Elena Malysheva how to lose weight

Lovers of telecast health is certainly known for its leader – Elena Malysheva. This slim and pretty woman has established herself as a good doctor and nutritionist. The diet of Elena Malysheva, the menu, which is designed for 10 days, will help get rid of extra pounds and urgently prepare for the "release". Her other technique, longer (2-3 months), will not only help you lose weight, but also keep this weight for 2 years.

Elena Malysheva how to lose weight

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Malysheva technique
  • 5 rules to lose weight
  • Menu Dr. Malysheva
  • 10 day diet Malysheva

Since Elena herself is a dietician, she is well aware that prolonged fasting will not be of benefit to a person. Therefore, all her diets are harmless and are designed for a minimum load on the body, as a result, we not only reduce weight, but also heal your body by ridding it of toxins and toxins, strengthening blood vessels and restoring the digestive tract.

At the heart of her weight loss program is diet food. During the entire course, a person consumes the minimum amount of products that contain animal and vegetable fats. Also, her technique limits the consumption of table salt and various spices, which include this ingredient. The following products are also banned:

  • Flour products;
  • Muffin and sweet pastries;
  • Potatoes;
  • Sugar in pure form;
  • Rice;
  • Carrot;
  • Beet;
  • Alcohol.

This does not mean that for 3 months you will not be able to eat potatoes or flour. There is a ban, but in this diet it is allowed in rare cases, not often and when it will be very desirable, to eat any of the listed products, but in small quantities.

The main advantages of this diet include its effectiveness. Thanks to surveys, it turned out that an average person loses 500 grams per day. This is quite a serious result, given that the minimum period of "sitting" on this diet is 10 days, and the maximum 3 months.

As a second plus, trust is often called the factor. Elena is a competent expert in the field of proper nutrition plus she is a professor and doctor of medical sciences. The credibility of her as a specialist is very high and for good reason.

The program of Elena Malysheva is designed in such a way that a person receives a complete and healthy diet. The menu contains only healthy and healthy foods, their caloric content is slightly below average, but they have an excellent effect on the gastrointestinal tract, normalize its work and perform the prevention of diseases associated with it.

The diet proposed by Elena Vasilyevna not only helps to get rid of extra pounds, in the process of losing weight you will notice the following changes in your body:

  • The digestive system will work better;
  • The metabolism is normalized and the removal of toxins from the body will be accelerated;
  • Normal appetite;
  • Complexion will freshen;
  • Strengthen hair and nails;
  • Cellulite will disappear.

Elena Malysheva how to lose weight

The negative aspects of the diet most often include its duration. The result is gained gradually, over a long time. At the same time, many are annoyed by the monotony of food and the need to adhere to a strict diet, but this is a matter of habit.

Since Malysheva herself is a doctor by profession, she warns that you should consult a doctor before starting any diet. This is very important, since even the safest diet is a kind of stress for the body. Therefore, everything must be done correctly and in due time.

At the heart of the famous leading techniques are five simple rules. Retreat from them is strictly prohibited, as it is a guarantee of a positive result.

That’s all, nothing complicated. Knowing the rules, you can begin to explore the menu.

The weight loss program is designed for 14 days. As mentioned above, it is possible to make small changes to it (it is rare to eat prohibited foods rarely and with scanty doses), but in general it is desirable to adhere to this schedule and these products. Meal time should be clearly calculated: you should eat 5 times a day, a break between meals for no more than 3 hours, dinner no later than 19-00 (if you get up late and go to bed late, it is recommended to have dinner 3 hours before bedtime). Approximate schedule:

8-00 – breakfast, 11-00 – second breakfast, 13-00 – lunch, 16-00 – afternoon tea, 19-00 – dinner.

The same diet formed the basis of a longer, 2-3-month diet. Only then during the first week it is possible to consume products with an energy value of 1200 kcal per day, and from the second week to the end of the course – 1000 kcal. The choice of the menu and the products used will depend on the preferences of this or that person, the main thing is to strictly adhere to the 5 rules and not often break the prohibitions.

It is based on separate meals. A day later, a person eats protein and carbohydrate foods, it turns out pretty diverse food. This menu is contraindicated for people with gastrointestinal disease and those who are prescribed therapeutic food.

Protein day mode:

  • After sleep a glass of warm water;
  • Breakfast – boiled egg and green vegetables;
  • During the rest of the day, until 19-00, we eat only boiled chicken. Prepare it in two waters: pour, boil for 5 minutes, pour out the water and wash the chicken, pour again and cook until ready. During the day you can eat 800g of the product, divided into 3-4 doses;

The carbohydrate mode of the day is a little easier, during the day you can eat

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