Diets for 2 weeks 10 kg

The most effective diet for losing 10 kg in 2 weeks with a detailed menu and diet. Use the calculator to determine your effective weight loss threshold in calories, and set a goal – minus 10 kg in 2 weeks!

The decision to lose weight as quickly as possible can be associated with problems finding an effective diet. For 2 weeks you can really get rid of 10 extra pounds, if you adjust your diet and devote enough time to playing sports.

Every organism is individual, therefore, choosing a diet, you can not know exactly how many kilograms you lose weight.

Diets for 2 weeks 10 kg

Is it possible to lose weight by 10 kg?

What determines the speed of losing weight? There are a number of factors:

  • Specific figures reflecting your weight at the moment;
  • The presence of any disease;
  • Age;
  • Metabolic rate;
  • Body mass index;
  • How strong is your motivation.

Any process of losing weight is associated with a shortage of calories in the body, due to which the body begins to use reserve reserves, that is, our fat folds. How to create a calorie deficit? 2 main options:

  1. Reduce their consumption. Simply put, you need to eat less or less high-calorie foods;
  2. Increase calorie consumption. This is physical activity.

Which way to go? You decide. We recommend combining these two processes for the most effective weight loss. Calorie calculator will help you calculate the required number of calories for quick weight loss.

All these points should be considered if you want to lose weight by 10 kilograms in 14 days. In addition, it is important to consult with your doctor if nutritional restrictions will affect your health.

Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the diet

Whatever diet you choose, you can increase the likelihood of obtaining the desired effect if you follow a number of recommendations:

  • Drink more – up to
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