, my cheeks have become less pronounced. The stomach was a little smaller, endured a diet without any labor. I also drink a lot of water, nothing sweet, roasted, spicy I refused my favorite coffee. Has grown thin on a couple of sizes. I am happy as an elephant =)! Girls all wish good luck and speedy weight loss!

Goodnight. I decided to lose 10 kg to my birthday. Found this diet. I thought it would be hard, but it was not very. Two days have passed. The only worry is that I dropped only half a kilogram. I will keep going. Hoping for the best.

Hello everyone losing weight! I am also currently sitting on my favorite diet. I sit on it is not the first time. I will say right away that she never gave me high results, but I managed to lose 3-4 kg. She has always been a start for me to lose weight. After her sit on the PP. But here is only my fault, because I can not eat without salt, I like it is not very comfortable as. And in order not to lose consciousness unexpectedly, I do not add a little salt to everything. Today is my sixth day. Weight 83, 6 was, today

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