Dry fasting 3 days weight loss

Overeating, junk food, poor water quality, stress – the best friends of excess weight. This is the problem of many people on the planet, whose number continues to grow. Among the mass of ways to stop this epidemic, fasting for weight loss is an effective method that also contributes to the overall improvement of the body. Fulfillment of all conditions, consultations with nutritionists, doctors, maintaining a table of weight loss during fasting will provide the most positive expected result.

Proper therapeutic fasting for weight loss: principles and types

Medical fasting consists in the fact that for some time a person does not eat either food or water, or drinks only water. Indications for such a temporary lifestyle can be diseases of the stomach, liver, skin diseases, obesity, or the desire to lose a few extra pounds.

Due to the existence of several types of such a diet, anyone can choose the most acceptable option that he can withstand. Weight loss during fasting usually occurs smoothly. Immediately it should be noted that you need to prepare for this step, because it is not easy: you need to overcome your stereotypes, drastically change the diet, fight temptation (this is probably the most difficult thing in this process). Two points are important for the successful implementation of our plans: morale and motivation. And: you need to remember that fasting for weight loss is right.

So, at its base, fasting is:

By cyclical emit:

By time:

Water fasting for weight loss

This type of abstinence involves the use of only purified or distilled water. You can drink it in any quantity. It is better to do this at the first sign of hunger.

Dry fasting for weight loss

Since overweight people surround their internal organs with fat, during dry starvation, it is actively burning for weight loss. This method is used under the supervision of a physician, because of all the types it is the most rigid. At this time, the ban is imposed not only on water but also on food. Even contact of skin with water should not be allowed. Severe test, but gives a good result.

There are many positive reviews about dry and water fasting for weight loss. As a result, the weight loss was smooth, the condition of hair and nails improved. The digestive system began to work better: constipation and stomach pain disappeared.

Cascade fasting for weight loss

During such a fasting period, “hungry” days and days alternate when it is allowed to eat raw plant foods. This mode is softer, but no less effective. Weight smoothly (which is very important!) Decreases and stabilizes. The skin does not sag, there is energy and performance. The time for changing cycles is determined in advance, for example: one day – dry fasting, one day – raw food diet. The second option: 1 day fasting – 2 days raw foods, then 2 days fasting – 3 days raw foods, etc. After reading the reviews about the cascade fasting for weight loss, you can make sure that it works! There is no exhausting feeling of hunger, and even those who like raw vegetables and fruits will be able to enjoy their favorite foods.

Periodic fasting for weight loss

The essence of this diet – starve periods, between which you need to adhere to a normal diet. For example, 1 day of dry fasting – 1 day of proper nutrition or act according to the scheme (3 – 3, 7 – 7, etc.). This does not mean that in the period of permitted days you can eat up to the heap, and then starve. The correct approach is a gradual entry into hunger mode: kefir at night, plenty of water during the previous day.

Dry fasting 3 days weight loss

There are many supporters of this method in the world to improve their forms, reviews about fasting for losing weight are different: someone was expecting a quick result, and the weights arrow was stuck for a few days at one point, someone had the process right away. In any case, the effect was positive.

One-day fasting for weight loss

Having chosen such a food mechanism, a person on a certain day of the week (let it be permanent) refuses to eat. Even once a week without eating, you can move the scale arrow to the left. Such a diet allows you to learn how to enter fasting and get out of it, improves immunity, eliminates toxins.

Dry fasting 3 days weight loss

Before you start a longer process of losing weight (fasting for many days), you should spend one day several times. This speeds up the process of adaptation to new conditions.

Some tips on fasting for weight loss

First you need to try to stay on this mode for a day. Then repeat 3 times a week. If the body responds normally, there will be no exacerbation of chronic diseases, it is possible to enter into longer periods of fasting. Such fasting for weight loss is therapeutic, so gradual adaptation to it spares health and will not be a big stress for the body.

All the time you need to write in a notebook your feelings. Good advice: make a table of weight loss during fasting, where in the columns mark the date, weight on this day and the difference with the initial readings of the scales.

Of course, everyone is free to choose the means in the fight for beauty, but losing weight through fasting can, without spoiling health, help him to find it.

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