Diet with ib

During urolithiasis, changing eating habits is a priority, since all the decay products of food must pass through the kidneys. Diet for urolithiasis is considered a necessary and important component of the complex treatment of the disease. Taking into account the type of disorders that caused the formation of stones, as well as the chemical composition of the stones, a therapeutic diet is developed and prescribed.

Diet with ibFirst, let me remind the essence of the disease. Urolithiasis is the formation of stones and sand deposits in the organs of the urinary system. The disease is quite common, and can occur in people of both sexes and all ages, often occurs in a latent and acute form, often accompanied by serious complications and relapses.

The reason for the formation of calculus and sand is an excessive increase in the concentration of salts of various substances that precipitate (are not removed from the body) due to disturbed metabolic processes and exposure to certain adverse conditions. Among them are dehydration, often arising diseases of the genitourinary system in an acute and chronic form (cystitis, pyelonephritis and

Diet with ib

With the timely diagnosis of the disease, proper medical therapy and, most importantly, dieting, treatment is successful, surgery will not be required. Careful adherence to therapeutic diets for urolithiasis prevents the increase of existing stones or the formation of new ones, changes the acidity of urine, which contributes to the dissolution of stones. The diet (regardless of the composition of the stone) provides for compliance with the drinking regime, which stimulates the process of removing stones, sand and other sediments from the kidneys and bladder.

Diet with ib

So, the type of stones (chemical composition) affects the choice of diet, which is developed by the doctor together with a nutritionist. Stones are oxalate, urate, phosphate, organic and mixed (a mixture of different salts, occurs in almost half the cases). Remember, a therapeutic diet with phosphate stones will not work at all with the urate ones, it will stimulate the growth of stones. Therefore, it is very important in matters of nutrition to confide in experts. Because of this, it is impossible to adhere to a strict diet for a long time, it will drastically change the composition of urine and provoke the formation of another type of stones. For example, with a prolonged alkalizing diet in the case of gout, patients often find phosphate stones in the kidneys. Medical nutrition is recommended during the period of active treatment, then the diet is gradually expanded (again, under the supervision of a specialist).

General principles of therapeutic nutrition for kidney stones.It is very important to use from 2 to

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