Diets for 2 weeks

I can’t say that too often, but for women, it happens. Having started spinning in the cycle of earthly problems and worries, we suddenly remember that some important event is coming and there is nothing left for it – 2 weeks. Then frantically turning over the wardrobe in our mind, we find out that there is nothing to wear, all decent outfits long ago have been walked by us. What to do? There is an eye on the dress, but with the current dimensions it does not fit in any way. Well, we need a diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks is not an easy task, but if necessary, we women can do everything. And they did not take such tops!

Diets for 2 weeksLet me say that the one who decided for himself to lose weight way "Diet. Minus 12 kg for 2 weeks, without a doubt, a brave man, brave and admirable. In addition, for sure, with excellent health, otherwise it is not worth taking up this business, because the loss of such a considerable amount of kilograms in just two weeks is stress for the body. Therefore, starting to look for a suitable option from a variety of existing diets, first look at the doctor and consult.

In magazines and online offers and tips on “Diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks "is not so much. For example, the Diet for the Lazy gains great popularity, which is guaranteed to promise to destroy these hateful extra pounds over a record period, if there are no contraindications for that. Note! It is not recommended to use the diet for people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, as well as having problems with the urogenital and cardiovascular systems. If you have everything in order, then you, as they say, and the cards in hand. Only here the name for the diet is clearly chosen wrong. Who can be called a lazy person who decided to venture on such an extreme? After all, there is a lot of work ahead on yourself, on your passions and desires, all sorts of hardships and, maybe, even disappointments … But when a wonderful dress looms on the horizon in which you will look stunning, thoughts of the upcoming difficulties fade into the background.

Diets for 2 weeks

Now let’s talk in more detail about the diet itself, its features and requirements. Diet is based. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks "or Diet for the lazy at the reception of clean water. Before each meal you need to drink 2 glasses of water, but not in one gulp, but in small sips, and start the meal only after 20 minutes. Thus, for the day you will need to drink

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