Diet to avoid diabetes

No matter how far medicine has stepped, there are still incurable diseases. Among them is diabetes. According to statistics, about 55 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. If we take into account even patients with a latent form of diabetes, then their number will increase by another 10 million.

People with this disease can live a lifetime. However, constant monitoring of the diet and glucose level does not add to the life of joy. To avoid additional complications, you need to know how to prevent the development of diabetes.

A person must decide for himself whether he wants to fight for his life or let everything run free, not thinking about tomorrow. Patients with diabetes need to be prepared for some restrictions, but this will help to maintain health at the same level and avoid complications of the disease.

Diet to avoid diabetes

Diabetes Complications

Complications of diabetes can be of varying severity. The most likely occurrence of the following complications:

Diet to avoid diabetes

  1. memory impairment and brain activity; in rare cases, stroke is possible;
  2. failure of the reproductive system. In women, possible menstrual irregularity or even infertility, in men – impotence;
  3. decreased visual acuity or total blindness;
  4. problems with teeth, deterioration of the oral cavity;
  5. fatty hepatosis accompanied by malfunction of the liver;
  6. loss of sensitivity to pain and temperature of the limbs;
  7. dry skin and the appearance of ulcers on it;
  8. loss of elasticity of the vessels and deterioration of blood circulation;
  9. limb deformity;
  10. problems with the cardiovascular system;
  11. the likelihood of gangrene and further amputation of the limb.

And if you prevent diabetes type 1 is simply impossible, then type 2 diabetes can be prevented and not allowed to develop, you just need to know how to avoid diabetes, initially preventing the development of the disease.

This is especially true for people who are predisposed to this disease for a number of reasons, for example, a genetic predisposition or diseases of the pancreas.

Ways to Prevent Diabetes

If you discard the causes of diabetes independent of the person, then to prevent its occurrence is quite simple. It should only try a little. American scientists have derived 12 ways to prevent diabetes.

12 ways to prevent diabetes

Since nearly 25% of Americans have diabetes or are susceptible to it, scientists have developed a method to prevent the development of diabetes and its attendant complications. These recommendations are fairly simple and effective, and anyone can use them, regardless of age or gender.

Down with the extra weight

It has been proven that weight loss is only 5 kg. reduces the risk of developing the disease by as much as 70%. This is an excellent reason to strictly control your diet and keep counting calories.

Revision of the diet

Patients with diabetes need to be introduced into the habit of eating healthy foods. These include a variety of salads dressed with olive oil. Their use before the main meal can somewhat reduce the level of glucose.

Also, clinical studies have confirmed the use of vinegar in the fight against high sugar. According to experts, before dinner, two spoons of vinegar, diluted in water, are enough to reduce sugar levels. The fact is that acetic acid contains substances that slow down the absorption of carbohydrates.

Active lifestyle

Moderate physical activity has never been detrimental to health. Even walking can have a positive effect on health. In addition to this, the weight will also decrease, which is especially necessary for diabetes.

Doctors from around the world have confirmed that moderate exercise can prevent the onset of diabetes. It is enough to devote only half an hour to physical exertion and the risk of disease will decrease by almost 80%. so sport and diabetes can coexist.

The benefits of hiking are proven by scientists. The thing is that when walking increases the efficiency of insulin absorption. It penetrates the cells of the body and breaks down glucose. If insulin’s ability to penetrate cell membranes is impaired, glucose accumulates in human blood and causes gluing of the vessel walls, which can lead to irreversible consequences.

Eating whole grains

Introduction to the diet of products from untreated crops of cereals will help in the fight, both with diabetes and overweight. However, it should be remembered that not all cereals are equally useful. Before buying, do not overlook the composition of the product and its sugar content.

Coffee in the fight against sugar

Scientists after 18 years of research have shown that coffee lovers are less likely to suffer from diabetes. When consumed more than 5 cups of coffee per day, the risk of the disease was on average reduced by 50%. If a person consumes up to 5 cups of coffee per day, the risk is reduced by 30%. One cup of coffee per day does not have a significant effect on the level of sugar in the body.

In order for the effect to be necessary to drink caffeinated coffee. It speeds up metabolic processes in the body and contributes to a better absorption of glucose. In addition, caffeine contains some trace elements necessary for the activity of the body.

Forget about fast food

Dining at fast food restaurants will not bring anything but harm. If this is a one-time visit, then there will be no particular harm, but if you eat there is a person’s habit, then the risk of diabetes will increase many times.

Most of the dishes prepared in fast food restaurants contain a huge amount of fat and carbohydrates. During the tests, one group of people was fed only fast food. After a week of such nutrition, their weight increased by an average of 5 kilograms. Even if the changes in weight are insignificant, the risk of diabetes increases several times.

Vegetables instead of meat

The fact that vegetables are very useful and contain a large amount of vitamins is known to all. But thus not everyone is ready to refuse the use of meat. However, the daily consumption of meat contributes to the development of diabetes.

Scientists suggest that the cause may be cholesterol in meat. In addition, the heat treatment of the meat product produces harmful fats. For example, the love of fried bacon increases the risk of the disease by almost 30%.

Cinnamon to normalize blood sugar.

The effectiveness of cinnamon is proven by scientists during laboratory experiments. In people who used this seasoning the risk of the disease was reduced by almost 10%.

This effect is due to the enzymes contained in cinnamon. They act on the cell membrane, allowing them to better interact with insulin. So cinnamon in diabetes has already proven a positive product.

Full rest

Another way to prevent diabetes, as well as improve the overall condition of the body, is proper rest and sleep, as well as the absence of stress. When the body is subject to constant stress and is in tension, it begins to accumulate forces to respond. At such moments, the pulse quickens, there are headaches and anxiety. Against this background, diabetes can develop.

To combat stress, there are several effective and simple techniques, for example;

  • daily yoga class. Morning exercises can awaken the body and adjust it to the working mood.
  • no hurry in any matters. Before you take an action, experts advise you to take a few deep breaths, and only then take up your plans.
  • Need to arrange days of rest. At least once a week, you should spend time with your hobby, take a break and not think about work.

Sleep to prevent disease

Sleep is indispensable for human relaxation. It also helps to prevent the occurrence of diabetes. On average, the duration of sleep should be 6-8 hours per day. Sleep less than 6 hours increases the risk of diabetes almost twice, and sleep more than 8 hours – in three.

Communication with loved ones

Scientists note that lonely people are more likely to suffer from diabetes. This is explained quite simply. Single people are more likely to have bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol. They are less likely to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Periodic analysis of blood glucose levels

Sometimes diabetes occurs in a latent form and is almost asymptomatic. In order to determine it in the early stages and begin timely treatment, doctors recommend doing a blood glucose test at least once a year.

Medicinal plants for the prevention of diabetes

Very many plants have hypoglycemic properties. Their use in the form of tinctures, decoction or tea can be an excellent substitute for expensive drugs and herbs that reduce blood sugar perfectly can be used in combination.

Among the plants that normalize blood sugar are blueberries, mountain ash, elderberry and strawberries, leaves and fruits of walnut and nine-force. In addition, these plants can reduce blood sugar, so they still have a healing effect on the entire body.

Overweight and sugar

It is known that people with overweight are most susceptible to diabetes. Therefore, in order to prevent its development, people with a predisposition to this disease, it is necessary to monitor the diet and the number of calories consumed.

Protein foods should be preferred, as excess fats and carbohydrates that are ingested with food accumulate under the skin in the form of fat and lead to obesity. You should forget about sweets and flour products, carbonated drinks and smoked food. Food should be as balanced as possible and contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

In most cases, diabetes can be prevented in very simple ways. Their effectiveness has been proven by many people around the world. Therefore, diabetes is not a sentence, but a reason to fight it.

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