Diet to restore the liver and pancreas

A diet to restore the liver and pancreas is necessary after prolonged exposure to the body of toxic substances.

It implies the rejection of the majority of harmful products in favor of a healthy diet.

Thus, the load on the liver is reduced, which allows it to recover its functions faster.

Since the liver is a body that neutralizes toxins, with prolonged exposure to harmful substances its structures are damaged, and the protective function decreases.

Therefore, there is a diet to restore the liver after alcohol. It helps to organize the work of the liver and speed up the regeneration of damaged structures.

A regenerating diet involves not using hepatotoxic substances, that is, alcohol and potent drugs. Fried, fatty, and cholesterol-rich foods should also be excluded.

Meals should be fractional, at least 5p. / Day. The number of kilocalories consumed – 2500-2800, depending on gender, age and type of human activity, as well as the severity of liver pathology.

Liver recovery after alcohol

Alcoholism causes enormous damage throughout the body, but it causes the greatest harm to the liver. Chronic alcohol intoxication leads to damage of hepatocytes, it becomes a causative factor in the development of hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Diet to restore the liver and pancreas

Regenerative therapy for these diseases always includes a diet.

Alcohol is the strongest poison, its use destroys the liver cells, in place of which connective tissue is formed. It cannot perform the same functions that hepatocytes had, so the load on healthy cells increases.

This leads to an increase in their size and rapid wear. Without proper treatment, the disease progresses rapidly and can be fatal.

Nutrition for patients with liver pathologies

Patients with liver disease is assigned a diet number 5. The diet menu to restore the liver includes a variety of cereals, lean meat and dairy products. Diet food can be made diverse by combining products with each other and using different heat treatments.

As snacking, it is recommended to eat galette cookies, sponge cake, baked fruits, vegetables in any form, or just drink kefir, ryazhenka, acidophilus or yogurt.

Fat cheese, nuts and sour cream should be excluded from the diet, despite their obvious benefits. Sour cream is allowed to eat as a sauce in a small amount.

From the drinks the most useful decoction of wild rose, chamomile tea, weak black tea and compote of dried fruit. These drinks contain vitamins and substances that have a positive effect on liver cells and do not create an additional load.

Food for patients with pancreatitis

Chronic pakreatit imposes even greater restrictions on the patient than the pathology of the liver. To relieve pancreatic pains and reduce the load on the pancreas, all types of fruits and vegetables are excluded from the diet.

They contain iron and fiber, the digestion of which is difficult with a sick pancreas.

It is important to exclude from the use of all flour and sweet, as well as spices. This is necessary in order not to provoke active secretion of gastric juice. Patients with pancreatitis should abandon products rich in purines, especially herring and its by-products. This will avoid recurrences and exacerbations of the disease.

Observing proper diet will allow you to keep physical activity longer and restore the function of damaged organs. This is a pledge of well-being and high life expectancy.

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