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A completely new look at healthy eating was proposed by the American naturopath Peter D’Adamo. In 1997, a book was published under his name, which stated that the way to a healthy and beautiful body can be suggested by a blood group. He divided all people into four categories, by blood type, respectively, and presented an individual diet for each of them. According to the doctor, each person is inherent in the type of food that was formed during the birth of a new blood group.

The process of evolution gave rise to new types of activity, new possibilities of man and changed his food addictions. Thus, the third group was formed during the period of migrations and searches for new lands. For modern media of this group, the author of the methodology has compiled the right set of products for weight correction and recovery.

"Nomads" with the third blood group

Peter D’Adamo is an American naturopathic doctor who inherited from his father an interest in the interconnection of people’s lifestyle and diseases. In the course of his research, which lasted 30 years, he found that each person has an individual set of products. His book stated that the entire population of the Earth is divided into four categories, each of which has those gastronomic predilections that the first ancestors bequeathed to it.

So, the most ancient people lived at the expense of hunting and possessed the first group of blood, then primitive man mastered agriculture and the second group appeared. The third was allegedly formed 10,000 years ago during the migration of races and settling of the eastern part of Eurasia. According to scientists, the abundant use of dairy products provoked a re-evolution of the digestive tract. Therefore, the modern representatives of this group have their own set of products that they learn well and those that are only detrimental.

D’Adamo called the carriers of the third blood group “wanderers” and “nomads”. They have their own individual traits that distinguish them from other categories of people, and the author of the diet also partially took these traits into account when drafting a diet. In his opinion, the relationship of blood and proper nutrition has been formed historically and is still relevant. In his work, he outlined the idea that blood cells could not take lecithins from certain products.

For example, the first hunters did not extract the milk of animals, therefore their modern descendants do not tolerate dairy products well. The "nomads" have practically no undesirable products, they are equally well perceived meat and dairy products. This is due to the fact that during the migration period the ancient people were forced to eat all the new types of food that they could meet on their way.

Due to the difficulties of relocation, the modern man with the third blood group inherited a good ability to adapt. This category of people quickly adapts to changes in the field of work, they easily endure a change of residence, quickly enters a new team. Go to a new way of eating modern "wanderer" is also very simple.

Another strong point of the third group is considered to be a strong immunity, formed in the hardships of migration. Such people are not afraid of most viral and fungal diseases. D’Adamo notes that sometimes, with the wrong product mix, the “nomad” immune system can work to its detriment. That is, the risk of food allergies is high enough if you use not recommended products. Also in this category is inherent stable nervous system. The psychological portrait of a person with a third blood group will contain the following qualities:

The risk group for “wanderers” is diabetes of I degree, autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease. The wrong set of products can cause obesity, digestive disorders, problem skin, kidney and liver diseases. According to the author of the methodology, the diet compiled by him will avoid most of these problems.

Rules of power of the modern nomad

Of the four possible categories of people, the third group has the most diverse menu. This is due to the fact that the wanderer can not have certain eating habits, he must quickly adapt to the changing environment. In the menu of this category of people will be present in equal shares of plant food, animal protein, nuts, fish. Dairy products, which according to scientists became the main cause of the appearance of the third blood group, are also allowed here.

In addition to the recommended ingredients that are useful for the “wanderer”, D’Adamo has compiled a list of those products that are undesirable for him. The product table for the third blood group contains three categories of ingredients:

Nutrition should be based on healthy ingredients. Valid can be used no more than twice a week, these include those products that for the ancient nomads were little known. Forbidden ingredients should be excluded from the menu, it will provide good health, cleanse the body and accelerate the stabilization of weight.

Diet by blood type was not originally created as a technique for losing weight. The author notes that the ideas embodied in this method should always accompany the person. That is, such a power system can not be a quick solution to any one problem, it should become a way of life. The diet has gained special popularity, because the reviews of those who tried it on a massive scale noted a weight loss. Therefore, it can be used for body shaping, but it is worth preparing for the fact that the results will be slow, but long-term.

Diet in the diet is not registered, you can arrange as many meals as the body requires. If it is convenient to eat fractional, you can eat in small portions several times a day. Those who are not accustomed to such a routine are allowed to eat in large portions, but up to three times a day. Ideally, the author of the method recommends sitting down at a table only with a palpable hunger.

F factor diet reviews

If you eat only at the request of the body, you can forget about those extra pounds and poor health. D’Adamo is not the first to point out that a modern person often eats not only “what they like”, but also “whenever they like.” For example, in front of the TV, in moments of idleness, just for the company. The author of the diet recommends to distinguish between hunger and appetite, there is only when it is really necessary. Another popular book, The Goodbye Diet, by Olga Goloshchapova, recommends the same thing and gives you some tips on how to distinguish appetite and real hunger.

The D’Adamo diet consists of more than just the right mix of foods. The second mandatory point of compliance is the choice of the right sport. According to the author, the level of feasible physical exercises is also part of our heredity. So, the ancient nomads developed an excellent endurance and unpretentiousness. Their modern descendants with the third group have similar qualities, as well, they are inherently balanced and calm. It is believed that the best sports for them will be:

F factor diet reviews

  • hatha yoga;
  • fly-stretching;
  • swimming;
  • bicycle riding;
  • tai chi.

F factor diet reviews

When choosing your sport you need to give preference to feasible classes. The “wanderer” cannot be worked hard and force himself, as this can lead him out of the usual psychological equilibrium. Proper exercise will improve and speed up the results of the diet in blood groups.

The diet does not take into account the Rh factor, the same ration is provided for the third positive and the third negative blood group. To comply with the diet you only need to find out your blood type and get acquainted with the list of products, engage in the appropriate sport.

Grocery set "nomad"

As we have already learned, the modern “wanderer” is omnivorous. He is shown a wide list of foods and variety in nutrition. There are some types of dishes that are still undesirable for this category of people. For example, poultry, as the ancestors who transferred the blood group and food habits did not start a bird, but fed on wild species.

The table of products for the third blood group contains three categories of dishes and ingredients that can or cannot be used. Including the author of the method paid attention to the correct set of spices and drinks, special mineral supplements and vitamins.

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