Diuretic Pills

Pills that remove fluid from the body are known in the medical world as diuretics. Doctors prescribe them to people with certain health problems. But sometimes women drink diuretics to lose weight. How does professional medicine relate to this method? It all depends on the characteristics of the body.

Surcharge for edema

Diuretics are used in medicine to remove excess fluid through the kidneys. Fluid buildup is very dangerous. Heart failure, for example, causes swelling in the lungs, from which the patient may suffocate. Diuretics help with high blood pressure, intracranial and ocular pressure, which also causes swelling.

Diuretic PillsIf the body is working normally, the water in the internal organs is distributed independently. The body provides the right balance of electrolytes in the blood. Diuretics disrupt natural metabolism. They cause tissues to lose vital salts and minerals. With artificial dehydration, the organs fail. There are convulsions, dizziness, vomiting. In severe cases, the heart beats intermittently and even stops.

Why do people drink diuretic diet pills

Approximately two thirds of human weight is water. Therefore, the loss of a large volume of fluid quickly reduces body weight. This is the dangerous idea of ​​losing weight with diuretics. But this is not a real weight loss. As soon as the person stops taking the pills, the dropped pounds will come back.

Diuretic Pills

Strong diuretic drugs are the most dangerous: uregit, furosemide, lasix, triamzid. Sometimes women of fashion drink 1-2 pills in the morning in order to pull on their favorite dress in the evening without any problems. During the day, 2–3 kg of fluid are lost. Women are beginning to swallow "miracle cure" more often. As a result, kidney function is seriously impaired. The consequences remain even after intensive help from doctors. Renal problems are particularly pronounced during pregnancy and in menopause.

The danger of dehydration lies not only in pharmaceutical diuretics. Some OTC supplements contain diuretic ingredients. Buying slimming products, you must read their composition. Diuretics are:

Diuretic Pills

Capsules and teas with these ingredients can cause cramps, headache, fainting.

What diuretic pills are safe?

In official medicine there are no diuretics intended for weight loss. All diuretics are drugs, and take them only on prescription. But sometimes in the body really accumulates excess fluid. Signs of this are bags under the eyes, swelling of the hands and feet. First you need to make sure that these symptoms are not caused by kidney or cardiovascular problems. For this, it is worth visiting your therapist. If the health is all right, excess fluid is removed by diuretic herbs.

Pharmacies sell kidney tea, diuretic fee, lingonberry leaf, bear’s ear. Broths and infusions of these herbs are drunk to relieve swelling. They cleanse the body of salts and toxins well before starting a diet for weight loss. The action of herbal teas is mild, they do not cause the organs of such stress as pills.

It is necessary to listen to the opinion of doctors and do not experiment with diuretics for weight loss. It is necessary to find the true cause of excess weight and eliminate it with the help of diet, physical education and drugs prescribed by doctors.

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