Diet with wine

Most diets impose a strict ban on the use of alcoholic beverages. Oddly enough, but there is also an alcoholic method of losing weight – a diet on dry wine. Does it allow to improve the shape of the figure? We suggest you find out.

Briefly about the dangers of alcohol

What is the reason for the dislike of nutritionists for alcohol, what harm does it cause to our figures? In fact, the dry law is justified. Alcohol brings “empty” calories – it is sufficiently high in calories, and at the same time it significantly increases the appetite. After alcohol, the stomach produces large quantities of gastric juice, so it is difficult to resist the excess piece. Alcohol is quickly absorbed by the body, so calories have all the chances to turn into fat and "settle" on your sides.

Is dry wine a diet product or an enemy figure?

Dry wine is a unique product. This drink is rich in nutrients, contains a small percentage of alcohol and is not too high in calories (60-80 kcal / 100 ml, which is not so much).

Resveratrol is present in wine – natural phytoalexin secreted by plants for protection against parasites. Scientists have found that this substance helps reduce blood sugar levels and increase the body’s resistance to external negative factors. Thanks to resveratrol, the breakdown of fats is much faster, while the absorption of food lipids slows down.

This substance is an antioxidant – it protects us from oncology and cardiovascular diseases. The wine contains catechins and saponins. These beneficial elements inhibit the oxidation of cholesterol.

Dry wine retains the benefit of the original product – it contains minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron) and vitamins (PP, B2). The drink contains organic acids, mono – and disaccharides, as well as a small amount of protein and dietary fiber.

Dry Wine Diet Options

In our article, a dry wine diet is presented with several options. We offer them to your attention. Before embarking on “alcohol-induced weight loss,” decide what kind of wine will be present in your diet. It is worth remembering that the intoxicating drink should be of high quality (inexpensive wines are not). If you are a born winemaker, then homemade grape wine may well be used in the diet. Well, the color, in principle, does not matter (although it is believed that red wine is healthier, white also has its advantages).

Diet with wine

Option number 1

This dry wine diet takes 5 days, weight loss is 2-3 kg.

  • Breakfast: beef steak (about 120 g) or a pair of chicken eggs (you can boil them or serve as a steam omelet)
  • Lunch: beef steak (about 120 g) and a glass of high-quality dry wine
  • Dinner: beef steak (about 120 g) and a glass of high-quality dry wine

During the day relies to drink non-carbonated water.

Option number 2

This dry wine diet takes 3 days and allows you to lose 2-3 kg.

  • Breakfast: low-calorie hard cheese (about 120 g), toast and a glass of high-quality dry wine
  • Lunch: low-calorie hard cheese (about 120 g), a couple of toasts and a glass of high-quality dry wine
  • Dinner: low-calorie hard cheese (about 120 g), a couple of toasts and a glass of high-quality dry wine

Option number 3

The duration of this variant of the diet is 5 days, you can lose weight by 4-5 kg. It is necessary to eat at intervals of 2 hours (during the day you need to eat 4 times – after the last meal you can only drink non-carbonated water). Salt and sugar are completely excluded.

  • Breakfast: boiled egg and big tomato
  • Second breakfast: green apple
  • Lunch: granular cottage cheese – 200 g and fresh cucumber
  • Dinner: a glass of dry wine (150 ml)

A diet with dry wine really helps to lose weight, the main thing is not to overdo it with the use of this healthy but still alcoholic drink.

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