Diet to conceive a girl

The appearance of the baby into the world is always a happy event in the life of any family. It is believed that the sex of a child is determined by nature, but if you want to challenge a higher power, use methods that will help conceive a girl 100 percent.

Why is it important to plan the sex of the child?

In some situations, doctors strongly recommend that future parents carefully plan the floor of the baby. This applies to pathologies associated with heredity. Today, certain diseases are known that are transmitted through the hereditary line to the son: hemophilia, schizophrenia, susceptibility to alopecia, pathologies in the development of the genital organs, which lead to infertility in adulthood, alcoholism, etc.

All hereditary pathologies identified in boys are more difficult to treat compared to girls.

Note: in the case of a hereditary factor, we are talking only about susceptibility to disease. Health and harmonious development of the baby is determined by a complex of factors: immunity, hormonal and, above all, lifestyle.


Thanks to the hormone testosterone, the male organism synthesizes two types of spermatozoa – X and Y. The female body is able to produce only eggs of the X type. Thus, the sex of the child directly depends on the father. If the Y-type spermatozoa turns out to be more active, the boy will be conceived, if the male X-spermatozoid joins the female X-egg, the desired goal will be achieved – you will have a girl!

Diet to conceive a girl

Methods and methods for conceiving a girl

Specialists do not give an absolute guarantee in the matter of influencing the floor of the future baby, but the probability of conceiving a girl can be significantly increased if you follow certain recommendations.

By ovulation

The technique is based on certain features of the two types of sperm. The life span of X-spermatozoa is longer than that of group Y. If by the time of fertilization an egg in a woman’s body sperm of species Y are dead and the necessary ones remain of type X, the likelihood that the couple will have a daughter is very high.

In order to maintain the necessary sperm, sexual intercourse must occur four to five days before the egg enters the vagina, that is, before ovulation. This time is enough for the death of the sperm of the group Y.

Note: The technique is effective if a woman has been following the cycle for a long time and knows the day of ovulation.

How to determine the day of ovulation

Method one – carefully consider:

Diet to conceive a girl

If you know exactly the duration of your menstrual cycle, then divide it in half – the result will mean the day of ovulation. For example, for a cycle of 28 days, ovulation occurs at about day 14.

Method two – measure rectal temperature:

In order to obtain reliable results, it is necessary to carry out measurements for several cycles in a row, this will help to eliminate the possibility of error. The graph should clearly see the two phases of the cycle – before and after ovulation. The temperature of the first phase varies between

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